We did this with the Roadster. What vanity plates are people ordering for the Model S? My Roadster is IL – FUELESS as a play on all the people that told me I was foolish for buying the car. Haven't picked one for the S yet. Share yours here.

teriyaki88 | 16 June, 2013

Finally got my CA plates approved. Picking up later this week.

Unplugged | 17 June, 2013

I got PASNGAS which has a double meaning for me as I am a GI doc.

Captain_Zap | 17 June, 2013


That's funny. That might work for an anesthesiologist too.

rtownhill | 17 June, 2013

My first time ever purchasing a vanity plate, but I jut couldn't resist. I'm in California and was lucky enough to secure - KLOWATT

tonysled | 17 June, 2013

I got 4GETGAS... was trying for PASTGAS but I guess that was a little too crude for the folks at the Nashville TN vehicle services division ;)

RedShift | 17 June, 2013

I have always wanted to ask you guys:

Tell me, what does WATTRK8 stand for?

dave.rauschkolb | 18 June, 2013

My Florida license plate is NO GA5

Aticus | 18 June, 2013

Maryland COUL JOUL .... I electron volt is Joules/Coulomb but that way it wouldn't be pronounced "Cool Jewel".

mrspaghetti | 18 June, 2013

Is "joule" pronounced differently than "jewel" where you are from?

Aticus | 18 June, 2013

There is a subtle difference.....but then we pronounce the "h" in "Wheat Thins" as well.

Brian H | 18 June, 2013


G. | 18 June, 2013

No vanity plates in Illinois for electric vehicles (unless you want expensive standard plates). But the better-looking electric-vehicle plates are consecutively numbered as issued -- and they all end in EL for Elon.

RandyL | 18 June, 2013

My TX license plate for my S: WATTFAN

I work in the energy business, drive an electric car, and I am a huge Texans fan (and season ticket holder), so this is a shout of for JJ Watt of the Texans. The license plate works for all 3 things (career, car, and favorite athlete).

Gluaisrothai | 18 June, 2013

California- I just reserved "P I2R" or power = current (squared) x resistance. Cheesy but the electrical engineers will get it.

I figure I can use a dry wipe marker to make the "=" sign


Gas_Passer | 18 June, 2013

Couldn't believe WA allowed it, but I got GASPASR. Triple meaning for me: I'm an anesthesiologist and I like beans. And my Tesla, of course.

Unplugged | 18 June, 2013

Sounds similar to my plate and I am in WA too. Glad the folks in Olympia are tolerant of our humor.

herkimer | 18 June, 2013

Just got the new plates: AMPS
(All I need is some AMPS, just gimme some AMPS, and I'm ready to go.)

hbh24 | 18 June, 2013

My NY plate is ELECSLDE. Just put it on a week ago.

Colasec | 6 August, 2013

Saw this one yesterday on a Roadster:

Anonymous | 7 August, 2013

Nice find Colasec!

castortiu | 30 August, 2013

Got this one few months ago.

edmund.t | 22 November, 2013


bruceauerbach | 22 November, 2013

I wanted F OPEC (think f**k OPEC).

I tried EF and EFF OPEC, but all denied by the BMV. I ended up with XOPEC- turns out few understand my meaning, thinking phonetically "zopec" which means nothing to others or to me.

Should have tried EX OPEC.

JustMe | 22 November, 2013

My CA plate: KIKXGAS

Amps2go | 23 November, 2013


I was considering AMPD2GO but my wife thought it sounded like I was a meth addict.

Edison_Who | 23 November, 2013

We went with 3 PHASE for a couple of reasons...

First - as a tip of the hat to Tesla's namesake Nikola Tesla who is acknowledged as one of the inventors of 3 Phase alternating current electric power

Second - as a tip of the hat to Tesla Motors' use of a 3 Phase AC motor (developed by Nikola Tesla) to power the Model S

It's a bit obscure and pedantic, but those who "get it," understand it right away.

Tesla8 | 3 February, 2014

CA: Tesla8
This will go on my Tesla Model E in 2017!

Gadfly | 5 February, 2014

Do you really think people are interested in what you have to say via your license plate?

Vanity plates are the last refuge of the truly pathetic.

Velo1 | 5 February, 2014

Don't care what people think, but this is what I have to say:

Velo1 | 5 February, 2014

Saw this one that made me chuckle:

(Not on a Model S)

Joe H. | 14 February, 2014

I'm thinking Wut Gas on Virginia Clean Fuel plates with the Earth in the middle. Any thoughts?

Joe H. | 14 February, 2014

Well that's embarrassing. The embedded base64 data URI didn't take for the image. Lets try again.

thecherubs | 14 February, 2014


LadyInsane | 14 February, 2014

I was able to acquire "K1CKGAS" in New York State ...

Plattinum | 15 February, 2014


TeslaGoon | 22 February, 2014

Look at what I got my hands on:

Registered from 2003 (founding year of Tesla) to 2008 (the year Tesla delivered its first Roadster and became a real automaker). No other set like it on the planet =O

Brian H | 24 February, 2014

Not currently registered?

LithionSD | 6 March, 2014
netgroover | 26 September, 2014

Just ordered mine in Cali; my Tesla is:


EVino | 16 October, 2014

Quick, get this

darrow.david | 16 October, 2014


joe.manuele | 19 December, 2014

Living in Silicon Valley, taking delivery of my p85d 12-29, I registered DOTFAST

50 Shades | 20 December, 2014

Mine, being grey with the grey turbines and 50% tinted windows has 50SHDS ....I let the freaky minds figure that one out!

matt | 31 January, 2015

Just ordered... FRAKOFF

shadowfax | 6 February, 2015

And now for something completely different:


The best hand in poker :-)

Shesmyne2 | 6 February, 2015

@joe.manuele. Great one!

All of you are very creative! It's gonna be tough to find something original for my 3!

Still Grinning ;-)

RocketReed | 6 February, 2015

I got lucky. I got SPACE X for my plate.

Dr. Pete | 6 February, 2015

Oregon. GAS-X. (Like the pills, the Tesla eliminates gas!)

Solarwind | 6 February, 2015

Tried for BKT LIST had to settle for BCT LIST

CEYA GAS | 6 February, 2015

Ordered CEYA GAS in CA...awaiting its arrival.