webpage doesn't work well!

webpage doesn't work well!

everytme I try to post my precious opinion about any discussion, the webpage show errors! What's up in SV ?

BYT | 22 April, 2012

For me the site have been much, MUCH more responsive after the last round of updates. Of course being in California I have much fewer hops to their web servers however.

pilotSteve | 23 April, 2012

Why, after I log in to MyTesla account, is the car shown in "my garage" black color, when I have configured and saved my reservation as pearl white?

This site is not the worst (by far) but it sure isn't up to top quality yet.

BYT | 24 April, 2012

I haven't tried changing my car yet speccs, I think I maybe pretty set in those features at the moment... :)

prash.saka | 24 April, 2012

And to add to that, the site in Chrome is just a mess. The My Account page feels as if it was spit out of a grinder without a lid.

Maintaining this site should be pretty straight-forward. I mean, there is nothing other than lot of static content, a blog, and a forum on this site - no checkouts, no shopping carts, no real-time updates, no shipping, no inventory management, no partners, no chat, etc. etc. etc.

Is it really that hard?

~ Prash.

andrewmfallon | 24 April, 2012

Guys - he site works just fine on my new iPad!

Larry Chanin | 24 April, 2012

Can I borrow your iPad. ;-)


BYT | 24 April, 2012

Site works fine from the Model S Beta as well, a little slow but it works... ;)

Larry Chanin | 24 April, 2012

Show off! ;-)


BYT | 24 April, 2012

LOL, I just couldn't help myself! Hey, was I the first?? :D

Larry Chanin | 24 April, 2012

I can't say that I've read each and every posting, but its okay to gloat every now and then.


Mike_ModelS_P457 | 25 April, 2012

@BYT I also tried the site while in the Beta. My wife mocked me, but it was worth it.

I think the black car in the garage is a placeholder image until you configure your car. I would love to know what a roadster owner sees.

As for the site not being overly responsive, I agree but I also don't really care. I'm glad they are focused on the car and not on the site. Site development can consume a lot of time and energy, and right now they have their production pipeline filled for months and with all the press Elon is getting, I'm sure their site traffic is doing just fine. One of the pillars of lean development is prioritization and minimally viable products. The site is way more than minimally viable and shouldn't be a high priority item just now.

BYT | 25 April, 2012

@Mike, "As for the site not being overly responsive" was a reference to accessing the site from the car's infotainment screen itself. Felt a bit slower then it does on my iPhone or iPad for example.

I am not worried however as it's still all prototypes and I am not sure we are even looking at the cars with the eventual Nvidia chipsets that will go into them?

Designtime | 25 April, 2012

I would be glad that that they were focusing on the car and not the site if the same people were doing both. I have to imagine that is not the case.