Syncing Smartphone Contacts via Bluetooth

Syncing Smartphone Contacts via Bluetooth

Has anyone had difficulty with their smartphone connecting and loading contacts via bluetooth? I have a blackberry and an android and they both just keep "syncing" but never actually sync. I've let it try for over 15 minutes with no luck.

BYT | 26 November, 2012

My Delivery Specialist told me it can take 45 minutes. I was wondering if it deletes them automatically after the fact.

jfeltheimer | 26 November, 2012

Really? Wow. I guess I'll try just letting it go for that long. :(

Shelmire | 13 March, 2013

I cant even synch my phone

Docjay | 13 March, 2013

Mine synced correctly ( iPhone ) but since then has not updated changes. Does anyone know how to force another sync?

Brian10 | 22 May, 2013

I got my S last week and the DS synced my Android phone but not all of my 7000+ contacts showed up (including my wife's contact info!). The DS thought that I had too many contacts in my phone. So I cut down the number to about 4500 contacts, deleted my phone from my Model S, re-synced my phone and downloaded the contacts again. This time it seems to have worked. So if you have a phone with constantly changing contact info, you may try deleting the phone and re-syncing the phone to get the new contact info to load into Model S.

Neech | 22 May, 2013

7000+contacts !! Wow, you sure are a popular guy.

hlee | 22 May, 2013

My wife's Nokia phone (don't remember the model) had trouble pairing with our P85 initially. After getting it paired, however, everything works properly, including the contact info.

My Nokia Lumia 900, running Windows Phone 7.8, paired up without a hitch. I can make calls and play music from the phone via Bluetooth without any problem. However, my contact info refuse to sync, even though it's shorter than my wife's.

tskn | 22 May, 2013

I just got a new Samsung Galaxy 3 hoping that it will pair, but it still hasn't. My hubby's iphone will pair immediately. I'll try for 45 min, but do let me know if it does in fact work for you.

Brian10 | 22 May, 2013

@Neech, I'm not all that popular. I just have been in the business a long time and have a huge database on my ACT! software. This syncs with Google which, in turn, syncs with my Samsung Galaxy S3 so that is how I ended up with so many contacts on my phone.
@tskn, I have the same phone as you have so you should be able to get ti to pair. Go to Settings, Bluetooth and check the top box to make your phone visible, then got to the Tesla phone app and search for your phone. Good luck.

Brian H | 23 May, 2013

Note well the sequence: just make the phone visible, then have the MS app do the synching.

Leofingal | 3 September, 2013

I've been having problems with my new(ish) Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 contacts not synching correctly. I initially had no problems, but one side or the other got updated at some point and what I've figured out so far is the following:

It appears that my google contacts and my phone contacts are separate. My phone contacts appear to be showing up on my Tesla, but not my google contacts. This is frustrating because whatever created my phone contacts is basically useless since all the real stuff is in my google contacts.

Has anyone seen this, and is there a good solution?


datademon | 17 May, 2015

Here's a very specialized question. When the Tesla syncs the contacts from my iPhone, is there a way to get it to recognize custom labels for contact phones? The Tesla does fine with "mobile" and "home".

A custom label such as "H Beach" for a friend's beach house number, shows on the iPhone but gets converted to "Other" on the Tesla's phone entires for that contact.

Does anyone know of a workaround for this? This is really a tiny issue. It is such an awesome car!