Toronto Tour Event Summary.........and.......Is there a tour planned for Alphas or Betas?......

Toronto Tour Event Summary.........and.......Is there a tour planned for Alphas or Betas?......

I just saw the Proto-type car at the Toronto Sneak-Peek Owners event last night. It was an amazing car to see, but much has changed in the 2yrs since it was built. The Tesla rep says the exterior styling was different, but he could not provide specifics. This concerned me as one guy there said it looks more "Japaneese", which he meant as an insult. More on that later, but now for the good.....

The 21" rims on 25 series race rubber looked really cool. They were stuffed into the wheel well for sure. My wife's words were "Wow, those are huge". The striking thing about the car is the extremely clean lines. You can tell the focus was on lowest possible drag cofficient. I expecially like the how the hood crease lines were extended into the glass in the front headlights all the way to the bumpers. nice.

There were no test drives on the Model S, but there was two roadsters that you could take for a spin. A quick spin in downtown Toronto didn't interest me. I wanted a 30min ride where I could feel the handling and max accelleration of course :)

I was told we weren't allowed to sit in it either (there were no less than 5 signs stating the same too), but for $100k my butt was going into all 4 seats, which it did. The door handles were cool and my wife was impressed with them popping out. She was floored by the 17" touch screen, which was hooked up to the internet, and she Googled her business website online. The car was plugged in charging, obviously.

Note to Tesla: I hope you are planning on a USB port or two.
It would be nice for a keyboard or mouse for memory key

I didn't find the driver's seat all that comfortable, but the sales rep told me the new seats are completely different and much more comfortable. There was no 3rd row seat as it was filled with electronics. I lifted up the cover and got a good look at the guts of the Gen 1 car. It was sobbering to see the dirt and dust of reality against the highly polished exterior show car appearance. The rep wasn't overly impressed with me, but he was nice about it.

The car is big. Period. It looks small at first glance, but the interior room is huge.

The brake and gas pedal looked funny. The gas pedal looked like it came from the F1 (milled aluminum, drilled, awesome) but the brake pedal looked like it came from a Honda Civic.

I could not get into the front "engine" compartment. After getting caught opening up the rear the rep followed my wife and I to the front knowing where we were headed. No biggie.

The panaramic glass roof as absolutley amazing, and it had a sliding glass sunroof, which I hope does not leak because I'm definitely getting one now. The two tone interior leather (black and white) looks great when contrasted against the deep red exterior car color.

Telsa served water, white wine, red wine, hors derves, sushi and everyone got a Hot Wheels lime green Roadster. That was nice. Unfortunetely a condo company was using the same ultra-high class presentation area (a 1500sq ft full functioning mock up of a unit) to sell $750k condo units at the same time, which I think detracted from the single purpose.

The car was truely a break taker. It is 10x better looking in real life and if you have not seen it, you REALLY REALLY REALLY need to.

As I'm even more impressed question remains even more important.

I want to see the real thing before I punk down another $35k in Canada for my Sig final confirmation, 3mths before construction starts. That will make $40k and I expect to pay another $50k-60k by the time I get my car in the driveway, so spending a $100k is not something I take lightly.

Will the Alphas and Betas be on a similar tour as the Proto-type?

When will they be in Toronto?

Note to Tesla: Test drives for reservation holders are mandatory. Why is there any doubt here?

William13 | 10 June, 2011

Previously Tesla has said: no alphas to stores or test drives, betas will eventually go to shows and stores but these may be late stage betas only. The inside seats and materials of the prototype are not representative of final product, just inspirational. I agree that the final product needs to be great to justify cost. The time table is secret but I suspect that Detroit auto show will be first showing of the beta and Frankfurt will have an alpha.

Straight Shooter | 10 June, 2011

I forgot to mention, the wheels and 21" rims on the proto-type will not work in Canaidan winters, or most winters for that matter. This means we'll need to buy at least 18" rims (to get over those big Brembo brakes) and some good winter tires to put on them.

Sounds like another $2000 just left my wallet.

William13 | 10 June, 2011

I expect all of us who have heavy snow falls will need a second set of wheels and tires. I hope there is adequate clearance for the snow tires to be larger than the stock size. This would give more ground clearance.

Leofingal | 12 June, 2011

I couldn't make it up from Rochester for the Event, since it was a weekday, but I came up Saturday to see it in person. It looks awesome as you said, but having followed the changes, as the time passes it becomes clear that it is less and less representative of the final vehicle. I would love to see the Betas on tour for test drives, but that probably won't happen until next spring realistically. The rep mentioned that they were likely to do test drive events in different areas to maximize their coverage (Buffalo/Niagara for example to get us Western NY folks), which makes sense. She also mentioned that Alphas would not be likely to come up to Toronto, so we will have to wait for the Beta (not sure about the bigger markets).

Regarding the brakes, I think the "White" model shown at Detroit had relatively small brakes since most braking will be regenerative, so hopefully we won't need 18 inch winter wheels!

ncn | 12 June, 2011

Ugh. I have a car where I had to attach snow tires of a different size, and accordingly the speedometer is permanently wrong.

I do NOT want that to happen with the Tesla. Do they have the sense to (a) have a set of manufacturer-approved snow tires, and either (b) have them have the same diameter as the standard tires, or (c) have the speedometer designed to be recalibrated when the snow tires go on, without having to make a $600 service call?

Douglas3 | 12 June, 2011

The Roadster 2.0 and 2.5 has a function where it "learns" the tires after you change them. You turn this special mode on, accelerate to a certain speed, then coast in a straight line until the car says it is done.

They don't say how it works, but I'd guess that it compares the wheel rotation speeds to the car speed as reported by the GPS, and uses that to calculate calibration factors for the wheels.

I'm sure they'll have a similar function in the Model S.

Straight Shooter | 14 June, 2011

Good point Douglas3. This is in fact VERY easy to do.

My boat has a digital gauge (Mercury Monitor) that when connected to a GPS Puck (about $350) thru a NEMA2000 backbone gives me my EXACT speed down to 1/10 of a MPH with updates 5x per second. Mercury sells the gauge for $500 and it also provides about 40 other different metrics such as MPG and fuel flow rates as well as the range left on the boat before the tank is dry. It reads the computer output from the Mercury motor. It even has an "economy mode" where it will regulate the digital throttle controls and the digital trim controls to calculate the best MPG combination to give the longest possible range. And this is on a little 20' boat.

Notice that wheels are taken out of the equation. It does not even matter any more what size you put on, once you activate the system or purchase it. Wheel and rim size will become irrevelant.

DartLady S77 | 23 June, 2011

The low profile tires are gone, according to the Seattle store. Comfort and clearance were the reasons given. That will make any changeover to winter tires easier to deal with and recalibrating the odometer unecessary.

I am hoping they simply downsize the turbine style rims for a "normal" tire.