What is the Floor Matt Story?

What is the Floor Matt Story?

I'm a new owner of a S85 and love it but wonder about the floor Matt Story. I know there has been some discussion. The ones that came with the car are substandard. When I accelerate hard they fold in half over the passengers feet and were tossed on day two of getting the car.

I called my Santana Row sales associate who inferred that Tesla was working on an upgrade and would be sending them out. (She was waiting for hers).

What do you all know about floor matts?

portia | 29 July, 2013

I never had any mat in my car which was picked up at the factory in Oct, but a ouple of weeks ago I went in MP service for tire rotation and they installed new mats front and back. They look fine, so maybe these are upgraded mats.

Captain_Zap | 29 July, 2013

It is my understanding that as cars come in for service and checks that newer improved mats and rear mats will be installed. I hear that a few other improvements will be made on earlier vehicles. I understand that there are more rigid footwell covers for the earler cars and potentially other odds and ends.

More of the continuous improvement process as they nail down suppliers.

aaronw2 | 30 July, 2013

I got the new mats. I think they're worse than the old mats. The first passenger side mat would always flop over. There was no way to keep it up without resorting to tape.

TeslaOR | 30 July, 2013

Tesla replaced my floor mats during a visit to the SC for a minor item. No flipping now.

Bighorn | 30 July, 2013

Got my car last Friday and my passenger mat is constantly flipping down. Of course, I've never had a car with this sort of acceleration before! | 30 July, 2013

My MS was delivered on 7/22 with floor mats that are pretty good, so it would seem new cars are showing up with the new mats. The mats are pretty good quality, but wish they had the logo. Maybe Tesla will offer an upgrade through the store at some point.


nickjhowe | 30 July, 2013

@aaronw2 - I'm in the same situation. The "new" front mats seem worse than my old mats.

pilotSteve | 30 July, 2013

I had original (terrible) mats. Then I bought Lloyd Mats (very nice but expensive). Two weeks ago I was in for my 7500 mile service and they installed the new mats (stored the Lloyds in the trunk).

Bottom line: I think the new Tesla mats are quite nice and comparable with the Lloyds. Nice thing about the Tesla mats is they have velcro to attach to the carpet and the Lloyds require you to screw anchors into the carpet. I just could not bring myself to do that!

So I'm going to keep using the Tesla mats and store the Lloyds for future use if/when the Tesla ones start to wear out.

JZ13 | 30 July, 2013

I am now on my third passenger side floor mat. I agree with others who say that the replacement mat is worse than the original mat. Last week I randomly stopped by the service center to complain about the mat and the service tech said they are still trying to produce a proper mat. He solved my problem by installing a new mat and tucking the top of the mat into a slit under the dashboard. This basically shortens the floor mat so that it doesn't meet the end of the footwell near the passenger seat but it has temporarily solved the problem until a proper mat is produced.

Colasec | 30 July, 2013

Can someone please describe the difference between the "old" mats and the "new" mats? I picked up my car last Tuesday, so I'd expect it to have the "new" mats, but the passenger side mat always flops over and the driver side mat slides around and bunches up by the pedals (unsafe...).

I'm on the waiting list for the all-weather interior mats, but I don't actually need them here in sunny SoCal. It seems like they (or Lloyd's) are the only good option right now.

stephen.kamichik | 30 July, 2013

My Lloyd mats stay put without using the screws to hold them in place. My Tesla mats are sitting on my pool table.

emoflash | 30 July, 2013

Buy the all weather mats. They fit great and are easy to remove and clean.

michael1800 | 30 July, 2013

Even the upgraded mats are rather poor. The first mats were extremely bad. The replacement mats are a step up, but still substandard. I recommend getting aftermarket mats. The Tesla Store mats are great if you want all-weather mats (don't get the Lloyds all-weather IMO--they're good, but the branded ones are better), but Lloyd's carpet mats are awesome.

I put the original poo mats back in before taking the car to the service center :)

nickjhowe | 30 July, 2013

The only real difference I've noticed is the new mats have a stippled plastic bottom, whereas the old mats have a smooth bottom and a strip of velcro along the rear. The both seem to be a similar thickness/quality.


markapeterman | 30 July, 2013

Anyone compared the "new" included carpet mats with the "premium" carpet mats that were available in Tesla store for a while?

fritzlan | 30 July, 2013

I took my flopping mat out.

It's actually quite nice to have a large expanse of black carpet down there.

cybrown | 31 July, 2013

I'm picking up my S85 tomorrow and I'm still confused about the mats. Should I be expecting the "old" or the "new"? How would I tell the difference?

Newampster | 31 July, 2013

My MS85 is 2weeks and 1800 miles old. Passenger mat folds over, drivers twists. Not a reflection of the quality expected. I have ranger service scheduled for next week and will add replacement mats to the small list of new car issues. I called AutoAnything and they are sending color samples of Lloyd mats, better for tan interior. The best mat wins. I plan to get Tesla (WeatherTech private label) trunk/frunk liners for easier cleaning.

fritzlan | 31 July, 2013

My wife might have solved the problem of the flopping mats.

She says that the Tesla is so fast that every Mat would probably flop if it was not bolted down.


Vicelike | 31 July, 2013

Got delivery of S+ on July 29th - 2 days ago.

Not sure what mat I got but it folds over like a noodle on the front passenger side. Will discuss this with service center.

napacab | 31 July, 2013

In the short term use some double sided carpet tape, it solves the problem easily.

Colasec | 31 July, 2013

Okay, my mats are the "new" mats. They have stippled bottoms. Thanks for the clarification. I'll update this thread if I hear anything about the availability of the Tesla all-weather interior set.

Bob W | 31 July, 2013

I didn't realize that the Tesla premium mats were no longer available in the store; an oversight? What happened? These are much better than the standard mats, on par with the Lloyds mats (I think), plus I like that they have the Tesla T logo. They did require you to punch a hole in the carpet for two screw-in anchors, on the driver's side.


Received Model S with no floor mats (Dec., 2012)
Received Free Model S "standard" floor mats by mail as "due bill" items (late Feb., 2013)
Ordered and received very nice Tesla Premium Mats, Interior Set, $250 plus FedEx shipping and CA tax, paid $345 total (Mar., 2013)
Received (unsolicited) another set of standard floor mats which seem to be heavier than the first set. This was during the 6 month tire rotation service (July, 2013). I really didn't need or want them. Asked instead for cargo/frunk mats but, "no substitutes."

Never noticed any folding on any mats, maybe I don't accelerate hard enough.

Hope that answers the OP's question. Not sure what to do with my two sets of unused standard mats. Maybe I'll use them for road trips to wet climates, leaving the premium mats at home.