trade wheels have 21" want 19"

trade wheels have 21" want 19"

what is a fair price?

skystream3.7 | 5 October, 2012

sorry i live in Oregon so i can deliver CA,WA,OR,ID,Vancouver BC

JakeP | 5 October, 2012

$2900...which is $5200 for the 21" wheels if you bought them from the Tesla store, minus $2300 for a set of 19" wheels with the standard (non-Winter) Goodyear tires.

And why they don't offer a $2900 credit if you downgrade a Perf to 19" wheels is still beyond me, it seems so out-of-character for Tesla to make you pay for something you didn't receive.

Had they offered that credit, I would have sprung for a Perf instead of a Standard 85kWh. But the differential to buy a second set of 19" wheels, combined with the hassle of changing them twice a year and storing them in my garage, was just too much to swallow.

And sadly, I bet they would have made more in margin with me buying the Perf, even with the $2900 discount figured in.

skystream3.7 | 5 October, 2012

I agree, I am trying so i can up grade.

JakeP | 5 October, 2012

Yes, and that was a much better proposition when 21" Grey wheels were exclusive to Perfs. Not so much anymore...why buy a used set of wheels, when you can buy a brand new set from Tesla?

C'mon Tesla, fix the Design Studio so we get the fair $2900 downgrade for a Perf with 19" wheels. It is utterly uncharacteristic of Tesla and the rest of the Tesla buying experience to make us pay for something we don't get. I almost wonder if it is a limitation in the configuration software itself, it is so unlike Tesla.

Alternatively, Tesla could offer a 19" Turbine style wheel. I'd be happy to select that as a no-cost (and no-credit) option, and it would eliminate the expense of buying a spare set of 19" wheels.

Jolinar | 1 November, 2012

Yea, I think a lot of people would consider 19" turbine wheels!

dborn | 1 November, 2012


Getting Amped Again | 1 November, 2012

Here is my letter to George Blankenship and his response:

Dear Mr. Blankenship,

As a Model S reservation holder, and an ardent supporter of your company and its goals, I respectfully ask that you consider adding a 19” turbine-style wheel coupled with all-season tires as an option for Model S configurations.

My forum post on the Tesla website resulted in three major findings:

1. The turbine wheel design style is a key part of the Model S brand image.
2. Many of Signature and Performance purchasers preferred all-season tires, but they “bit the bullet” for the performance tires just because of their desire for the turbine wheel styling. They are dissatisfied having to pay extra for all-season tires/wheels and having to change them twice-yearly.
3. The majority of Base Model S purchasers would pay extra to have a 19” turbine-style wheel coupled with all-season tires. It seems that an upgrade cost of $500 - $1500 would have a high adoption rate.

This results in two scenarios that both increase your profit per vehicle: Signature and Performance purchasers that select the no-cost downgrade option and its corresponding lower component costs, and Base Model S purchasers that pay a premium for a wheel that has the same component cost as the current 19” offering.

I’m not sure what your fixed cost is for a new wheel design, but assuming it’s $100,000 and you charge a $1000 upgrade premium, it only takes 100 cars to recover it. Past that you’re making an extra $1000 per vehicle where this option is selected, and my online poll indicates that it will be selected a high percentage of the time (guessing 40 – 60%). I’m not sure any of the other Model S options have this high of profit margin and potential for revenue generation.

Finally, although it’s hard to collect meaningful data from early adopters, I think you’ll find that the adoption rate of the $3500 high performance wheel/tire option will be very low by purchasers of Base Model S’s, and long term those customers are going to be the bulk of your sales. There’s just not that many people that will spend $85K or more on an automobile. However, the adoption rate of a $1000 upgrade to the 19” turbine-style wheel/all-season tire combination will be very high.

Having a 19” turbine-style wheel will reinforce and solidify the Model S brand image, increase the per-vehicle average profit, and will enhance overall brand loyalty. I respectfully urge you to consider it.

Thank you for your time,


Hi Rick,

Thanks for the note and the suggestion. I discussed your idea at our exec staff meeting this week. It takes time to do this, but we'll see.

Have a great weekend!


Gator | 1 November, 2012

Excellent, I am glad someone asked about this. I have opted to wait on getting my car in hopes they will offer this 19" turbine wheel. Hopefully they will consider adding a collision detection system like the new 2013 Subaru EyeSight system.

Getting Amped Again | 1 November, 2012

Here's what a 19" turbine-style wheel would look like:

ksjanda | 1 November, 2012

I'm willing to trade my 19" wheels, for your 21"....where are u located? email me at and we can sort it out if you are still interested

GoTeslaChicago | 1 November, 2012

If 19 inch turbine style wheels are a good idea, then 20 inch turbine style wheels with all weather tires would be a GREAT idea!

petersv | 1 November, 2012

Well, I guess anyone can make turbine style 19" rims, so if Tesla doesn't someone else will for sure ;)

Alex K | 1 November, 2012

GoTeslaChicago | NOVEMBER 1, 2012 NEW: If 19 inch turbine style wheels are a good idea, then 20 inch turbine style wheels with all weather tires would be a GREAT idea!

Yes, I'm hoping for 20" wheels too because tires for these wheels are available in performance, winter and all season. See the thread at for more discussion about this.

TeslaLABlue | 3 November, 2012

I would consider trading my 19" wheels for the 21's

I'm starting to really like the 19's

Delivery is Feb-March 2013

rwang | 3 November, 2012

Went w/ 19". too many issues w/ 21" lasting not long enought and incurring flats!

eval | 25 December, 2012

I just had my Model S delivered this weekend, Saturday before Christmas. Great Christmas present!

Here's what I'm looking for:
Anyone want to trade their 21" Silver wheels for their 21" Dark Grey wheels? I'm in Arizona. You can email me at

My issue is that I want 21" Dark Grey turbin wheels for my standerd performance Model S, not 21" Silver wheels which were the only 21" wheels offered with my standard performance car purchase.

Tesla won't help me with the 21" Dark Grey wheels that they now offer to anyone in their Accessory store. They claim it's a "High Performance" option ONLY but they totally blew that claim up by offering the 21" Dark Grey wheels to anyone who's willing to plop down $3500 in their Accessory store. I've been trying to get the darker wheel option a long time and Tesla won't budge.

Any interest in the trade? You can email me at

dr.jacks.tesla | 25 December, 2012

I don't get it, why would anyone want 19" tires over the beautiful 21" standard on the performance??

dr.jacks.tesla | 25 December, 2012

Also remember this is a performance car with very fast acceleration so smaller wheels will spin more and not be productive accelerating the car and potentially more dangerous (if you remove traction control)

dmizock | 25 December, 2012


The "wheels," which consist of the rims and the tires, are the same diameter, whether they are 19's or 21's. The ride may be a bit "softer" with the 19's, but they shouldn't be "more dangerous" than the 21's. They do come with all-season tires, though, which are much more suited to winter driving than the 21's, which have high performance summer tires - definitely not good in cold temps.

dborn | 25 December, 2012

@dr.jacks.tesla. You will be changing tires far more frequently with 21 s than with 19s If you are ok with that cost wise, go ahead.

jat | 25 December, 2012

Tesla has previously said that the Performance option was priced based on 19" wheels, yet they decided to make the 21" included so the performance buyers could get whatever wheel they liked. I suspect after the price change you will have to pay extra for the 21" wheels for the performance model just like everyone else.

If I could get all-season tires with the 21", I would be happy to go with them (don't know if I would pay $3500 extra though). I just am not willing to deal with the hassle of changing out wheels twice a year and the poor tread life of the performance vehicles -- this will be my daily driver, not a track car, so the last bit of tire performance isn't a concern for me.

Brian H | 25 December, 2012

Interesting that Elon has 265s on the rear and is adding the Sport Handling package to make the MS handle as well as a McLaren.

drp | 25 December, 2012

So I consider this all pretty important. I live outside of Chicago and I drive about 170 miles daily. I really like the look of the 21 inch wheels but I don't like the look of the 19 inch wheels. So I did some research looking up the wheels on Continental and I don't see a 21 inch wheel option. It must be made especially for Tesla. The wheels that I did see indicate that they are actually all season 21 inch high performance tires. This is really a dilemma and I plan on signing my paperwork in the next few days and really don't know what to do. I would love to get some advice from those of you who have been driving the car lately. Particularly on snow. My biases I want you to say, "John, you have to get 21 inch wheels! They are the best choice and they work all year round". However, I am pretty sure that is not the truth.

GreenMachine13 | 25 December, 2012

drpeggau, I have the exact dilemma as I live in Chicago and have the same opinion of the wheels. The tires on the 21" wheels are not all-season and I can't find a manufacturer that makes a low profile all-season tire. I've decided to take a rather expensive route and ordered my S with the 21" wheels but plan on purchasing 20" wheels and tires aftermarket.

drp | 25 December, 2012

GreenMachine13, I too am considering that option. However, I may be purchasing tires twice a year if the 21's don't last long.pretty bummed re: the choices. Let me know what you figure out.

BorisT | 25 December, 2012

I have 19's in silver on my car. If anyone is interested in swapping for 21's I'd be interested. I'd be most interested in 21' grey but would consider both. I'm in Silicon Valley and my car is delivered an in the garage.

Brian H | 26 December, 2012

Note that 19" is considered wide on most cars. Don't be greedy and cause a winter pile-up on 21" summer slicks! Their soft rubber turns to hard plastic in the cold.

gdh66 | 16 March, 2013

@BorisT...are you still interested in trading your 19s for 21s?

fluxemag | 16 March, 2013

If I could afford the tire cost I would trade in a heartbeat. Too bad they don't make the turbine design in 19's. the stock 19's look like an after thought. My plan is to go with aftermarket 19's and reuse the tires. I wish this forum had a for sale section too.

petero | 16 March, 2013

eval. You may wish to look into a specialty shop that will powder coat your wheels from silver to grey. I have been told that it would cost around $250-$500 for the set. Good luck, I am probably going to powder coat my 19"s

BorisT | 17 March, 2013

@gdh66 - yes i'm interested. my email is borist @ gmail dot com