Voltage and motors

Voltage and motors

What is the voltage of the motors ? 650 V ?
Does Tesla use permanently magnetized syncronous motors ?

evanstumpges | 8 November, 2012

Tesla uses AC induction (squirrel cage) motors that don't contain permanent magnets. I don't know the battery pack or motor voltage. Would be interested in knowing both, but not sure if this is public information...

nickjhowe | 10 November, 2012

Information elsewhere in the forums suggests something around 365V

Carl Barlev | 14 November, 2012

I've got a friend in Germany who's company does "Live Work" training for electricians. They recently had a request to run a training course for technicians working electric vehicle battery packs. He said the course qualified the techs for working on live voltages up to 400 V DC.

Can't say where the battery packs were destined for, but I do also remember the EV in the electrical dept. at university having a 400 V battery pack (that was back in 2003).

So 365 V seems to be a possible figure by my limited experience.