TMC Connect - Blogging Ongoing

TMC Connect - Blogging Ongoing

I will be keeping a running blog from TMC Connect here.

Cattledog | 19 July, 2014

Updated after Steve Jurvetson's talk.

Brian H | 19 July, 2014

When you get time, give an updated results table for the John Peterson challenge. Since the beginning of June, I have him losing steadily.

Is Steve still driving his Sig #1, btw?

Cattledog | 20 July, 2014

Will do on Peterson, you're right, need an update and he's out of the money right now.

Jurvetson showed a photo of his Founders car #1 delivery, but my wife saw him leave in a grey Tesla. The guy can obviously afford more than one though. Fun speaker, ideas fly out of him a thousand/minute!

JohhnyS | 20 July, 2014

Saw Steve's #1 in the parking lot middle of the day across from the conference rooms.