Want To Know What An Electric-Car Only Race Sounds Like?

Want To Know What An Electric-Car Only Race Sounds Like?

"Despite the car only launching the weekend before, there were even 6, 2012 Tesla Model S taking part."

DallasTxModelS | 5 July, 2012

The post reminds me of the question "what is the sound of one hand clapping?"

My immediate guess to the question would be an oscillating fan.

John56 | 5 July, 2012

I saw what appears to be at least a couple of Model S's in the mix.
I'd love to see some video of them going round the track!

BYT | 5 July, 2012

@John, I would have as well, and unless the rules of the track stated it, and they allow me to join in on this race next year... I'm not going to sit behind the car in front of me! :D I have this "front of the line" compulsion when I drive which lends itself perfect for racing. I would even try to lap the Nissan Leaf's in the mix.

Mercedes | 5 July, 2012

It is my understanding that the Model S's did very well in that event:

Mercedes | 5 July, 2012
Timo | 5 July, 2012

Tesla Model S and Roadster ruled the production series in there but this is a bit surprising:

PRODUCTION 9 NADER ASSEMI Nissan Leaf 2:02.883 65.6

Apparently Leaf is faster than it looks. Or that race is made for relatively slow speeds with only few fast accelerations or braking.

Or "NADER ASSEMI" is Michael Schumacher in disguise.

pasvienne | 5 July, 2012

I would love to have more info/videos of Model S at the track

DallasTxModelS | 5 July, 2012


65.6 is no 125

Timo | 5 July, 2012

Best Model S had 72.0. That's average speed, not top speed. There are three Roadsters right after that Leaf in scoreboard, five total slower than it was. Model S OTOH gets four first positions, then one Roadster and then again Model S. That's all Model S in the list.

Looks like Model S is faster around the track than Roadster, even that Roadster is lighter, smaller and supposedly more agile car. Makes you wonder what kind of result Model S drivetrain married with small sportcar chassis would do. GenIII Roadster-like sportcar will be monster in track.

BYT | 5 July, 2012

I have to think the put limits on what they can do on that track because if I was there and was allowed too, 72 MPH wouldn't even be my slowest speed let alone my average! ;)

olanmills | 5 July, 2012

Sounds cool!

How did the Roadsters lose?

Brian H | 5 July, 2012

I watched (most of) the on-car camera videos of the race on the site. One shows the cam-car being passed by 3 Model Ss. I suspect their advantage over the Roadster on that particular course (which is quite winding) is the 60+ accel/torque curve. The S' curve is "deeper"!

Filipe Portugal | 6 July, 2012

Any one knows if there is any link for a video of a Model S car?

plssssss LINK

Brian H | 6 July, 2012

GIYF. There are dozens.
Here's one:

olanmills | 6 July, 2012

Filipe might have been asking if there is video from the cameras that were on the Model S's.

olanmills | 6 July, 2012

Sorry, to be more clear:

Filipe might have been asking if there is video from the cameras that were on the Model S's that were part of the race.

jbunn | 6 July, 2012

Interesting thing about the results. There was an S beta in the prototype class. That would imply a tesla company driver. Interesting.

Filipe Portugal | 7 July, 2012

Yes :) i see from a leaf Video that some model S have cameras

mklcolvin | 7 July, 2012

Wow, Tesla took 12 of the top 14 places! Too cool!

Sousaphil | 7 July, 2012

I'd love to see Joe Nuxoll try the course in a Performance S. He would probably smash his Roadster record.