Tips & Tricks for Using and Searching This Forum

Tips & Tricks for Using and Searching This Forum

I am hopeful this is a mistake and coolness will be restored soon.

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Searching This Forum
Include Model ≡ Symbol (even from your smartphone)
Linking to Specific Comment
Bookmarklets: Ignore User, Hiding Spam, Better Blockquotes
Useful Tips for This Forum
Including Pictures in This Forum
CSS: Including Better Styles in Your Posts
Flagging Inappropriate Posts
These Keywords Trigger "Spam" Filters
Captain's VIN Decoder Ring
High-mileage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Searching This Forum
Roofless has created a comprehensive "Search Tesla Forums" post.

@NickJHowe created the site to make it easy to use Google's "site:" trick. When trying to find a topic or before you start a new one, please search first.

Include Model ≡ Symbol (even from your smartphone)
I use the HTML character code for "identical to":

≡ or ≡
≡ or ≡

You can wrap it with other tags too. Like so <h1>:
Model ≡

See original post w/ more details: How To Easily Include the Model 3 Symbol**

You can also copy it from here:
Thanks to @Red Sage for suggesting this with his in-depth explanation of how he was doing it in the Model III Post.

**UPDATE: Oh the irony. The HTML special character code does not work in a Post Title on the Post Topics Main Listing page nor in the Topic Sidebar. As you can see it works fine above (and the title of the topic page itself). I have a prediction — Tesla will fix this bug before the Model ≡ is released.

Linking to Specific Comment

Select username of the comment.
Use the "inspect" feature of browser to see source code
Look for something like this tag a little above there: <div class="comment clearfix" about="/comment/817552#comment-817552" typeof="sioc:Post sioct:Comment">

Notice the "about" attribute I highlighted above: /comment/817552#comment-817552
That is an absolute link w/ anchor that points to that specific comment

Create links w/ it like this <a href="/comment/817552#comment-817552">[your text]</a>

Here is an example pointing to @Red Sage's post about capacity


Ignore User, Hiding Spam, Better Blockquotes
I was so annoyed by a certain user that I created this Ignore Bookmarklet. They only work within Tesla Forum Threads right now (and I have only done cursory testing), but I like it and thought some of you would too.

NOTE: My bookmarklets have been incorporated into @bdrathburn's Personal user blocklist extension for Chrome.

I have only done cursory testing; YMMV
IE definitely does strange things, and pops "are you sure" weirdness; but it still works; you may be able to change your IE security settings (make sure to use "Trusted Sites" for Tesla Motors, and not for all sites)
It's temporary, you need to click the button every time the page loads

Install Instructions
Read the Mozilla Bookmarklet page
Go to my Marklets: Ignore User in Tesla Forums Bookmarklet, Marklets: Hide Spam in Tesla Forums Bookmarklet pages
Scroll down to the "Ignore User in Tesla Forums Bookmarklet" link (it's a big blue box), then drag-and-drop it into your Bookmark Toolbar
I recommend renaming to something shorter and sweeter; I used a more descriptive name on, but that seems nice and short for your bar

Remember how Bookmarklets work. You will need to do this for each listing page.

Ignore User in Post Usage
Load a Tesla Forum Post page (need to do this on each page).
Find some text that uniquely identifies the user.
Double-click the text to select it, then copy it to your buffer (aka Clipboard)
Click the "Ignore", item in your Bookmark Toolbar
Paste the offending text into the prompt, and click okay or hit enter

Filter User or Spam Usage
Load a Tesla Forum Topic page (need to do this on each page).
Find some text that uniquely identifies the spam rows. The Username is often the same for a big flood
Double-click the text to select it, then copy it to your buffer (aka Clipboard)
Click the "No Spam", item in your Bookmark Toolbar
Paste the offending text into the prompt, and click okay or hit enter

Useful Tips for This Forum

Read these TIPS and TRICKS first. What you think is interesting could be old news.
Lurk for a few days to get a feel for the dynamic.
Do not use hyperbole to get attention. You won't like the responses.
Be prepared for flames. Most of it is just good natured ribbing.
Search your comment on or before starting a new thread. Chances are we've already heard it a thousand times.
If posting about a problem please furnish: model, trim, mileage, VIN, date purchased, and options— for example, MS-60, 27K miles, xxx3424, August 2016, Tech Packge, AP Upgrade, 21-inch wheels w/ Air Suspension, and Pano Roof
Please note that members of this Forum are not privy to ANY time frames of ANY changes to ANY part of Tesla's production.

When returning to a thread, click on the "new" in the Replies column to skip to your unread posts.

If you can't access Private threads (you would see the Clubs at the bottom of the main forum page) call Ownership +1(877)798-3752. They'll hook you up.
EDITING and DELETING is only available to the original poster and the original post. To DELETE a whole thread:
Login ↷ Go to Post → Click "Edit" (upper-left of page near Tesla Logo) → Scroll to the bottom of the page, click "Delete" button ↷ Page prompts to confirm you want to delete the post; Click "Delete"
To change username:
My Tesla → My Profile → Username → Change Username then → Save
See a thorough demonstration of HTML tags
List of often used abbreviations and acronyms

Including Pictures in This Forum
To include pictures in a post follow these instructions:

Share the Image Online -- use a site like,, flickr, imageshack or dropbox. includes features to embed the image in a web page that work well here.
Get the Image URL -- Display the image in your browser, and right-click on it (or the upper-left logo in dropbox), select "Copy Image Location" (different browsers will have different menu options).
Test the Image URL -- Paste the Image URL into your browser. It should show the image w/o anything else around it. If you see links or ads, then the URL is to the web page, and it won't work.
Insert the URL in this HTML:
<img src="URL" width="100%" />

CSS: Including Better Styles in Your Posts
To include the fancy styles like bigger headings and better white-space you can view source of this post or...

Here are the CSS Classes I am using usually inside a <em> or <strong> tag:

h2, h3, h4, h5 (avoid h1, it's huge) — bigger headings w/ better white-space
fa-ul — fixes white-space for ordered/numbered lists <ol><li>
no-bullets — better than the paragraph tag (disallowed) for unordered lists w/o bullets <ul><li>

Drupal Icons

These images are included in the software that these forums use. They are 24x24, but I usually down-size them in my HTML (these are 18x18)


For example,

Fancy bulleted list using the Message icon from above
And the no-bullets class in the list <ul>
You can also use the the no-bullets class in a list item <li>

Horizontal Rule <hr> replacement — <img src="/sites/all/themes/custom/tesla_theme/assets/img/forums/hr_dottedline.gif" class="hr-dotted-8 table">
&nbsp; for white-space     like this (or vertical space after my sections)


like this...


Flagging Inappropriate Posts
This topic has its own post, "Spambot Banning and/or Moderating" started by @Detroit Supercharger.

If you see a post like "Fast Love Astrology in India" please do the following:

Open the Post -- I know, I know, but you need to...
Scroll to the Bottom of the Original Post -- just above first comment section
Hover over Lower-left Area -- A "flag as inappropriate" link will appear (on my iPad I tap the post to get it to show up)
Click It -- You'll notice it changes to "undo flag" so if you accidentally do it you can undo it

These Keywords Trigger "Spam" Filters
These keywords or phrases have triggered Mollom spam blocker software to call my posts spam.

"p_ss-thru back seats"
"'oh-sh_t' handles"
'"ran_h"' (that's a missing 'c' w/ quotes around the word—weird!)
"maximum pLaid"

Captain's VIN Decoder Ring
@Captain_Zap's answer on another thread seemed like such a good start that I have added it here. Also, Nick Howe's Wiki has a VIN decoder section.

Captain_Zap | MAY 22, 2015 NEW
1st, 2nd and 3rd digits are the Manufacturer
4th digit is the Make/Body Line
5th digit is the Body Type
6th digit is the Restraint System
7th digit is the Battery Type and Dual Charger designation
8th digit is the Motor/drive unit
9th digit is the Check Digit
10th digit is the Production Year
11th digit is the Manufacturing Plant
12th digit is the Build Phase Code

Other references:
Wikipedia for Check Digit

High-mileage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Great thread on TCO in the Model S section as well as comprehensive TCO calculation by Harvard MBA. You can download his worksheet and modify it to fit your own assumptions and data.

Please thank @J.T. for inspiring this post.

Brian H | 8 June, 2014


JeffreyR | 16 June, 2014

I fixed a couple of errors. I have discovered the trick is to make changes one day at a time or they get flagged as spam.

JeffreyR | 17 June, 2014

Lots of spam knocked this off 1st page in less than a day!

JeffreyR | 17 June, 2014


Red Sage ca us | 18 June, 2014


Brian H | 18 June, 2014


JeffreyR | 20 June, 2014

added "Flag as Inappropriate" content and fixed a little HTML markup.

JeffreyR | 21 June, 2014

Arrgghh! The Bookmarklet link did not work in my post. Let's try it here:

-1){ = 'none';}}}alert('done');">No Spam

I am going to be doubter and assume it's not going to work. Here is my code:

javascript:var t = document.getElementById('forum-topic-151');var s = prompt('Text to search for then hide.','love');if(s == null) {s = '+91';}for(var i = 0, r; r = t.rows[i]; i++){for(var j = 0, c; c = r.cells[j]; j++){if(c.innerHTML.indexOf(s) > -1){ = 'none';}}}alert('done');

You will need to create your own Bookmarklet from there if the above link does not work again. What's the definition of insanity again...?

JeffreyR | 21 June, 2014

Hmmm it's always breaking at the > in my "search". Let me try this:

No Spam

Wow, did I just call my lazy "indexOf" method a search?

JeffreyR | 21 June, 2014

Yes! Now let's test that it functions... bummer.

The parser munged the link and removed the "javascript:" protocol.

Looks like you'll need to edit your bookmarklet to use the code above instead of being able to drag-and-drop it. Oh well. Maybe I can post it on one of the Bookmarketl sharing sites...

JeffreyR | 21 June, 2014

I have used to share this bookmarklet. It's a lot easier to install from there. Also I found that if you create a bookmark from then paste the code into it, it has the Tesla "T". I am sure there are other ways to achieve that, but that's how I did it.

Detroit SuperCharger | 22 June, 2014

Really useful thread here JeffreyR. Thanx for the hat tip. A good regular bumping will be useful.

Brian H | 23 June, 2014

JeffreyR | 23 June, 2014


Brian H | 25 June, 2014


Red Sage ca us | 26 June, 2014

Brian H | 26 June, 2014


JeffreyR | 28 June, 2014

1st page

Solarwind | 29 June, 2014


Red Sage ca us | 1 July, 2014


Brian H | 3 July, 2014


BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 5 July, 2014


Brian H | 5 July, 2014


JeffreyR | 11 July, 2014

Thx. Any new edition ideas?

Red Sage ca us | 13 July, 2014


Brian H | 14 July, 2014


JeffreyR | 15 July, 2014

1st page

JeffreyR | 17 July, 2014


JeffreyR | 20 July, 2014

1st page

JeffreyR | 22 July, 2014

Adding photos too

Brian H | 23 July, 2014


Red Sage ca us | 23 July, 2014

Tesla Model ☰

JeffreyR | 24 July, 2014

From @Red Sage

You can find it using the 'Character Map' function in your computer system. In Windows it is usually under 'Programs | Accessories...' There are different symbols, that mean different things, though they may be similar at a glance, dependent upon the font used:

Ξ - Greek Capital Letter Xi, U+039E

≡ - Identical To, U+2261

º - Character Code: 0xBA (Symbol TTF)

Things may change from one font to the next for special symbols. It is best to work using either Arial or Courier New as a base, to ensure widest compatibility.

Interesting that the same symbol may essentially stand for:
'Xi', 'Three', 'Identical To', or 'Heaven'...

Which makes me wonder if there is an HTML special character...

Testing &#2261;

JeffreyR | 24 July, 2014

Okay found it:

&x2261; or &8801;

&x2261; or &8801;

JeffreyR | 24 July, 2014

&#x2261; or &#8801;

≡ or ≡

JeffreyR | 29 July, 2014

Post possible?

Brian H | 31 July, 2014


JeffreyR | 1 August, 2014

I'm trying to update this, but keep getting this message:
"The spam filter installed on this site is currently unavailable. Per site policy, we are unable to accept new submissions until that problem is resolved. Please try resubmitting the form in a couple of minutes."

Anyone else having this error message?

On OS X using Safari and Firefox

Red Sage ca us | 1 August, 2014

Every once in a while this bulletin board will decide it won't allow you to post on a certain thread.

JeffreyR | 6 August, 2014

Sure would be nice though. Did you see the bit about Alt-key combination? Already had that tidbit queued up, but no go on editing the post. I'll try my other laptop...

JeffreyR | 14 August, 2014


with some links to some references for adding the Model ≡ symbol. I'll try updating this doc again when I have more time.

JeffreyR | 18 August, 2014


JeffreyR | 20 August, 2014


Brian H | 21 August, 2014


JeffreyR | 24 August, 2014


Brian H | 24 August, 2014


JeffreyR | 26 August, 2014


Brian H | 26 August, 2014


JeffreyR | 28 August, 2014

Brian H | 28 August, 2014