Spotted: Charging Stations at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Spotted: Charging Stations at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Went to grab some lunch today at the mall. And let's be honest, I visit the showroom once a week until my car is delivered. Anyways, parked in the garage just southwest of Ztejas on the third floor. There's reserved parking for Tesla's only. Four spaces with charging stations. They were also cordoned off so you can't just pull in. That should be nice during the busy season.

brdunton | 7 April, 2013

The store at Park Meadows in Denver Metro area has the same thing! It's so nice to have a place to park that you know the person next to you is not going to hit your door. Will be great during holiday season, my wife has already called dibs! I think SuperCharger bays at all Tesla stores would rock!

shop | 7 April, 2013

Are these supercharger bays?

jjaeger | 7 April, 2013

You can find the two chargers on the standard charger apps; they are Roadster chargers w/ an adapter available at the store. On my trip from CA Bay Area to PHX last month, the employees were very cordial in helping me get a charge after I arrived in town and before I scoped out a convenient charger near our condo for the stay.

Brian H | 7 April, 2013

There are no supercharger bays. If you mean 80A bays, that's HPWC level.