For Tesla:Christmas wishes for my roadster

For Tesla:Christmas wishes for my roadster

Just 3 requests
1. Offer an extended warranty
2. Put a 70 amp hpc at each supercharger station.
3. World Peace

Brian H | 23 November, 2012

Sorry, #1 & #2 are impossible. As for #3, the London Games Ceremonies celebrated the onset of the New World Order, under the peace-loving and benign rulership of His Infernal Highness. Rejoice!

Shrinkwrapped | 23 November, 2012

And i thought #3 would be the hard one

DHrivnak | 23 November, 2012

Tesla could definately make my Christmas bright with an announcement of 70 amp charging at Supercharger stations. Road trips with current 30 amp chargers is truely a trying experience.

Timo | 23 November, 2012

#3 is work in progress. It's possible that we get abundant cheap energy in just about decade, and Tesla is transferring everyone out of oil, then the energy resource wars would be over.

What is a bit more difficult to eradicate is intolerances caused by religions and stupidity, and if we don't get population growth in control food is also a problem (but that too is worked on: microbe-created "synthetic" meat would solve a lot of problems).

Brian H | 24 November, 2012

Pull up the UN's Population survey spreadsheet, and open the Low Band projections at the bottom (tab). Observe that it shows declining population from 8bn beginning in the '40s. This "Band" is the only one that has been accurate for many decades, and even it is usually a bit high.

Absent Food for Fuel inanity, there is no current or prospective shortage of food.

Brian H | 24 November, 2012

Here's the link:

By 2100, about 12% below today's level.
Personal robots not included, though. ;)

Timo | 24 November, 2012

Personal robots not included, though. ;)

That's actually a good point. These things are coming, we already see some very early incarnations of those in form of vacuum cleaners. Those things don't eat though.

Absent Food for Fuel inanity, there is no current or prospective shortage of food

There are very current shortages of food. People are starving in many locations of the world as we speak.

Distribution is a problem, and unless we get some method to grow food fast and cheap in inhospitable environments that's not going to change. Education helps: usually even the worst places there are plenty of natural resources, just no-one knows how to or cares enough to use them. Part of the why we have #3 problem, I guess.

Brian H | 26 November, 2012

Even the "doomed-R-us" extrapolators predict the standard of living in, e.g., Bangladesh in 2100 to approximate current UK levels. They just think that's a bad thing. Yawn.

And poverty and starvation was declining about twice as fast as UN optimistic targets when the ethanol price spiking of corn hit (about double in 2007, down a bit and then even higher since).

ELM | 30 December, 2012

Does anyone know the status regarding the Extended Warranty?

Thank you

Christina04 | 31 December, 2012

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