Thank you Roadster Owners!

Thank you Roadster Owners!

I wanted to say thanks to all you Roadster first adopters. I couldn't afford a roadster when it came out in 2008. However, I am now a proud Model S owner, and without them taking the risk on Tesla, the Model S would never be. The Model S is an incredible car, and I believe that if it's within my power to help the paradigm shift off gasoline then I should. Now that I can afford it, I'm trying to do my part. But again...thank you to all you roadster owners(and Tesla) that came before me. Hopefully, there will be a GenIII, and the cycle will start again...

jemartin | 11 March, 2013

Same here. Every time I wonder how this car (Model S) could be this incredibly well designed, I remember that it was preceded by the Roadster, and made possible by all the people who worked on it (Roadster) and took a chance on it. I feel extermely fortunate to be a small part in this new chapter. Perhaps the beneficiaries of full electric or plug-in electric cars of the future will realize this as well. To be fair, I'm having such a great time with this car that it never feels like much of a sacrifice...

shop | 11 March, 2013

Ditto - thank you Roadster owners!

David M. | 11 March, 2013

I got a test drive in a Tesla Roadster in 2010. 24 hours later, I cut a deposit check for the Model S. Never would have committed without that test drive. | 11 March, 2013

I agree-- maybe we should cross post this on the roadster forum.

baddtz | 11 March, 2013

I just put a link in the roadster forum.

dna4life | 12 March, 2013

To TRULY show your appreciation to Roadster owners. Tesla should add an HPC to every Super Charger.

TeslaOwnerBlog | 12 March, 2013

Thank you!

I sure did not know exactly what I was buying 7 years ago when I put down 50K, I think that was the amount, in 2006!

I am now driving a Model S, 85KWh, even the performance isn't as insane as the Roadster. But where I live, I could rarely floor the Roadster....

Four years of Roadster owning has been great. detailed chronicle here:

I'm glad me and the other couple of thousand people have been part of this movement!

Roadster #181 | 10 April, 2013

You're welcome.

I've owned mine for 4+ years and 61K+ miles, and it's still a blast to drive. A solid and reliable piece of engineering. A joy to look at and show off to people.

Be sure to give us pioneers a wave whenever you see us on the road -- I certainly try to do that to you Tesla newbies, as well as all other EVs! :-)

JThompson | 11 April, 2013

Every Roadster Owner I meet (and I have only met 2!) I have thanked them personally for what they have done to pave the way for the electric car revolution (and my Model S!!).

cb9 | 11 April, 2013

+10 I am so thrilled to have found out about and bought one.

sunnysailor | 11 April, 2013

Thank you roadster owners! I could not afford a roadster when it was developed. Without all of you and the dedicated group at Tesla I would not be able to drive my P85 around today. Bravo!

Jolinar | 11 April, 2013

@Roadster #181
61k+ miles is impresive for sportcar in 4 years.

What is your state of battery? (Just wondering... I know that Model S uses different Lithium chemistry - LiCoO2 vs LiNiCoAlO2 so it can't be directly compared.)

And do you know personally about anybody with more miles on it? I heard that someone in Europe already some time ago passed 100k km (62.5k miles).

Brian H | 11 April, 2013

The Secret Master Plan rolls on ... >:)

JaneW | 11 April, 2013

"The Secret Master Plan rolls on ..."

Yup. But it's fun to be part of this conspiracy. ;)

Roadster #755
Model S # -- coming soon.

Vawlkus | 12 April, 2013

Is it time to take over the world yet? I'm getting bored }B)

Brian H | 12 April, 2013

That's why most such efforts fail. Short attention span.

Vawlkus | 12 April, 2013

"Come Pinky or I shall have to hurt you" :P

bobinfla | 12 April, 2013

+100 I wasn't at a financial place to buy one back when they came out, but thank you Roadster owners for putting Tesla on the map so they'd be here to sell us a Model S now. I didn't really appreciate you folks as much until I was reading the news releases on the Detroit Electric Roadsters. Real expensive car from a company with something like 12 employees, who hasn't built or sold any cars yet, doesn't have their production facility established yet, etc., etc. BUT THEY TALK A GREAT GAME! From someone who was actually looking at it with a thought of buying one, I must say you have to have some brass ones to jump into that game. But that's exactly what you did for Tesla when their situation was pretty similar. So thanks again for being the pioneers for the rest of us.

p.s. Mine not so brass, I've decided to go pre-owned Tesla Roadster instead, sending off a check today.

NKYTA | 12 April, 2013

@ bobinfla
I was in a similar spot financially with the Roadster, but I also play golf now and then - couldn't take friends+clubs to the course in the Roadster - the MS is perfect!

Here is to the Alpha's!

Brian H | 12 April, 2013

Does that make your MS a pre-golf cart? A going-to-the-golfcourse cart? >:p

Tomas | 13 April, 2013

You're welcome
That it exactly why I got the roadster.... To support Tesla.
And besides, my glacial blue roadster looks rad next to my white P85.

Brian H | 13 April, 2013

Next you can add a Sunset Red Model X, and be complete.

NKYTA | 13 April, 2013

@Brian H
Heh. Nope, it is simply the electric rocket that gets me and the guys -to- the golf course.
On the golf course I'll use Bubba's hovercraft "golf cart". ;-p

mikeflb | 20 April, 2013

Thank You Roadster Owners....... Test pilots of the electric vehicle (r)evolution. There was a lesson in every mile driven and the feedback loop fostered refinements to future roadsters and the Model S. The learning curve may be less steep now, but there are still risks and much more to discover. I will take delivery of an MS60 (that was a $tretch) in May and wouldn't have been able to do that without you. Thanks Again!

Bobfitz1 | 20 April, 2013

Coming up on two years owning my "lightly used" Roadster Sport. Bought with 6k miles, now up to 25K and battery pack is doing fine! Have never regretted going way out on a limb to buy a revolutionary car that was amazing to drive but was also laying the foundation for a true auto and clean energy revolution in U.S. and world. The other first adopters I've met have all been great, interesting folk. An unanticipated extra bonus.
Clear from this forum topic that the MS owners share same attributes. Appreciative of those who helped Tesla get on its feet and eager to help the next stage that will bring full electric cars to the mass market. When Gen III comes out in 3 + years and Tesla easily sells all they can produce, the established big auto companies will be falling over themselves to come out with similar EVs. Then it will be those happy drivers turn to thank all you MS pioneers.

RonaldA | 20 April, 2013

Roadster 925. Model S 6721. Haven't regretted either purchase. Soon will reserve my model X. I drive roadster in summer, models in winter. My wife drives model S in summer. She needs the X for winter. Then no more gas for us!

Brian H | 20 April, 2013

You'll be a TTNG couple: Three Teslas, No Gas!

JaneW | 21 May, 2013

The Model S is getting all the buzz these days, but here's another thought to make Roadster owners happy. After three years with a Roadster Sport and a month with Model S P85, I can assure you that you still drive the most fun Tesla -- faster, tighter handling, more steering feedback -- a thrilling sports car, instead of a very good, smooth, large sedan.

Captain_Zap | 24 June, 2013

Thank you for blazing the trail, taking the risks and electrifying our journeys!

tqnguyen3 | 24 June, 2013

I like to thank the Roadster owners also.
Happy owner of T85. To continue the revolution you
have started,I will order the model X in the next couple of weeks for my wife.
Yes, no more gas.