Trip navigation without the Tech Package

Trip navigation without the Tech Package

Without the Tech Package, the maps feature is oddly limited. I can see where I am on a real-time map (so obviously it has GPS and dynamic mapping) and I can look up an address so it shows me where that is with a flag, but it won't show me a suggested trip route.

A person at the dealer said you have to buy the Tech Package to get that because of some additional hardware that is needed. Hardware is needed to draw a line on a screen? Something sounds odd.

Anyone know the technical reason that the 17" display cannot show the trip route without the Tech Package?

gt1485a | 21 May, 2013

Someone was asking about hardware, somehow I figured out that Tesla was using these guys hardware( but i can't remember the thread/news story that led me there so consider it unconfirmed at this point.

brucewandre66 | 24 May, 2013

I just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone that has screen sharing. I would be great if my Model S would share. I would think this would allow me to use the Nav,included with the phone, on the big screen.

David59 | 24 May, 2013

No sour grapes here.

I did not purchase the tech package because I did not want the fancy lights and rear view camera. I also did not think the package was worth the price and after five months of driving I think I might the right decision.

I am very happy that the Google Maps application that my "striped-down" Model S came with shows traffic as that is the most useful aspect to me. Almost daily I modify my route to avoid the nasty red zones.

The directions feature might be nice but I have had no problem using my smartphone to tell me where I need to go. It is great that the verbal commands work when my smartphone is hooked up using the bluetooth connection.

Brian H | 24 May, 2013

Where were the stripes? You should have them stripped. :p ;)

cloroxbb | 25 May, 2013

IMO Navigation should be bundled into the eventual "connection fee" that Tesla will eventually charge. Then, most people could just use their phone as a hotspot (granted the WiFi becomes enabled in the S) to gain the functionality (and 4G to boot).

Navigation really shouldn't be an extra fee bundled in when Google maps already offers it, and its just disabled...

The "extra" should only be the Navigon display that comes on in the dash screen. I think Tesla knows that no one would pay so much just for that feature...

Honestly though, the only reason I own a GPS is because I don't live in my home state (im in the military) so I need it every once in awhile when traveling to unknown areas where I am stationed, and for the inevitable trips back home when on leave.

When I am finally back to living at home, I will NEVER need GPS functionality because I have known my way around for 20 years now...

Groeneweg | 19 January, 2015

Any hope that Tesla will allow for enabling Navigation FOR A FEE for Non-Nav cars? Now that there is a process to calculate the best route-energy consumption combination. This is a function that is missing in Non-Nav cars and is essential in this process.

How does this work on Non-Nav Cars? Haven't got the v6.1 upgrade yet...

stevenmaifert | 19 January, 2015

Groeneweg - I have a non-Tech and received 6.1 last week. The best route-energy consumption combination feature is simply not there. I suspect in only works in conjunction with the Tech package Nav.

sule | 19 January, 2015

I need Tesla to give me a JavaScript API I can use to get the status of the car. I already have my own web/browser app that will give me the routes and chargers, etc. Could do the calculation too. Within some reason could even give you *visual* turn-by-turn directions on the big screen (browser is a little slow so these have to come well ahead of time).

Groeneweg | 19 January, 2015

I believe that the energy consumption function should be standard in the base Tesla. Tesla should offer this an an upgrade for all past versions for a FEE. (sorry for the insistence)

One of the first questions I get from perspective owners is ... What is the range & have you run out of juice? Both of these questions are addressed by this new function.

Can we petition this to Elon? Has this been done?I would gladly pay 1K for it...

Thanks sule for working on a possible solution for us Non-Navs out there.

VIN 34xxx (Tech) and VIN 5xxx (Non-Tech)


60InSeattle | 19 January, 2015

@stevenmaifert - What updates did you get with 6.1 and no-tech package? In 6.0 they put the Home/Work location into Maps - so maybe smart pre-conditioning is there still?

FYI - You can upgrade to NAV for $1000 if you have the premium sound package. If you don't you can upgrade your main display for $5000 and pay another $1000 for the NAV update.

sule | 19 January, 2015

@60InSeattle: I, and I suspect others, didn't think that the entire tech pack was worth its cost. In my case this is still the case as most of the features would either be turned off or otherwise unusable. The only things from the entire tech pack that I would like is:

(a) Auto tilting mirrors, perhaps, but not necessarily mirror positions being stored with driver profiles (seat position *is* stored).

(b) Half baked heated mirrors I thought I had (and car indicates that I do and turns them on).

(c) 6.1 energy burndown chart stuff that I haven't tried yet.

That is it. Don't care for actual "nav" or auto present or power liftgate. I used to care about parking sensors up to the time I got to try them.

I am hoping I will get at least rudimentary/fixed camera guidelines but a sales guy from the store was under the impression that these only come for cars equipped with auto-pilot (which did not exist when I bought the car). This is possible if it requires steering sensors but there should be a system even without them.

What I like is certainly possible in software alone and without the additional offline map storage in the tech pack.

Bighorn | 19 January, 2015

Back-up lines come with all age cars, not just autopilot.

d_kaufman | 19 January, 2015

@sule: I agree completely. When I ordered my S85, the tech package included xenon headlights, and the non-tech didn't. Living in a city, I felt that shining xenon lights into the eyes of pedestrians and other drivers was anti-social. I felt no need for auto-liftgate, and the idea of my car appearing excited every time I walked by it seemed weird to me.
If I could have chosen electro-chromatic side mirrors, or auto-tilting side mirrors, I would have gladly paid for them, along with integrating navigation and energy usage.

I think that, given the general perception of range anxiety, it would be critical that the most basic version of any electric car be able to project whether a trip is feasible in current conditions.

It should not be a paid add-on, although I personally would be happy to pay a fee for it.

Groeneweg | 19 January, 2015

Is it really that expensive??? 6K to get nav? Thats replacing the WHOLE computer and screen =( ...

I am was hoping that with a little effort on Tesla side, they could come up with a cheaper option, so that we could take advantage of the trip-consumption function.

At least I will have it on one of my Teslas. Thanks All for your feedback.

Brian H | 19 January, 2015

Bighorn | 19 January, 2015

That shortcut no longer works

d_kaufman | 19 January, 2015

I use evtripplanner, and feel that I can plan trips adequately. For the future of the company, however, I don't feel that any external program should be relied upon. The car should be able to provide an accurate projection, based initially on forecasts, and then updated based on actual performance. If that information is available to the driver in real-time, that can mitigate range anxiety to the point that range anxiety is no longer a bar to purchase.

The obstacles Tesla must overcome for the model 3 are home charging for the city dweller, and accurate energy need projection. Tesla is dealing with some destination charging, but not universally. That is probably their problem in China. But the real-time energy projections need to be in every car, not as an option.

stevenmaifert | 19 January, 2015

@60InSeattle - I got:

Energy Option for Battery Display
Smart Preconditioning (BETA)
Reverse Camera Guidelines
Calendar Enhancements: Meeting Notes & Phone Numbers
Media App Improvements (All Three)
Simplified Right Steering Wheel Controls
Factory Reset
Open Charge Port with Trunk Button on FOB

Thanks for the additional info. I do have the premium sound package but the primary reason I skipped the Tech package was the NAV lacked some of the functions even the least expensive external navigators have (ordered the car in August 2012) and from reading recent posts on other threads, apparently still does.

Brian H | 19 January, 2015

Keep in mind that there is destination charging (lo-med overnight when you sleep) and Destination Charging (med-hi tourist turnaround charging, ideally at Nat. parks, etc.) Not the same needs.

mai | 20 January, 2015

@sule - Couldn't you just write your web app to measure the driver's current speed, distance to destination, and elevation change to estimate the rated range needed? No real need to get the vehicle status, except maybe have different estimates for 60 kWh vs 85 kWh cars.