Trip Meters

Trip Meters

Does anyone else think it is unusual that both trip meters (A & B) are continuously counting? You can't switch between the two to allow trip comparisons. You can reset, but both continue counting.

sule | 7 July, 2014

I think that is fine. I'd just want more of them. I just take photo of the screen with my BlackBerry to have a record of it if I care...

holidayday | 7 July, 2014

Don't all odometer trip meters work this way? | 7 July, 2014

My ICE has dual trip meters that work just as on the Model S. I don't recall having a car that allows stopping the trip meter(s).

Tredwell | 7 July, 2014

Fair enough, I suppose. My last car had only one. Not sure why I would ever want two counting at the same time though. Seems like there might be room for improvement here, albeit very low priority!

Maybe I'll try starting one on my trip to Santa Cruz (about 130 miles) and then start the other as I pass the Freemont charging station. That way I'll have an overall distance and a "how far to get back to the supercharger" distance. Complicated but that's the only way I can figure you'd use two counting simultaneously.

holidayday | 8 July, 2014

I generally only use 1 trip meter, to track distance from my last fill-up of gas. This allows me to track mileage (and ouch, it hurts).

The second trip meter can be used for actual road trips, to show full distance covered in the trip. I usually forget to reset it when heading out on a road-trip, since I rarely use the second trip meter.

centralvalley | 8 July, 2014

That is what I use the dual trip odometers for, holidayday. Meter A is the accumulated mileage and usage since I bought the car (14 miles notwithstanding when Tesla tested the car before delivery.) I reset Meter B when I go on a road trip to see how far I traveled.

On road trips I use the "since last charge" meter to record my kWh, and actual road miles.

So, yes, I like the three odometers.

Rocky_H | 8 July, 2014

My Civic has A and B trip meters, and they work the same way, where they're both always counting but you can reset either whenever you want.

Boxhat1 | 28 January, 2015

Anyone else interested in having more than 2 trip meters?
With a software update, I am sure this could easily happen.
It would be fantastic to have mile counts for a daily, Monthly, yearly,Road Trip leg 1, Road trip Return, etc...

It could even be scheduled to reset on a certain time or when you reach a certain gps location.

I would just be interested in the data of my driving. So even if it was logged some where for me to extract and break it down myself based on time frame.

TaoJones | 30 January, 2015

I found that the trip meters track only energy used while driving.

Yes, just like an ICE.

For a per-full-charge efficiency correlation, one has a bit more work to do.

Just an observation.