Star City, Sydney limits access to Superchargers to One hour only

Star City, Sydney limits access to Superchargers to One hour only

Hi Australian Tesla Owners. I had a very unpleasant experience at Star City recently after dropping in to have the car charged. I had stayed for just under 2 hours and the Management demanded payment for parking and refused to allow the vehicle to exit. They claimed that Teslas were only permitted to stay for 1 hour otherwise they would be charged the usual (EXHORBITANT) parking fees. We pointed out that (1)this was not the agreement as we understood it, (2) we had not been advised this on entry and (3) there were no signs in the tesla charging bay stating these were the terms and conditions. After threats from Star City management to call the police, a few unpleasant exchanges of words and finally, intervention from the Tesla general manager we were permitted to leave on this occasion. Letters I wrote to Tesla management and to Star City have gone unanswered but on a recent stop to charge at Star City last week, I noted that there are now signs in the tesla charging bay that there is a one hour free parking limit. The only problem is that if the car is low on charge, this does not give enough time to fully charge the vehicle.
Tesla owners be warned!

ray | 16 September, 2015

Sounds like a good place NOT to go. There is, after all, another SC in Sydney.

virgored | 16 September, 2015

Maybe they should up the limit to 2 hours maximum

Red Sage ca us | 16 September, 2015

This sounds like an issue with middle management for the location in question -- someone wants to exert their 'power' over their fiefdom.

DTsea | 16 September, 2015

An hour should be plenty usually.... are you trying to get to 100%?

rlwrw | 16 September, 2015

Go out and come back in for another hour if one does not mind the intermission to restart the clock.
Add "greedy" to Red Sage's comment.

Ankit Mishra | 16 September, 2015

Why is there a limit on a Tesla at a Tesla SC?

deeageux | 17 September, 2015

Because it is inside a private parking lot.

David N | 18 September, 2015

I would think that an hour is more than enough time.
Sounds like your dispute was that they made no attempt at communicating the one hour limit. You have a legitement complaint. Now that there are signs up, there should not be an issue.

carlgo | 18 September, 2015

A timelimit, hence charging percentage limit, is NOT ok. You paid up front to charge your Tesla. Nobody can tell you to not charge 1% or 100% for any reason at all! The last in class at a mail order law course could wrap up a class action settlement in a day or two.

Jcollins | 18 September, 2015

The Atlantic Station supercharger in Atlanta is in a commercial parking garage but has a two hour free period for electric cars (maybe for everyone, I'm not sure.) The Super Charger in Chattanooga is in a paid parking facility at the airport but provides a grace period for electric cars (I don't know if there's a time limit- never stayed longer than an hour and 15 minutes.) It seems to me the parking management want's to limit parkers from abusing their facility by over staying their park. sounds reasonable to me.

David N | 18 September, 2015

As Jcollins mentioned, management most likely wants to eliminate any possible parking abuse.
Given the choice of a SC with an hour charge limit or no SC at all, I think everyone would choose the former.
Let's be appreciative for the SC being there.
Now let's move on.

Dr. Pete | 21 September, 2015

Congratulations on the most innovative use of the apostrophe I have yet seen!

Jcollins | 21 September, 2015

Actually, it was a fat fingered mistake but always pleased to hear from the grammar police. I hope it didn't detract from my point.