Tech Package?

Tech Package?

I'm reserving my MS soon, but I'm debating whether or not to get the Tech Package. Anyone out there who didn't get it but wish they did, or who got it and think it's a must add on? To be honest I'm not too worried about navigation, so I feel like I might be paying nearly 4K for some Electrochromatic side mirrors (what are those exactly) and Xenon headlights.

Also, what's up with the paint armor?


jat | 4 March, 2013

There are many threads talking about exactly this. You will find people on those threads saying they were happy both with and without it. Personally, I am happy I got it. There wasn't any one thing that I felt like I just had to have, but overall I decided the whole package was worth it.

nickjhowe | 4 March, 2013

It is not perfect, but you can use to search the public threads. It uses a Google custom search.

John56 | 4 March, 2013

I'm not going to go through a lot of detail on the features of the tech package here. However, I can easily say that I have no regrets at all for purchasing it. Love the features more every day! On the other hand, I do regret buying the factory installed paint armor. I now wish I had just gone aftermarket. I have a lot of ripples under the hood armor that are easily seen and the paint looks completely different under a lot of lighting than the paint not under the armor. I was told my my Service mgr. that he could have the hood redone, but it will look the same as now. He said the ripples are just a standard issue they have with the Avery film, and are not allowed to use 3M which he said doesn't seem to have the problem. He also said they aren't allowed to do a whole hood install.

Pungoteague_Dave | 4 March, 2013

Tech package gets you XM and there is no good way to get that aftermarket. That alone made is necessary for me.

Went aftermarket on the film because of the OEM line on white paint. The only film currently big enough to cover the entire hood, as we had done, is xpel. The other films, including 3m are too narrow, so there's a seam or line. You have to get a good installer for full coverage jobs. I am happy with mine.

stevenmaifert | 4 March, 2013

XM comes with the Sound Studio Package, not the Tech package:

ChristianG | 4 March, 2013

It kinda sucks that the navigation system is worse than most apps but still. having such a toucscreen and then navigate throua 3rd party device just seems sucks more.

Keyless driving is one of the best things fo my prius, needing to push a button to open a door? Especialy when it's keyless inside? Who designed that...

So yeah Tech Pack it will be ^^

ChasF | 4 March, 2013

I didn't order the Tech Package for many of the reasons stated in the subject so I've paid very close attention to the forum threads related to this. My perception is that those who have gotten it, love it and don't regret buying it. Those that didn't don't miss any of the features and love the car just the same. I think it holds true that you can't miss what you don't have. If you have the money and think you might want the Tech Package, get it. Either way, I don't think you will be disappointed.

ChasF | 4 March, 2013

correction: can't miss what you've never had.... | 4 March, 2013

@stevenmaifert XM "ready" comes with the SSP but you do not get XM (you have the option to set it up if you wish)

stevenmaifert | 4 March, 2013

@KevinR - Sorry if I wasn't clear. You still have to purchase a subscription from XM and have them activate the receiver that comes with the Sound Studio Package.

drp | 4 March, 2013

Pungoteague_Dave | March 4, 2013 new

RE: Tech package gets you XM and there is no good way to get that aftermarket. That alone made is necessary for me.

I have the Sirius radio and do not have the sound package but the radio works great on standard system.

I do have the Tech package and love it! Slacker, Fog lights, rear trunk blah blah blah...turned out to be a lucky purchase for me but it is most definitely a personal decision. If I ordered today, I would order the exact same package.

Hope this helps yoda!

ChasF | 4 March, 2013

Wait....does Slacker only come with the Tech Package?

youlikeadajuice | 4 March, 2013

No, I have a 3 month preview to Slacker on my non-Tech S. I also managed to get electro chromatic side and rear view mirrors, not sure if that was a mistake or not.

Pungoteague_Dave | 4 March, 2013

sorry, mis-spoke above. XM isn't tech package. It is sound package. I have both packages and wuldn't have it any other way. Anyhooo...

JohhnyS | 4 March, 2013

I really debated about getting the tech package. I read all the posts pro and con. I did get it and enjoy the extra features. They really add a lot to the car.

jbunn | 4 March, 2013

I got it because my wife has a bit of trouble driving at night, and I wanted the updated lights, and the turn lamps. I also wanted the navigation features, because I like the map view on the drivers dash. As it turns out, three of my most favorite features now that I have the car are the auto door handles, the interior lighting system, and my favorite - power lift gate in the back. It was expensive, but really glad I stretched for it.

GeekEV | 4 March, 2013

I will say the halogen lights are REALLY yellow after having gotten used to the bright white LED headlights in my LEAF. I think they're going to have to get upgraded. :-)