Tesla S or wait even longer for Tesla X?

Tesla S or wait even longer for Tesla X?

I've been thinking of getting an Tesla S 85kw.
Then I saw the Tesla X. And now I can not decide.

Seems like an extra engine will give me even more speed on the dragstrip ( and still be better for driving in the cold arctic winter.

Doing av quick research it seems that adding another electric motor actually does not really eat away from the battery range as one first might think. When I first read about Tesla X I figured with the same 85kw battery the driving range would be half of Tesla S - but that is not the case. It seems that Tesla X will have almost the same possible range as Tesla S.

You people who have been here for a while might have picked up far more information about Tesla then I have.
Is there any rumors that Tesla X will have an option for even larger batteries then the 85kw?

It seems I can wait 6 months or so for an A or wait a year for the X.
I live north of arctic circle with winter 6 months a year. Probably smartest to wait for the X?

Anyone seen any comparison between the Tesla S and Tesla X when it comes to actual driving range without charging?

Brian H | 27 January, 2013

The X sounds more suited. There is speculation about a bigger battery, not encouraged or confirmed by TM.

jbunn | 27 January, 2013

If you need 4wd, go for the X. The X will be heavier I think in that config, and should consume more power, but not double. Unless you drive it twice as hard.

Timo | 27 January, 2013

X is larger and less aerodynamic and probably also a bit heavier, so it won't have same range as S.

When you think about range don't think of it in terms of available power, think of it in term of losses. If it takes 15kW to move car at 60mph it takes 15kW no matter how many motors it has, then you only need to add up inefficiencies to get how much power it actually takes. Two motors probably add a bit to inefficiencies, but also with half the load /motor to get same result it might be that it doesn't. I don't know. In any case difference wont be big.

kevjo | 28 January, 2013

torst1, My only reservation with the X (and I think this may be an issue for many people, especially people with kids) is the falcon wing doors. They are pretty slow to open and close and you are exposing the entire interior to the weather while you wait for them to operate. Personally I don't think Tesla is going to be able to sell as many of the X's as they will the S.

markapeterman | 28 January, 2013

Your best bet is to hope the AWD S is announced later this year and get it then.

olanmills | 29 January, 2013

Yeah multiple motors shouldn't affect range that much. There's extra weight, and perhaps slightly less effiency (though not sure) as some energy is lost transfering energy from the battery to the motor and from the motor to the wheels, but two motors can actually improve effiency in some driving conditions too.

I really wouldn't count on an AWD Model S. Not that I think it's impossible. It's just that they've given no indication that they're interested in introducing a variant like that and it seems like the X is the next thing to focus on. Of course, who knows, I suppose if it's a simple modification to the production line, maybe the extra option would help add margin to the car, but I just don't feel that it's likely right now.