What new features do you think might be in the next software version - 6.0?

What new features do you think might be in the next software version - 6.0?

What new features do you think will be included in version 6.0 of the software? My guess is that the new Route/Energy planning feature will be released that uses:

- Your current location
- Your requested destination
- The recommended route
- Elevation changes along the route
- Current Temps
- Current Wind speeds and directions

To predict the energy usage to arrive at the destination. It may also alert you if you need to reduce your speed to easily arrive at the destination.

What other features do you think might be included in the next release?

Let the fun begin!!

Mark Z | 17 December, 2013

SuperCharger status. The list view should feature red or green dots to indicate what bays are occupied or available.

chrisdl | 17 December, 2013

Dude. Not cool.

jeffsstuff | 17 December, 2013

@chrisdl +1

The ability for the my iPhone to interact with the car via USB.
The ability to select a bluetooth device (phone) as a default audio source.

The ever popular "parking camera lines"

MezzaLuna | 17 December, 2013

Add option to disable automatic windshield wipers, and instead provide two set intermittent speeds on the first two positions of the control. (I've been very disappointed in the rain sensing wipers during mist or light snow).

jay.kropp | 17 December, 2013

The ability to run you over after a topic post like that...

hillcountryfun | 17 December, 2013

Ah, come on...this is fun! We may get lucky with some of our guesses or we might suggest some new features they haven't thought of...maybe?

grega | 17 December, 2013

With the amount of questions about charging in buildings that use common power, I wonder if the software could use wifi & GPS etc to work out WHERE it is charging, and log the power drawn from specific sources. It could also set a kWh cost for a location and include approximate cost in the report

An owner could offer to have the car send strata management an automatic report of power used each month at that location. If you charged at your brother's house you could set another location, and be a smart a** and have the car email a "my car thanks you" email with the approximate cost so he realises how little it costs to run and charge (and you can buy your brother half a coffee later as thanks for the power).

hillcountryfun | 18 December, 2013

Revised thread title and bump.

Mathew98 | 18 December, 2013

@hillcountryfun - As long as you're having fun with the speculation, how about a fix for the vd for S60?

judimasters | 18 December, 2013

Why are many so hostile? If someone wants to post something just leave them alone. You don't like it? Just ignore it! SIMPLE!!!

praveer | 18 December, 2013

I'd love to see camera parking guidelines in the next update.

Chuck Lusin | 18 December, 2013

How about an option to leave the charge ring light on while the car is locked.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18 December, 2013

@newtowntesla, you can already turn off your wipers fully. I get that forgetting and leaving them on auto can result in an unfortunate swipe, but that's user error. This is the same in the Mercedes line from which our switchgear was sourced.

carolinagobo | 18 December, 2013

Break assistant for uphill stops

Mathew98 | 18 December, 2013

Who needs to take a break at hill stop?

hillcountryfun | 18 December, 2013

I'd also like to see these features added:

- Random play option on USB audio
- KW Power output and Regen power input optionally replaced with Instantaneous KWH Consumed on dash display
- Reverse distance indicators on rear camera for Tech/sensor enabled vehicles

Would be pretty cool -

wolfpet | 18 December, 2013

The ability to start battery heating from the app even if the battery is full.

The ability to use regent to heat the battery instead of disabling it in cold weather. Not sure if this requires hardware changes though.

tonka44718 | 18 December, 2013

Voice command to dial a phone number not from the contact list but an actual phone number by giving the digits.

chrigel | 18 December, 2013

The driver profile should include your preferred media settings. Unbelievable that this is not included. My wife takes the car in the morning and chooses her favorite Stalker station and I use my USB for my 5300 songs. It's a pain to change it. Why not store it in the driver's profile like the many other features?

Also it should have a home button for my preferred screen settings. I like the Nav at the top and the Cam at the bottom. After I surf the web I want to press the home button that brings me back to my settings.

Is this too much too ask for?

I love love the my P85.

hillcountryfun | 18 December, 2013

Lot's of great suggestions!! How about this one:

The car senses which key FOB is approaching and selects the appropriate driver profile. There could be a default if both FOBs are approaching...

Brian H | 18 December, 2013

How would the regents warm it? Sit on it? And where would you get them? ;p

Option to assign any particular setting to a profile would enable all that.

Mathew98 | 19 December, 2013

@Chrigel - Your wife listens to her "Stalker" station? Are you or your neighbors in any clear and present danger? You should request the MS to be equipped with roof mounted pepper spray dispenser.

Brian H | 19 December, 2013

Buffy will sort her.

hillcountryfun | 19 December, 2013

Another set of energy metrics I'd love to have is all of the key pieces of data:

- distance traveled
- Total KWh used
- Total KWh consumed
- WH/distance traveled
- Average temp
- Average speed
- etc.

But be able to select the time range:

- This trip
- Last trip
- Today
- Yesterday
- This week
- Last week
- This Month
- Last Month
- Last Quarter
- Last 6 months
- This Year
- Last year
- Total Life of the vehicle


Webcrawler | 19 December, 2013

I would love to see a setting in the air ride version so that it would go to max height when you put he car in Park....

Jimbaird | 19 December, 2013

I'd like the ability to turn on energy saving mode from the app. That way if you leave your car at the airport and forget to turn this feature on, then you still have the capability.

NoMoGas | 19 December, 2013

Love my Tesla, amazing that we can even discuss upgrades to the car well after the purchase and best of all FREE...

Lifting accelerator, before regen a small area for coast
Skins or themes for the displays
Ultra low power mode, dark screen until touched, etc
Vent windows from app (no sun roof on mine)
Custom "buttons" on display, unlock doors, pop charge port, etc

Fun to to think about it, but if Santa does not bring them, well, I'm still grinnin!

george210 | 19 December, 2013

Utilize power from the charging connection (the plug into the (house current) instead of the car's battery to heat or cool the car when the car is not/no longer/not yet charging, but is just pugged in

jan.vanveen | 20 December, 2013

- Guidelines in camara when reversing
- Navigation recalculating ETA based on traffic info. Suggesting alternative routes to minimize delay due to traffic jams
- Predicting energy consumption based on selected route
- Calculating route along superchargers and CHAdeMO chargers.
(automatically or manually by setting up a route along one or more stops before destination)
- Automatically release charge cable when doors are unlocked
- Open trunk when you wipe your foot underneeth the bumper/camara when the doors are unlocked
- Save car height at specific GPS locations

JonathanL | 20 December, 2013

Being in a cold winter climate, the biggest issue for me is timing the charge to finish when I am ready to leave in the morning to maximize the battery heating and pre-warming the cabin. I would prefer if instead of setting the time to start charging, if I could input my estimated time of departure, desired cabin temp, and desired range and the software would then determine when to start charging. It could be set for each day of the week. My $250 Nest thermostat can be programmed to heat my house based on time of day and day of week so I would think my slightly more expensive car could do the same eventually. Even when not charging, the cabin heat could be programmed to pre-warm the car in the evening for the return trip. Would also work in the summer months for charging and cooling.

Would also be nice if the SC's were online like ChargePoint's chargers are so I could see if any bays are available when looking for a charge. This may be more relevant for my location now as there will be 3 SC along a 45 mile stretch in CT, with chargers on both sides of the highway. Depending on which direction I am traveling, the one closest to my destination would be the best to use, but if that one was occupied and I knew I was a mile away from one that was not occupied, then that would still work and I could avoid a potential wait. Basically a bird in the hand if you will. This may become more relevant to other locations as the concentration of SC's increases.

Hi_Tech | 20 December, 2013

I'm still waiting for some that I had expected when I first bought the vehicle, as well as some that I've been hoping for:
1. Activation of the harddrive so that I can use it for songs, photos, anything else for the long trips
2. 4G activation (assuming that the hardware is already built-in)
3. Parking lines (as many have already suggested)
4. Navigation improvements (as many have already suggested)
4a. Trip Planning: point A to B, with the use of Super Chargers, etc.
5. Additional apps to be unlocked/built (a simple option would be to incorporate ChargePoint's app)

I'm sure there are many more that will come to mind, but I'd be happy with these as the next release. :)

hsadler | 20 December, 2013


Short term solution instead of the guessing game would be to set to charge to slightly below the range desired. Let it do it's thing overnight. Then, when you awaken use the phone App to set to a slightly higher limit and start charging.

As far as upgrades to the software, I'm still waiting for the Keurig control for the new unit to be introduced which goes in the glove box. The advantage being that we will finally stop calling it a glove box.

Brian H | 20 December, 2013

1. Not happening
2. ?? probably only partial

achilles992000 | 20 December, 2013

Optional "Ringtones" when you enter the car. Just like you baseball players get their favorite song when they are coming up to bat!
Also, avatars or pics for family members when doing personal settings.

jan.vanveen | 20 December, 2013

About the charging: A bit strange that the car stops charging when finished and allows the battery to lose electricity.
If the charger would dripcharge all the time and increase the charging electricity when electricity is used (for example for heating the cabin and battery), it would all be much simpler for the drivers.

My work around is to enable the climate controle and unlock-lock the car via the iphone app about 15 minutes before leaving, which will trigger the charger again.

edcalis | 21 December, 2013

Enabling individual tire-pressure monitoring system, would be very useful to keep them balanced all the time.

ronald | 21 December, 2013

increase the integration with google:
- ability to connect your google account to your drivers profile in tis way the location of your meeting is automatic into the car navigation (as it is in your android phone)
- ETA calaculation with current traffic information.

- ability to relate a key to a drivers profile so the chair is set in the right position when I enter the car after my wife has used the car.

I'm looking forward to other suggestions

ronald | 21 December, 2013

update to the latest version of google maps!.

loefvinc | 21 December, 2013

+1 for the activation of online music storage for those who have already paid for it. Also, some kind of bookmark capability when using USB or online storage when playing audiobooks.


EssDub | 29 December, 2013

send a destination to the car via phone/pc

have the screen go totally dark

turn off the energy/regen gauge

automatically select user via bluetooth phone connection

dkelly | 30 December, 2013

Perhaps some of these are already there but I haven't found:

- Ability to edit (and save) routes in navigation. Perhaps sign-in to my Google account allowing me to compose and edit routes before entering the car.

- Option to display elevation on the navigation.

- Actual air speed display, but that will require hardware.

- Larger clock display(s).

- Am sure someone is proud of not having an ignition switch, but I'd like a surer "off", or at the very least one that turns off the power steering. I rarely enter/exit without brushing the steering wheel and I'd rather not scrub the tires. Perhaps under power steering settings in addition to "sport" there could be an "off" which one can assign to a user profile named "exit"?

- Only two trip odometers? There is room on the screen for at least 10.

- Trip odometers have interesting extra information such as W/mi but how about time and average speed?

- Would like to connect quicker via the iPhone app. Perhaps a direct connect if both are on the same WiFi connection?

DallasTxModelS | 30 December, 2013


Creep ON is break assist for uphill stopping. With Creep OFF you will roll backward each time you let off the accelerator.

pjwddsltd | 30 December, 2013

Having just picked up my new model S 85 a week ago, while I'm still smiling I have one suggestion which may be incorporated into 6.0. Whenever your cars in the supercharging station possibly a text message or email to be sent to your smart phone advising you that your car is fully charged. In the cold Midwest weather it's not a lot of fun to have to check it's charging status.not all super Chargers are close to warm weather restaurants ,stores etc.

Brian H | 30 December, 2013

Creep is break brake assist only on gentle slopes. Not effective in the Coastal or Rocky mountain cities.

doesn't checking the app tell you charge status/range? "Home"

ColonyGolfer | 31 December, 2013

Along with pjw's suggestions while at a SC, I would like to add a gentle (or loud)horn beep to wake me up when my selected charge level is reached, the charge has finished because I sometimes nod off in the car. This would be especially helpful on long trips so you can get in a nap while off road.

Brian H | 31 December, 2013

How about briefly electrifying the seat?

Koz | 31 December, 2013

Email client app with calendar synch. Won't be ready for next release I'm sure but there's always hope.

Koz | 31 December, 2013

...or just calendar with synch

odellj | 2 January, 2014

I've used other GPS's that show the speed limit and give warnings if it is being exceeded. Would also be nice to incorporate locations of speeding cameras (perhaps from user input).

Wish WAZE was included.

Sounds like I have a speeding problem...

hillcountryfun | 8 January, 2014

Any new ideas or whispers of version 6 about to be released???