Tesla dealer or branch in Tunisia

Tesla dealer or branch in Tunisia

i'm fan of Tesla and one day i would like to be my first car is Tesla
but there no dealer or branch in Tunisia

Malek21Khelifi | 16 December, 2014

no replay
i would like to be replayed to my discussion

negarholger | 16 December, 2014

So here is a reply...

Tesla is a very small, young company and they can't be present in 200 countries around the World all of a sudden. Italy doesn't have a showroom or service center either, but at least there are one each planned. Italy is probably the closed Tesla will come to Tunisia in the next 5+ years. Sorry.

Malek21Khelifi | 17 December, 2014

i will wait for 5 years ( finish my formation and find job ) then i will by Tesla i hope it come to Tunisia ..

sbeggs | 17 December, 2014

Yes, you are wise to finish your education, find a job, then try to buy the car.

drax7 | 17 December, 2014

Can you even get car insurance in Tunisia?

Ph03n1x | 17 December, 2014

Why would'nt you get an insurance over there ?

That aside, all maghreb countries could benefit of Tesla or any EV constructors to come over there.
First because of sun. There is a lot of sun. Already a lot of houses get solar panel and they may be much more numerous autonomous homes there than here in north america regarding this aspect.
Second if politics get in the game, this would be a good point to get this countries out of petroleum emirates control, and "free" the people there from buying a crap gas (yes they cannot use their tank reserve because of too much residus in this part of the tank that it would scrap the motor).
Third, as you may cry seeing so much porsches, BMW or even Audis being driven in the sand and using this crap gas, Model S/X would be selling weel, as apparence in important in bigger or tourist cities.

The only downsides are :
- Theft
- Quality of roads (very poor)
- Drivers behaviour that is apocalyptic over there (I went there last summer).
With that, Tesla would lost a lot of money in servicing the cars, therefore, unless a more stable government and police and countryman respecting each-other, it would be a nonsense for Tesla to go there.

Tunisians will have to import the car, but I bet FSV (they have a system for each tunisian living abroad a certain amount of time can bring back a car without taxes, but can only be used by familiy relative excluding siblings) will be used a lot. If not import will cost twice or third the price of the car...

Malek21Khelifi | 17 December, 2014

Ph03n1x you are right there lot of sun here
and about Theft it is real danger where i live there no car was stolen but there in other cities
roads are good in sum streets and bad in other streets ( they became bad because
1st it is done by lazy works ( mostly in summer )
example for how lazy they are
2nd weather condition
3rd more work will be done on it ( for example putting pipe lines for gas ) after they paved it
4th people they mix cement on it
5th other conditions

krissu | 17 December, 2014

You guys there do not need a Tesla, you already have the flying carpet. No charging or service issues, no range anxiety!

sbeggs | 17 December, 2014

I'm wishing success to the Tunisians. Enjoyed our visit in 2010, nice people and I thought the infrastructure was pretty decent. There is another meaning for the word "brick" over there.

Malek21Khelifi | 18 December, 2014

@krissu what flying carpet you talking about ( if you talk about some Medieval Middle Eastern stories ... i never read them ... this is Tunisia we are North Africa not ME ) be serious in your words

@sbeggs there places with good infrastructure because they are touristic places but other places ( Non coastal states ) they left behind by the old regime but i hope in 10 years Tunisia will be better

Earl and Nagin ... | 18 December, 2014

Don't take the comments too seriously. Unfortunately, few Europeans or Americans have actually been to Tunisia so they only show their ignorance.
I visited Bizerte many years ago for a very short time, and found it a fascinating city with wonderful people. What struck me most about north Africa is how much solar energy it has. I can certainly see how Tunisia, Egypt, Morroco, and Libya (if Libya solves its political problems) have the potential to become energy exporters if someone can find a way to transport their solar energy to the rest of the world.
I think it is likely to be a long time before the market for Tesla is large enough to warrant building of a Tesla store there but I wish you and them the best of luck.

sami | 19 August, 2017

Im a tunisian and i have owned 5 teslas 4 model S and now the model X. Im traveling to Tunisia with the car now in september if you want to have a ride in it. Ill be in sousse most of the time, let me know! Its a XP100DL black.

Abdelfatteh.abidi | 12 May, 2018

I want to try Tesla car in Tunisia ! ?

khalilamar | 21 June, 2018

Hello - please visit - - TeslaClubTN on FB and on Twitter

khalilamar | 21 June, 2018

that is - sorry

ziano1469 | 28 December, 2018

We should definetly ask Elon Musk for a supercharging system in Tunisia using sun power. Also, even if there is no official Tesla Dealer in Tunisia, many of them are on the roads all year-long :)

bahaeddinejabal... | 21 June, 2019

Congrats now in 2019 we have a lot of Tesla Cars in Tunisia (Model S / Model X) and we are waiting for the Model 3 Thnx Elon Musk xD