Stong As Garlic!!!

Stong As Garlic!!!

I just picked up my car today 3/5/13. Everything is perfect with the car. All of the options are correct, perfectly clean and detailed, and ready to drive off the service center floor. The delivery specialist "Grant" in Denver was excellent, patient and willing to do anything to help. I even had the technicians who were working on other Model S come over and welcome me to the family. This company is Strong as Garlic!!!! Im so tired of hearing about the bad. This car is like nothing I have ever owned, and I have owned them all.

If your reading this and are still on the fence, don't be! Buy it and you'll love it!

Thanks Elon and everyone at Tesla for the best buying experience ive had buying a car EVER.

Cant wipe off my Tesla Grin :)


Alex K | 5 March, 2013

@Tesla303 | MARCH 5, 2013: Cant wipe off my Tesla Grin :)

Just like you can't get rid of the smell of garlic?

Welcome to the club.

bobinfla | 5 March, 2013


Same experience I've had in Tampa. All good, nothing bad. And congrats on getting your S.

Velo1 | 5 March, 2013

Congrats and see you in June for the Mt Evans Road Rally! | 5 March, 2013

Can't say enough about the store & service center teams here in Denver (Grant was my DS too). Any time I have stopped by with a question they have been more than willing to help.

nickjhowe | 5 March, 2013


jbunn | 5 March, 2013

I can't wait to supercharge in Gilroy, CA. The other natives know what I mean.

olanmills | 5 March, 2013

Haha, this is either the best or worst titled thread on the forums.

Okay, well actually it can only be at most the second best. There is another thread that definitely has the best title, and I don't see my opinion on that changing any time soon.