What service agreement did you go with?

What service agreement did you go with?

Interested in what most people chose for their service agreements?

Do you plan on getting the Extended Service Agreement when the time comes?

eddiemoy | 1 November, 2013

got the 4 year extended and 8 year prepay maintenance.

ausdma | 1 November, 2013

At this point I am only intending to pay for the initial 4 yr service agreement.

My thought is that I will buy the extended warranty at the end of the initial 4 yr term. Although I am intending to keep the car beyond the initial 4 yrs, anything could happen, and it's balancing a known cost that you may or may not get to take advantage of vs an unknown cost in the future.

If there is a service agreement available at that time I would also buy that but if not I will just pay as I go for the second 4 yrs. In any case I do intend to get the yearly check ups.

inverts | 1 November, 2013

Got 4+4+Ranger. All you can eat peace of mind. Extended warranty: will decide later. Plan on keeping car for >8 years >200 kmi.

negarholger | 1 November, 2013

I got 4+4+extended+ranger... I live within 50 miles of 3 service centers and soon it will be 4. I never expect to actually use the ranger service but who knows I maybe stranded in some odd place.

ausdma | 1 November, 2013

No ranger for me. I live 15 minutes from a service center so I would have to use the ranger service more than 5 times for it to make sense. Probably not going to happen.

AmpedRealtor | 2 November, 2013

I bought the 4 year extended warranty as well as the 4 year service plan. I purchased the warranty when it was $2,500. I believe it is $4,000 now. In fact, my warranty papers say that I paid $4,000 when I was only charged $2,500. My lower price was honored within a specific time window.

PBEndo | 2 November, 2013

I am not able to buy any of the service/warranty/ranger options since I live in Florida. This makes me wonder about how Tesla will handle people that move between states.
Would services be available if I moved out of state?
Will the service be available for owners that move to Florida after signing up in a state where they were available?

P85D | 2 November, 2013

I think I am going to get the 4 year pre-paid only.

Paul1839 | 2 November, 2013

I would say the best option is buy the 4 year service at $1,900 now. Then use the $5,900 (extra 4 year service + 4 year wananty) to buy 36 shares of TSLA (current price $163). In four years Model X and Gen III are out TSLA will be above $300++ a share then buy the extended warranty or use the extra cash to "trade up" your old Tesla.

dramingly | 2 November, 2013

4 year annual service for me.

AmpedRealtor | 2 November, 2013

If you are deciding between the "EXTENDED SERVICE AGREEMENT" (warranty extension) and the "4-YEAR PLAN" (pre-paid service) and can only purchase one, my recommendation would be to get the warranty extension. When you take your car in for warranty work, they do a courtesy inspection and apply needed service bulletins.

I believe, given that this is an unproven car with some finicky parts, that a warranty extension will give you better protection than a pre-paid service plan - which you can still pay at the door for $600 per visit.

ausdma | 2 November, 2013

The warranty extension can still purchased at the end of the primary warranty although the price may be more or less.

AmpedRealtor | 2 November, 2013

I think we can all agree that it won't be less :)

KendallPB | 5 November, 2013

I got the ESA (essentially, an extended warranty) and the 4+4 prepaid service plan (8 years/50,000 miles/"8" visits). I'm not sure the latter was wise, but we'll see. ;-) The ESA--no regrets there; I got it pre-price increase.