Ultra white seats

Ultra white seats

I originally was going to go for a deep blue exterior with ultra white seats. However, thinking twice (and today is my last day to change configuration) I am not 100% comfortable how the seats will last over the years in terms of color, with kids/guests, etc. I was told from Tesla sales rep that the seats are made of polyurethane fabric and stains should be able to come off easily with soap and water. No need to apply any additional conditioner, etc like you would do on leather seats (because it is not leather). My biggest concerns are whether the color will turn yellow over the years and how truly easy will be to clean stains from kids (shoe stain, food, pen, etc.).

For those of who are getting ultra white seats, do you mind sharing how you got comfortable in the end? I do think these will be lovely looking seats so would hate to switch to black.

Mel. | 6 January, 2016

Why would the color change over time. If you get black will they change to orange ?

qha | 6 January, 2016

Mel - I was told all white leather yellows over time inevitably but I'm not sure if polyurethane fabric has the same problem.

Mel. | 6 January, 2016

Understand what happened to some interiors back in the 50's , 60's. I will get the white , I had white in my 2012 S and it was perfect when I parted with the car. , Trust Tesla, get what you want. Good luck..

JimModelX | 6 January, 2016

I chose he white interior. I've had some family question my choice - but I told them to buy their own. I think the white interior could turn out to be so unique and awesome. I was willing to roll the dice. I have two large black standard poodles - so I'll be putting the seats to the test. I am taking delivery on Saturday. I know you're locking in your design now. But I'm happy to give you feedback once I have a chance to really see and feel the White Interior. Also, I have a family that loves to restore old cars - I know some amazing interior specialists. If I don't like the seats I can always do something custom and funky. Good luck!!

qha | 6 January, 2016

JimModelX - "told them to buy their own" - I like that! Thanks much for the offer to share your experience. I will have locked down my design but nevertheless it will still be interesting to learn more about it while I wait for mine over the next few months...

Squash.ball | 6 January, 2016

I'm in the same place as JimModelX. Ordered white seats (I liked the photos)

Tesla assured me that these are not the usual 'get dirty easily' white leather but I know I am rolling the dice.

Lets be clear...spending $144k on a car is not a rationale decision, so might as well go cool all the way with sexy white seats.

TheAustin | 6 January, 2016

Are the white seat just for Signature models, like they were for the Model S Sigs?

MrBuffer | 6 January, 2016

No, you can get white seats in the production models as well.

TheAustin | 6 January, 2016

Thanks...What are the other seat color options? Also, is there any other option to the backs of those seats being that high-gloss plastic (or whatever it is)?

shive | 6 January, 2016

Just thought I would chime in here:
I have an X with the Ultra White seats (and also a 5 and 7 yr old) wife thought I was crazy, but the material is simply fantastic. It is quite stain resistant and amazingly supple. In fact, I would go so far as to say as it is better than the true "leather" interiors I saw on delivery day (my personal preference, I know). The additional plus of the white seats is that it gives the car such a futuristic look and feel.

I would be happy to answer any questions if there are any...

socalsam | 6 January, 2016


my concern is that the leather wears and gets darker over time and changes color as was stated previously. With black, black is black. With white, you can have various shades of white that may change with the UV light from the sun.

Any concerns of that?

shive | 6 January, 2016

Honestly, only time will tell with that, so I would be purely speculating. That said, I am very pleased with my choice

socalsam | 6 January, 2016

Im very intrigued by the ultra white seats but also very scared.

right now I have a black on black car scheduled. However thinking of doing red with white interior. Totally different looks. Not sure if I want to be Darth Vader or BB8

Ankit Mishra | 6 January, 2016

Woah!! Black car with black seats? That's stealth mode. Add black wheels and it will be badass. You will be floating in mid air (joking). White seats are so beautiful in my opinion. I like them most. But, X looks cool in all colors and interior choices. Beautiful car!!

kittylitter | 7 January, 2016

I have had my sig X one week now. It is Sig red, ultra white seats with black headliner and figured ash trim. I love it! I went with the figured ash so that the inside was not just boring black and white. It looks fantastic! I have seen no one on the forums use those interior colors and can't, for the life of me, understand why.

BTW, I have zero worry about the white seats. Spilled hot coffee on the passenger seat yesterday and it wiped right up. No staining at all. (I did almost have a stroke, though.)

The big concern for the X interior is the gloss black seat backs and sides. They will probably scratch if you stare at them too long. I am planning on having CeramicPro coat them to be more scratch resistant but sure wish Tesla had gone with a matte finish instead of the gloss.

The gloss sure looks nice, though.

Red Sage ca us | 7 January, 2016

I would not be surprised if the gloss black seat backs were replaced with a nice anthracite texture, just as the silvery kick plates at trunk & frunk are replaced with a dark version for the Production run of Model X.

Ankit Mishra | 7 January, 2016

lol @socialsam. Yo @kittyletter, check the spelling! lol.

Mark Z | 7 January, 2016

I went with the tan leather. It does have a high degree of dye transfer, much more that the original generation one seats of Model S. At delivery my Model X driver seat looked used, yet the detailer said, "totally normal for this quality of leather". IMHO, for that to be visible at delivery, it doesn't take much sitting in the seats for it to occur, so I am sitting on a towel as I did with Model S.

The other issue with the Model X leather is the thinness. It is so comfortable, but with the comfort comes creases. Those creases are absolutely normal according to my detailer, who works with the finest of vehicles. Add the dye transfer, and the creases stand out.

So, Ultra White fans, please let the readers know. Does synthetic solve the creases and dye transfer? I realize it will take time to gather the data for an accurate answer.

socalsam | 7 January, 2016

Kitty- I confirm on the 12th. I'll have to check back in with you in the 11th to see if you still love white. Right now I'm black on black but my second option is red on white.

bobby | 7 January, 2016

I got MC red with ultra white and carbon fiber. Hoping the car comes soon so I can give a report about its wear rate. I have two small kids....

aewillys | 7 January, 2016

@kittylitter: mind sharing some pictures of your interior. I am still few month to configuration I guess (being in the UK) but clearly considering the ultra white seats

Talking about ultra white, the config I have in mind right now is exterior pearl white, interior ultra white and black 22" wheels.
Anyone bought this set up? would like to see some pictures.


bobby | 7 January, 2016

I think a few people have tried this, and I believe it's colloquially referred to "The Stormtrooper." It looks awesome!

And for the record, I think the X looks spectacular in every color and combination. Is there even one color combo that people this is hideous? There's no burnt orange like other American car companies have offered.... ;)

Blue X | 7 January, 2016

Thanks for feedback. I have Tan seats selected with Blue and have a few more days to change before lock.

Can you describe the support of the white seats vs. the leather (softer, etc.)?
What color combo did you go with (exterior and wood choice)?

btw: do headrests move up and down?

primetime98 | 7 January, 2016

I was interested in the white but ultimately went with black leather. I've heard though the white has stainproofing which should ultimately help. I admit I liked the white a lot and was intrigued but ultimately as a family we went with Signature Red and black leather. I haven't seen that Sig Red with White but I assume it must be out there. Good luck with your decision. Of course, I haven't received mine yet but will let you know as soon as I do.

Sig X Vin #502

TeslaTwo | 7 January, 2016

Shive, kitty litter, would you mind sharing photos of the interior? My wife is being brave and getting white seats even with two kids and a dog, but there are NO good photos out there! It would be MUCH appreciated! :-)

JimModelX | 7 January, 2016

I'll be sure to share pics as well this weekend. I'm picking up Saturday - Ultra White - Six seat config.

TeslaTwo | 7 January, 2016

Thanks Jim! mit817, who has an X, said that he is 5'8" and his six-year old can barely fit in the 2nd row behind him, as well as some other significant complaints. Is the 2nd row really that tight? He (she?) made it sound like a subcompact back seat, and hey, I don't have a car yet (and have no legroom stats or anything else from Tesla), so I have nothing to go on except the kindness you you current owners, who are being SO nice to share your experiences!

TeslaTwo | 7 January, 2016

*of you

Typing impaired.

proven | 7 January, 2016

We ordered the white seats and I do have a slight concern with two small kids and how long they will last. I would prefer grey but that's not an option on the X. Black is just too dark for me and the tan feels too much like 1980's.

proven | 7 January, 2016

@TeslaTwo: I sat in the X at the reveal in September and while the interior is not big, I didn't feel like it was that cramped either. I'm 5'10" and fit fine in the second row. I could sit in the middle seat as well, although my head only had about 1-2" of clearance--I saw a guy who was at least 6'2" try to sit in the middle seat of row 2 and he had to duck his head. The third row was a bit tighter but still not a problem for me.

Tall people need to stick with the front row or the two side seats in row 2.

If you are expecting the space of a minivan you will be disappointed--it's definitely "cozy" compared to our Odyssey.

TeslaTwo | 7 January, 2016

@proven. Thanks. His post was a little alarming.

qha | 7 January, 2016

All the postings so far are very helpful. I went ahead and locked down mine with the white seats afterall. It's too unique and good a pare with blue IMO so I didn't want to pass.

Looks like the white seats are actually quite popular (~20-25% of in design/ordered) according to

henry | 7 January, 2016

I too ordered the sig red, white seats , blk headliner & the ash blk. Think it's a gorgeous combo.

TeslaTwo | 7 January, 2016

My wife has a midnight grey 70D with white seats and glossy obeche with premium and sub zero. She refuses the 90D (forget the P90D) as too much acceleration for her. I have a P85D, so I am borderline appalled, but it's her call.
The car better work!

henry | 9 January, 2016

That's a nice combo too. Although I really wanted a color that had a little more depth in it with added sparkle. I think the whites r to hard to distinguish them apart in fact many of the colors r this way. If they r in the lot and have a little dust on them it's hard to distinguish between some of the colors without rubbing off the dirt. I've had a few suv's that had a bigger sparkle to the colors & they were gorgeous really gave the lines on the cars definition. These flat colors make a lot of the vehicles look very modern & angular but don't have a luxury appeal. My husband recently replaced his s series & we really had a hard time picking the color. Previously,he had the light gray metallic with the beige interior it was a gorgeous car. It also had two tone seats as they lined the tan with grey trim. People remarked how elegant it was & how lux the car looked. This time we have the bright blue with tan as we expect to give it to our teenage sons in a few years. It doesn't have the same feeling. We r hoping they will vamp up the colors in the next round of colors. I've heard rumors this is happening. As a former designer I would love to give some imput how to vamp up the cars color palette to look a little more designer looking. Can't wait to get my X! Henry's Wife.

skip8jones | 9 January, 2016

Henry's wife, agree. To us, most of the metallic colors look like small variations in cast and do not differentiate the Tesla palette from any of the other palettes, rather I should say, they seem to be all off the same palette. There are some great solid colors that have both class and snap.

JeffreyR | 9 January, 2016

What's wrong w/ these pics, too polished?

A closer look at the interior of the Tesla Model X


qha | 9 January, 2016

Henry, I completely agree with you. I would've chosen the green in a heart beat if Tesla still offered it - IMO a beautiful and elegant color. When I first saw an MS on the road with that color, I immediately thought it would go very well on MX. Too bad Tesla took it away.

elguapo | 10 January, 2016

@JeffreyR Well, the second one is the prototype, so it's not what they ended up choosing design wise...

TeslaTwo | 10 January, 2016

Tesla is the only car company EVER to sell a car without a photo gallery. Just sayin'.

carlk | 10 January, 2016

And the first one is CGI not a real photo.

ian | 10 January, 2016

And having seen two ultra white interiors, I can tell you they look exactly like that. ;-)

JimModelX | 11 January, 2016

The Ultra White Seats are amazing. I picked mine up on Saturday and I love the interior. The biggest pain in the butt so far is explaining to folks why I chose the white. Everyone that gets in says - This won't work with my Kids - or this won't stand up with my dogs. I then explain its actually a special material and they seem to get it. Other than that, I can tell you that they are soooooo soft and comfortable. You just have to feel them. They really are amazing. Now I can honestly say Elon was right - these seats are better than anything else out there.

Key fobs took a powder so I had to take it back to the dealer today. But they've got it sorted.

The car is amazing. Brakes squeaked a little. Again, they got it sorted no problem.

very happy with my X and the Ultra White Seats.

TeslaTwo | 11 January, 2016


Thanks for commenting! Could you please post some photos of the interior? I am finalizing my order today and still haven't seen any real photos of a White interior!

JimModelX | 11 January, 2016

Tesla Two - Yes. I'm in an all day meeting. But I'll make a little time and send some.

JimModelX | 11 January, 2016

Never posted photo's before - This is my X and this is just a test. its a link to a Flickr account.

TeslaTwo | 11 January, 2016

Works great, thanks! Any interior shots? We would all really appreciate it. Congratulations on a beautiful car. Nice color combo!

JimModelX | 11 January, 2016

I will take some pics and upload them. Still in a meeting! Blasted all day Monday meetings are for the birds!!

TeslaTwo | 11 January, 2016

You have no idea how much that is appreciated. I believe that my wife might explode for the fear of buying a $100,000 SUV that she has never seen good photos of. I could care less, but it is important to her!

JimModelX | 11 January, 2016

ok - sorry for the delay. anyway - try this link