Tesla: So good that it doesn't need to advertise

Tesla: So good that it doesn't need to advertise

Tesla gets compared to Apple etc. But was there ever such a phenomenon that did it all on word of mouth and news reports/commentary based on its accomplishments?

Madison Avenue must hate Tesla by now.

[I cannot recall ever seeing an ad for Tesla, but maybe I don't read widely enough.]

earlyretirement | 25 September, 2013

EVERYONE wants one. I had 3 vendors in my house in the past 2 days for various work. They see the car in the garage and they all tell me how they want one.

2 of them are very serious including the guy today from the custom garage renovation place......he's close to pulling the trigger and he bought TSLA stock at $50. Everyone wants one.....

Brian H | 26 September, 2013

No, you haven't missed anything. Elon has said that the closest to marketing they come is putting stores in malls.

redacted | 26 September, 2013

It may not PAY for marketing, but it certainly does lots of events, gets in the news, fights with the NY Times and so forth in a very high-profile way.

wildcatzoo | 26 September, 2013

I don't normally pay attention to commercials but now for every car commercial my husband and I listen for superlatives and then say, "Oh they mean the Model S"

It's been nice to see some Nissan Leaf commercials lately, and a really cute Smart Electric one.

Teslas at least are widely known of, our Zero DS electric motorcycle gets a lot more "I didn't know those existed" comments

negarholger | 26 September, 2013

Stores and super chargers are advertising. Go to Gilroy at least every 5 minutes there are a couple of folks checking it out the SC... looking at the connector, the cars, etc.

olanmills | 26 September, 2013

I would not say it doesn't need advertising. They eventually will if they plan on selling cars in the hundreds of thousands per year.

And though many in the country have never seen a Tesla store or have only seen them recently, Tesla put up stores in key early adopter markets (Bay Area, Seattle, etc) early on, which was definitely a form of marketing.

And while I can't think of any off the top of my head, I'm sure there have been products like this before, at least to some degree, where they first take off without traditional marketing and it's mostly word-of-mouth/people seeing other owners.

Brian H | 26 September, 2013

If you think of an example, let us know. I can't.

The Model E may need a bit of publicity, depending on how fast production cap ramps up. On the other hand ...

wcalvin | 27 September, 2013

I was thinking of print advertising, like those full-page Apple ads, not marketing more generally. Using malls rather than dealer row was genius.

holidayday | 27 September, 2013

I also do not recall the last time I saw a Rolls Royce Ad or a Ferrari advertisement.

When you sell all that you have without advertising, then you do not need advertising. Advertising is paid publicity to move your product, or to get name recognition so that when you think of buying something, the name is in someone's mind. So far Tesla has not had this issue.

All of us on this forum are already aware, and either have one or want one, and are telling friends about it.

Once the Blue Star / Gen III / Model E comes out, then they may need to advertise to get the name out to keep all of those moving off the production line. Until then, word of mouth is doing everything!

thranx | 27 September, 2013

With every Tesla customer a Tesla salesman, who needs advertising?

I had to put a long charge on my S at the Scottsdale mall a couple of days ago. Walking back and forth, I noticed the same guy in the showroom hour after hour; asking questions, going over and over the sample. I eventually went in and talked to him. He's been wanting the car since it came out, but couldn't figure out how he could afford it (showroom reps can't talk financing specifics). I told him about my experience with Alliant Credit Union and his eyes lit up like Christmas tree bulbs. Probably helped make a sale.

Better than print adverts.

eddiemoy | 27 September, 2013

same here, vendors come to my house to work on stuff they always ask about the tesla. one said his cousin has one down south and he is afraid to take a test drive. fearing that he will buy one after!

i think everyone wants one, the model x will sell even more than the s!

carlk | 27 September, 2013

I heard the network association is lobbying state legislators to enact laws banning selling cars without first showing them in a paid TV commercial. It's all for consumer protection because only by doing so that consumers can have enough information to make the purchasing decision.

jeffsstuff | 27 September, 2013

@carlk, please tell me you are kidding! Seriously! Subtext: we need television to provide us with information. When television becomes the best source of information, we are, as a species, doomed.

carlk | 27 September, 2013

Yes it's a joke. ;-)