Tesla Model S Leasing Program brought to you by MVL Leasing

Tesla Model S Leasing Program brought to you by MVL Leasing

We have all been awaiting a quality electric car like the Tesla for some time now and it is finally here. People have started taking delivery of their long-awaited Tesla Model S and until now customers only had the purchase option available to them. Working with Tesla Motors Canada, MVL Leasing has proudly developed a leasing program specifically for the Tesla Model S.

The leases we have developed are open-ended with reasonable residual values and an affordable fixed interest rate! MVL has been in the leasing business since 1983 and has developed a reputation for finding, selling, and leasing high performance cars. The Tesla Model S only complements our reputation and you can rest assured that you are dealing with experienced professionals with a proven track record.
To obtain a lease quote simply call me with the configuration of your Model S and in working with you we will develop a lease that is best suited for your needs and driving habits.

To learn more feel free to contact me for a quote and to discuss your various options.

Wishing you many smiles and many miles,

Neema Sharifi
Sales and Leasing Consultant
MVL Leasing Ltd.
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beck.christopher | 14 December, 2012

Is this canada only?

Neema@MVLLeasing | 14 December, 2012

Although we would love to lease everybody, right now we are only serving the Canadian market.

Jgdixon | 16 December, 2012

I got a quote and the residual is too low. A lease should be structured to give a payment lower than for a finance term roughly 2 years longer.
Not the case.

curtisjevon | 17 December, 2012

thanks for letting us know Jgdixon. I would expect that, too. No incentive otherwise.

Neema@MVLLeasing | 21 February, 2013

There are many benefits to leasing over financing. A quick chat with your accountant will help you understand those benefits. People who have contacted me for leasing are not after a way to make their payment cheaper; rather they are looking for a way to improve cash flow and better control expenses.

Many customers intend on using the car in their business and can therefore claim the lease expense on their annual income tax. This is not something one can do when financing. Also, in an open-ended lease, a lower residual reduces risk for the lessee should they ever want to get out of the car/lease.

TLife | 30 August, 2013

Is there any leasing option for US residents?

Brian H | 30 August, 2013

Not a real one, yet.

kj | 21 May, 2014

We are currently leasing Model S in the US and have multiple programs including closed end available. Check us out and feel free to message me with any questions.

Brian H | 21 May, 2014

New to me, but looks like the real deal. Thorough write-up on TM and the MS.