UMC laying on car

UMC laying on car

My garage has a bad setup for the location of the charge port on MS and the simplest way to charge would be laying the UMC over the back trunk, does anyone do this now? Is there any cause for concern with the UMC getting to hot or anything?

diegoPasadena | 20 April, 2013

Mine doesn't get particularly warm, so I don't think that would be a problem, but I'm pretty sure over time you'd have scuff marks on the paint.
I have mine hanging from the ceiling so there's no potential danger of running over it. My plug is in the ceiling, too, but perhaps you could suspend yours from the plug and then over the car, so all you have to do is pull down the plug to insert it.

Brian H | 20 April, 2013

Or sling a hook from the ceiling, and drape the cord over it, a foot or few above the trunk.

Noah.S | 20 April, 2013

Here's a thread where a couple people posted pictures of some setups that may work for you.
I cringe at the thought of any sand being on your cord and moving across the paint.