truly convenient to charge?

truly convenient to charge?

We just ordered our 85S and are excited and apprehensive. With a young family of 6 we are busy and have enough wheels spinning and organizing who goes where when without having to plan when to charge, or waiting for someone to finish charging.
I'd greatly appreciate your experience and ability to be spontaneous especially as I imagine there will be nights when we forget to charge.

Assuming you only have a private charger at home and otherwise you public chargers,
What % of the time do you have to wait use a charger?how long a wait?
what % of your time do u go out of your way to get a charge?
Choose not to use your EV for a trip out of convenience (not having to go find a place to charge)

No such thing as unsolicited advice here. We greatly appreciate any advice, experience

Rocky_H | 18 September, 2014

Good questions. This is one of the reasons why I do really appreciate having an electric car that has 200+ miles of range, rather than one of the smaller ones that gets about 80 miles. I never have to look for charging around town. I charge at home in my garage, and that's it--super simple.

I haven't done much traveling with it yet, because there aren't Superchargers in my area, but that will be much better in another year or two. I have used to find a few charging places when I've gone on some small trips, and that was pretty good.

Red Sage ca us | 18 September, 2014

I think most have found their children, and grandchildren, are more than happy to make sure the car is plugged in once they get home. It's almost a 'race' to plug her in. So even if you forget -- they won't. ;-)

SamO | 18 September, 2014

98% of the time, you'll leave EVERY MORNING with a full charge and you won't have to think about anything. It's as easy as plugging in your phone before going to bed.

1.5% of the time, you'll be taking road trips near a Supercharger (supplying 170 miles of range in 30 minutes) which will work well when you need to stop to eat, bio break etc. Very easy.

0.5% of the time, you'll be forced to use a public charger or find charging at a destination (in-laws, cabins etc). For that 0.5%, it will be about as hard as finding gas in a similar circumstance.

EcLectric | 18 September, 2014

A year and a half and 30K miles in. I've used a public charger exactly... once.

I've used superchargers about 5 times.

Forgot to plug in at night: 3 times.

BrassGuy | 18 September, 2014

I rarely need a public charger, but the few times I needed one I planned ahead to locate one and never waited to plug in. Always vacant around here. (New England)

I'm curious, why do you think you need public chargers? You need to figure out your highest mileage day, or at least a weekly average.

Plugging in nightly will become second nature. Remember that with your (probably) crazy schedule you can skip that planned gas stop. The kids will be fighting over who gets the Tesla as their taxi.

BlueS | 18 September, 2014

I hear what you are saying HedgeHog. I have almost the exact same situation. We are constantly on the go with the kids. And, we drive an average of 110 miles a day. We will try to use the Tesla as much as possible because we are sick of paying for gas...and its just a cool car! Public chargers seems to be oriented towards driving around town since there are very few along the highways outside of town. This may be fine for a Volt or Leaf, but the Model S has more than enough capacity for driving around town...for several days.

Unfortunately, trips are another matter. Without the SC network, trips are extremely inconvenient. So for someone like me that lives in Texas, I can go three places in my Model S. For everything else, we use our ICE (which is most of the time) until such time as we have a few more Superchargers.

As for plugging in, try to make it a habit. And if you forget once in awhile, its not big deal. Unlike the other EVs out there, your Model S has enough capacity for at least two days of crazy family schedule driving.

Low CG | 18 September, 2014

Had my P85 for 2 years now with 20K miles. Plug her in about once a week at home (just the regular 220V outlet I had installed for a couple hundred bucks). If we're taking a big trip (several hundred miles), so far I've always remembered to plug in the night before.

Interestingly, with the huge range on the MS, I've never used a public charging station except a supercharger. That's pretty remarkable when you think about it!

jackhub | 19 September, 2014

Had my 85 about 20 months. Plug her in every night just like my cell phone. 'Full tank' every morning. I have forgotten once but it was no big deal. With the 85 range, I've never used public charger. Of course if I take trips I will use the SCs. So far have not.