Tesla Palo Alto Grand Opening Today - proto Model X on display!

Tesla Palo Alto Grand Opening Today - proto Model X on display!

I got pix.. anybody tell me how to post them in this thread?


772 | 12 October, 2013

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772 | 12 October, 2013

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this is probably simpler:

L8MDL | 12 October, 2013

Here's a link to a TMC thread with photos...

Chunky Jr. | 12 October, 2013

Cool! If you go to the TMC thread, note that the new Tesla location is not the old FIsker location. Fisker was next door to Tesla, which is now occupied by Volvo.

Carefree | 12 October, 2013

As much as I love the design of our Model S, I just can't warm up to the X. In particular the interior looks out of place and the falcon doors look cool but they are totally impractical - the first day of rain or snow and people will hate them. The idea of a SUV is practicality - I don't see that at all with the Model X.

Hopefully, Tesla will prove me wrong on all accounts:-)

nav66 | 12 October, 2013

And there are six brand new Fisker Karmas in the parking lot behind the adjacent Walgreens. Pretty convenient for comparison to the Model S! I presume they are still for sale, as they have stickers from the Volvo dealership. But goodness, they are well hidden....

david.cheney | 12 October, 2013

Tesla Model X shots

Prasad B | 12 October, 2013

Was at the new Tesla Showroom in Palo Alto this afternoon where they had the Model-X prototype on display:

david.cheney | 12 October, 2013

grr... Tesla Model X

david.cheney | 12 October, 2013

hahaha Prasad you beat me by like 30 seconds.. well done! :)

Prasad B | 12 October, 2013

david.cheney, thanks, couldn't resist ;-)

avanti | 12 October, 2013

"the falcon doors look cool but they are totally impractical - the first day of rain or snow and people will hate them"

Well, I have owned a DeLorean for many years, so I can speak with some authority about gullwing doors. IMO, they are TOTALLY practical, especially in the rain. They form a kind of porch roof when open, making it much easier to get out and open your umbrella without getting you or the car interior wet. Also, contrary to what you might think, you can get out of the car with much less side clearance than with a conventional car.

I admit that i've never driven my D in the snow, so I cannot speak to that issue.

kchiangusa | 12 October, 2013

Why do you say that people will hate the falcon doors when it rains or snows? how it is different then driving a standard SUV in the rain/snow? I thought the doors actually act as an umbrella?

david.cheney | 12 October, 2013

Yes I believe that's a new building, North end of the same parking lot that now holds Volvo (previously Fisker), which is next to the McLaren dealership - woo :)

AlMc | 12 October, 2013

Very nice. Thanks for the pictures.

negarholger | 12 October, 2013

Also 6 HPWC outside... in case your battery needs some refreshment.

AlMc | 12 October, 2013

It appears to have been a very successful opening. Anyone note if there were any 'on the spot' reservations taken?

david.cheney | 12 October, 2013

+1 Kleist, those are on the South end.

I was told by a rep that the North end of the property will soon sport some supercharging stations - also 6, I think.

negarholger | 12 October, 2013

David - super chargers in the middle of Silicon Valley... that will be interesting. But what the heck build them where ever you can easily and learn the behaviour patterns.
I was there only briefly to take a personal look at the MX...

hoffa24 | 12 October, 2013

... Well I guess the x will have side view mirrors after all. Darn

ecarfan | 12 October, 2013

David.cheny wrote: "I was told by a rep that the North end of the property will soon sport some supercharging stations - also 6, I think."

Maybe the rep was confused. I doubt that Tesla is putting any Supercharging stations on the SF Peninsula. Why would they do that?

I was at the opening today. Pretty busy, lots of interest in the X and lots of local Model S owners showing up. Quite a scene!

The white upholstery in the X was unusual. Note how the middle row of seats were black to contrast with the white first and third row of seats, emphasizing how the car offers three rows of adult-sized seating.

Benz | 13 October, 2013

This is exactly the same Tesla Model X which I have seen at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013. This car was one of the most important reasons for me personally to go to the Geneva Motor Show, although I enjoyed seeing lots of other cars as well. At the moment they are still working on it, and I sure do hope that the production version of the Tesla Model X will be ready when the 2014 Geneva Motor Show will start.

Ampfreak | 13 October, 2013
rdalcanto | 13 October, 2013

OMG I can't wait until our Model X arrives. Honestly the only thing I don't really like, is how the 17inch panel in the Model X looks less integrated than it does on the Model S. In the X, it looks like it is just stock onto the dash like an after thought.

Benz | 13 October, 2013


At the TESLIVE event they said that the touch screen will be more integrated with the dash than what you see in the design prototype.

rd2 | 13 October, 2013

This looks exactly like the one they had in display at Santana Row right after they revealed the X. I'm guessing it is the one and only prototype they have right now.

rd2 | 13 October, 2013

Actually the tmc pics show a different interior so perhaps a new prototype. Anyone confirm any exterior styling changes other than side mirrors?

Prasad B | 13 October, 2013

I was told by the rep that this is the only Prototype they have and that this is the only one that has been making rounds in various cities and various auto-shows.

AmpedRealtor | 13 October, 2013

That sure is a lot of doors... Shipping models are delayed into 2015, correct?

Jolinar | 13 October, 2013

looks great!
and btw: I like the Falcon wing doors :-) I think that could be very practical solution.

Benz | 13 October, 2013

Other car manufacturers will copy the Falcon Wing doors, once they see that it will sold in high figures. There are more than 8,000 reservations already for the Tesla Model X.

tezzla.SoCal | 13 October, 2013

the photo looks "photoshopped", the wing doors aren't even centered?

jchangyy | 13 October, 2013

very nice gathering. was only there for 20 minutes, but good coffee and got a free balloon for my 2.5 year old. I like the X, but the back seat and how it attaches to the floor looked interesting. anyone notice that?

Brian H | 14 October, 2013


Does this not look like a 38" screen?

Gizmotoy | 14 October, 2013

Overheard at the opening:

"Do the overhead doors work?"


"Can we see them?"


After a pause he went on to explain that they weren't permitted to do anything with the doors, but the exchanged cracked me up.

nickjhowe | 14 October, 2013

@tezzla - not photoshopped:

tezzla.SoCal | 14 October, 2013

@nickjhowe - have you looked at the photo in this thread? It is definitely photoshopped. There is NO WAY the doors are offset but are equal dimensions.

tezzla.SoCal | 14 October, 2013

In fact, the roof line is still there and the doors are moved to the front door, not the back doors.

Gizmotoy | 14 October, 2013

@tezzla: Don't know what to tell you. These photos are exactly how it looked in person.

The doors are centered, not offset. The first picture in the thread is a 3/4 angle front view, which is obviously not going to be a good way to gauge the door positioning.

Even nickjhowe's photo a few posts back is slightly offset from center.

tezzla.SoCal | 14 October, 2013

sorry to beat a dead horse but I'm not crazy! Here is a link to the photo above (by Prasad B).

Maybe that's the problem, you guys must be looking at a different picture.

Benz | 14 October, 2013


I don't think that photo has been photoshopped.

Gizmotoy | 14 October, 2013

@tezzla: Looks about right to me. Given the perspective, that's about where I'd expect the doors to land.

Look at the center headrest on the rear seat. That's where the center of the car is near the rear doors.

tezzla.SoCal | 14 October, 2013

I just looked at the other photo's (on TMC site). I guess I'm crazy because I can't get a good perspective. I'll agree that I'm probably wrong (must be some sort of optical illusion, or just me!).

Brian H | 14 October, 2013

Yes, it's just you. You clazy. >;p

tezzla.SoCal | 14 October, 2013

I hate when that happens!

david.cheney | 14 October, 2013

No, not crazy... Prasad took the shot home, dropped it into photoshop, and moved the doors around ;D