Typical Normal Miles after charging

Typical Normal Miles after charging

I was wondering what other owners are showing for miles when the Tesla S is charged (not maximum range)?

I am getting between 230-240 when I get into the car to goto work after it has charged all night. The first time I charged it overnight it read 245 but recently has been in the 230's.

STEVEZ | 29 October, 2012

I see 231 to 235 (EPA miles, not projected). Never have I seen anything approaching 240+.

kelly | 29 October, 2012

Yes, my standard charge has showed 245 miles the two times I have charged to full under the "Standard" charge setting.
When I selected the "Max" charge setting it displayed 272 miles. (I've only charged the car to "full" 3 times. Two were under the Standard Charge setting and 1 under the Maximum Charge setting.)

I thought this was odd, but I'm sure there is a logical explanation. I'm thinking it might have something to do with "projected range" or "rated range", but I'm not sure.

I guess what I should have done was check the battery charge level in kW's to see if it was at 85 kW (I just thought of that now).

I think the "Standard Charge" setting will only charge to 90% of capacity. And if I do the math (right now) 272 miles x .90 equals 245.

Rod and Barbara | 29 October, 2012

The reference for Rated Miles is the 5-cycle EPA test value, which is 265 miles. This became the new reference point with software v1.9.17 which was initially installed on 9/26/12. I have only charged to Max Range once since this software update and the Rated Miles were 272 miles and the Battery SOC was 100%.

The Standard level charge cycle with the new software (v1.9.17) charges the Battery to about 92% of full capacity. After eight Standard level charges, between 238 and 248 Rated Miles were available at the end of the charge cycle.

As a side note, you cannot multiple the Rated Miles Maximum by the Battery SOC to determine the appropriate Rated Miles to be expected at that SOC. This is because when the Rated Miles reach 0 miles, the Battery will still have between 5% and 7% SOC remaining. Stated mathematically, the relationship between Rated Miles Remaining and Battery SOC is linear, but it is not a direct variation.

portia | 29 October, 2012

my projected number is showing only 160 miles today after driving very short 5 to 6 miles per day in the last few days, after a full standard charge, I probably need to drive a longer distance at better mileage to see the 200+ numbers again.

sergiyz | 30 October, 2012

Shows 246 miles on mine (Perf Sig) with the standard charge mode.

Brian H | 30 October, 2012

I gather that a couple of complete charge/discharge cycles are necessary to see full capacity. Can't swear to it, tho'.

Michael23 | 30 October, 2012

160 projected? Yikes!

paul | 30 October, 2012

On my Tesla Roadster the miles shown depend on how fast I charge.
Charging at a slow 10 Amps gives me a higher milage than after a quicker charging at 16 or 24 Amps.

portia | 30 October, 2012

Brian, I don't think you ever want to discharge the model S fully!
read the manul, lots of warnings on not to ever let it go to zero.

I think the low number is caused by my recent very short local trips. the number actually goes up as I drive.
I am charging it on the 15-40, slowly at 40 amps. never tried lower amps yet.

Rod and Barbara | 30 October, 2012

@ portia - Projected Range is based on the average Wh/Mile over the last 30 miles driven. You can see this value by selecting the Energy screen on the 17" touch screen and selecting the 30 mile range. Short trips aren't necessarily bad for efficiency in a BEV. It depends what the driving experience is during the short trips. Trips to local retailers with moderate acceleration and average speeds of 30 to 40 MPH can yield excellent Wh/Mile, while the same distance on the freeway at 75 MPH with a few spirited accelerations can produce poor Wh/Mile results.

sergiyz | 30 October, 2012

I find projected mileage to be way off, since it's only averaging out over the last 15 or 30 miles.
I usually set it to "rated", and that seems to be more accurate.
I also don't reset one of the two trip meters, and that gives me an average over larger distances.
My average is about 360Wh/mile.
If you look at an instant read-out, it doesn't tell you much, since it goes up to over 700Wh/mile when driving uphill and accelerating.
It doesn't go over negative 60Wh/mile for regen braking.

portia | 30 October, 2012

I am seeing 180-190 now in my projected range at charging complete, after driving about 10 miles (not stop/go).

TikiMan | 31 October, 2012

Hmmm... I wonder what kind of regular mileage the 40 khw battery will get?

DerekM | 31 October, 2012

My projected mileage after Standard charging is about 200 miles. Here is how I would explain that mileage based on the discussion above.

I have an 85 kwh battery = 85,000 wh

Rod and Barbara said 5% is kept in reserve at 0 miles remaining which is 85,000 times 5% = 4,250 wh reserve

Standard charging only charges about 92% of the battery which is 85,000 times 92% = 78,200 wh

Available charge for driving is then 78,200 - 4,250 = 73,950 wh

I have been driving in a "spirited" manner, which is about 360 wh/mi. So if I divide the available battery power (73,950 wh) by the wh/mi of 360 I get just over 205 mi, which is basically the projected mileage that I have been getting.

kelly | 31 October, 2012

DerekM's breakdown (above) is mirroring my experience so far (after 1 week with the car).

I've taken (2) approximately 200 mile round trips...the first had an overnight stop in between and I used a 110 volt outlet to add about 30 miles (+/-) which eased the maiden voyage "range anxiety". A few days later I did a very similar 200 mile round trip this time without charging in between. I charged the car on Max Range (giving me 272 Rated Miles) just to be safe. When I pulled into the garage at the end of the day I had 30 Projected Miles of charge remaining. I averaged 348 Wh/Mi. It was mostly freeway driving (from LA to OC and then on to Riverside and back). I averaged approximately 80 MPH on the freeway (65% of the trip) and the outside temp was 85 degrees (+/-), with the AC on and 3 people in the car. So I obtained about 80% of the "Rated Miles" given the conditions and my driving style....and that was consistent on both of my trips. I don't have to make this trip very often (thankfully), but I was glad to know that the S could do it the way I like to drive!

I must say the regenerative braking is amazing and I'm getting the hang of that to the point where, often times, you only need to apply the brakes the last few yards before you need to come to a complete stop...and it seems the energy it puts back into the battery is rather substantial!

At one point while we were driving back down the San Bernardino Mountains (about 8,500 ft elevation) my projected range reached 900 miles...Wouldn't that be nice!!!

Brian H | 1 November, 2012

That's a plan! Drive downhill only.

Teoatawki | 1 November, 2012

Maps provided by Escher. ;D

Brian H | 1 November, 2012

The first artist to conquer gravity.