Tesla Firsts!

Tesla Firsts!

We probably should capture history w/a few ownership first categories for ModelS:

Transcontinental drive
10,000 miles
Tire change
Birth inside car

add yours here and add the answers if we have them

electricblue0303 | 5 December, 2012

First Transcontinental drive was done this past fall. I had dinner with them while they went through Chi-town. Freemont CA to somewhere in MD. Dig through the TMC blogs to find it.

portia | 5 December, 2012

has the first xc trip

Has anyone visited all 6 superchargers yet? I have visited 5, may still be a first(other than maybe Tesla employees installing them)

Brian H | 6 December, 2012

Special prize for the first to run over a skunk‼

Vawlkus | 6 December, 2012

Still waiting for the first speeding ticket given :P

TheAustin | 6 December, 2012

Vawlkus - Me too, although I'm deathly afraid that it's going to be me...And I don't even have my car yet! That's how quickly I anticipate getting a speeding ticket (the police out here are like sharks!)

GLO | 6 December, 2012

+1you read my thought. I am just planning that first ticket into my MS budget. I think that it will be worth it! LOL, maybe we'll get a pass if the officer understands how much built up "enthusiasm" all of us have after years of waiting for our cars to arrive!

Velo1 | 6 December, 2012

Brian H - that would be a stinker of a prize.

Been there, done that (years ago) - the "prize" lasted weeks in the cabin, but was exacerbated when I ran the heater in February.

christine_orita | 6 December, 2012

I like the red but I'm sticking with pearl white for fear that the red is an invitation to CHP to pick me up for speeding!!

But then again we may get into a 'nice' conversation about "what kind of cool car are you driving?" Maybe then I can get away with no ticket? LOL

Nonetheless, I wouldn't want the honor of 1st to get speeding ticket.

How about 1st to get one's brother to reserve both a model x and s in Australia? My crazy brother did just that after the NatGeo Tesla documentary aired in Australia last week.

christine_orita | 6 December, 2012

Meant to also say that I had told him about the model S when back there for a vacation last month but the documentary sealed the deal for him....

nickjhowe | 6 December, 2012

Heard from a reliable source that someone who may or may not be CEO of a certain car company close to our hearts was stopped while going from LA to SF at 90; his wife was driving. Not sure whether she got a ticket or not.

Brian H | 6 December, 2012

I think he mentioned it; quoted in a Supercharger thread somewhere.

Mark2131@CA-US | 6 December, 2012

Just got my first speeding ticket! :( 53mph in a 35 zone. Without admitting guilt, I will only say that it was unfortunate that I fell into the speed trap. I tried pleading with the officer that I only have less than 200 miles on the odometer! Gimme a break! I even offered to let him take it for a spin. No luck. After he writes the ticket, then he starts asking questions about the car. At that point, I say, "NOW you ask me questions about the car? F YOU!"

Time to request a "written declaration". (Google it!)

bfranks273 | 6 December, 2012

How about first windshield? However I feel compelled to admit that it was self inflicted and therefor may not count in the spirit of the thing. I believe I stressed the system where they had get one and then find a service who would go study the new car and then come out and do it. The guy was great, 45 minutes , made it look like he had done many before. He also claimed to have done the first Hummer. Installed 12/5. And then the toll pass does not work any more, even in the black spot!! Its never simple is it.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 6 December, 2012

Our Signature Performance was delivered 12-4-12 and I can believe speeding tickets are very likely. At a busy corner on our street, after waiting quite some time for the cross hiway to clear, I stuck my foot in the go peddle. I shot across the intersection, and was shocked a second later when I read the speedometer at 65 MPH. Face distorting thrust is the only explanation for the Performance model S.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 6 December, 2012

How about the first time you pull into a parking lot and have a full SUV pull in behind you and have a big family ask if they could all stand around your Signature Red Tesla and take pictures of themselves. Happened at the DMV this morning.

Vawlkus | 7 December, 2012

Hmmmm..... Need a more positive first....... Oh, first impromptu car show featuring at least 5 model S. just need 5 S to park near each other in a parking lot and have a curious crowd gather.

rwang | 7 December, 2012

how about these:

first marriage proposal
first baby born in a tesla