Test Drive Today - Things to Look For & Questions to Ask

Test Drive Today - Things to Look For & Questions to Ask

I have a test drive today in Santa Monica and welcome any suggestions.

GLO | 10 January, 2013

Try to getthem to allow you to drive surface streets and highways. Ask tons of questions! Enjoy it, you'll be hooked!

BYT | 10 January, 2013

My only advice, ask most of your questions before or after and focus on the ride while your riding her! If your like me, write them down if you forget your questions... :)

BYT | 10 January, 2013

OH, and save the radio for when you are parked too!!

callmesam | 10 January, 2013

@GLO. I'm thinking about PCH and then up Sunset. I plan to get into the touchscreen. Driving the car in all the different modes and adjusting the air suspension.

callmesam | 10 January, 2013

@BYT Music is my last concern. When I'm driving, I'm hoping for quiet. Surf rack option. Play with the pano.

ghillair | 10 January, 2013

@callmesam: please comeback to this post tonight and report your thoughts after the test drive.

Ohms.Law | 10 January, 2013

@callmesam - when you punch it does it still make the high-pitched whine that many of have experienced? Inquiring minds would like to know. Above all, have fun!

Ohms.Law | 10 January, 2013

Correction: ...many of us have experienced?

GDH | 10 January, 2013

Ask about floor mats, fogging and 12v battery replacement.

hfcolvin | 10 January, 2013

I test drove in Wash DC a couple of days ago. As expected - awesome! Did not notice any high pitched whine. There was an annoying rattle in the dash that the rep said was a loose piece scheduled to get fixed in the next couple of days. I sat in the back - it was a green, non-perf with tech package, textile interior, standard roof - and confirmed that for the back seat, except sitting in the middle, my 6'2" frame is scrunched against the roof. Middle seat was OK.

I was very pleased to see that the textile interior looked very nice. I wasn't paying close attention when I got in and assumed it was black leather until the Tesla rep corrected me. I'd been strongly considering the green until the test drive. They keep it in a parking garage and I initially thought it was dark blue and had to look really closely. Never did get a good look at it in daylight as it's tough to linger on the downtown city street as rush hour was approaching.

They had a brown in the display room which crept up on my color list. Looks pretty nice.

BYT | 10 January, 2013

If you don't hear the hard pitched whine, your not pushing your Model S hard enough. I push her hard and she takes it, makes daddy happy.

I didn't mean for that to sound dirty!!

callmesam | 10 January, 2013

Hi everyone. Thanks for the suggestions. I am now reservation 18,175. My significant other was very supportive. (I let her drive first) and she pushed me to pull the trigger today.

The car was very quiet. No whine. At all.

I was able to confirm that the car is speed limited to 81 MPH on test drives (found that out on PCH @ Sunset Blvd.)

I'm still likely to convert over to a Model X reservation, but I might get impatient and stick with the MS.

Jamon | 27 January, 2013

@all: is the high pitched whine normal during hard acceleration? I never noticed it in my test drives, and never read about it in the forums - but now I hear it every time I punch it hard in my 2-day-old S. Can you point me to a thread where this has been discussed previously?

nickjhowe | 28 January, 2013

@Jamon - Yes, this is normal. There's a whole bunch of threads. Check out this google link:

There are plenty about whine (the noise) but also unfortunately about whine (the complaint)