Toronto Model S Tour was announded 2 days ago.

Toronto Model S Tour was announded 2 days ago.

I've got my timeslot reservation already.

Looks like Telsa is hoping for big sales. The Event is 8 days long from June 11th to June 18th. Pretty impressive.

There is a pre-show sneak peek on Thur June 9th evening for owners (reservation holders) or perhaps it is only open to Signature holders, like myself. I'm not entirely sure.

Register now before the masses hit it.

Douglas3 | 2 June, 2011

There's also an event on the evening of Wednesday June 8th for Roadster owners. Anyone else here planning on going?

cytek | 2 June, 2011

Anyone here know what activities will occur at Owner's Preview on June 9th? Is it an indoor or outdoor event with presentation, demo rides, etc.? What makes this event special and different than on June 11-18? I am wondering, if it's worth my time on June 9th, vs June 11-18? The area where Preview event is held at near Yorkville is badly congested during rush hour. Will there be any complimentaty customer parking at the event?

Leofingal | 3 June, 2011

I am out of Rochester, NY so I won't be able to come up for the owners event, but I'll be up on Saturday or Sunday to see the prototype in person. I've been waiting for the Toronto date to be announced for a while.

Vawlkus | 6 June, 2011

Still to far away to attend :(