What size are the Model S tires?

What size are the Model S tires?

I am interested in finding out what size tire or what tire options will be available on the Model S. I would hope that the Model S would be a car that would handle very well. I would hope that there would be room to place larger tires than normal, like some of the big Mercedes cars.

Dan5 | 14 October, 2010

I believe the prototype had 21 inch rims. There has been rumors in the postings that the production car is going to have between 21 inch tires and 19 inch tires. From what I've heard, in 6 to 9 months, the production "test drive" car is going to be out, so we should know then | 22 October, 2010

Can't see them being above 20 inch. 19inch more common for lower price tyres.

jliv | 26 October, 2010

gzero has a good point. The price of anything over 19" (at least today) is too high. You also have fewer choices of tire type at 20". Tesla might want to consider offering a 20" option, for those with deeper pockets.

ambonvik | 26 October, 2010

In fact, large-diameter tires don't handle very well. Too much unsprung weight and too much weight away from the axis of rotation. Autocrossers use much smaller rims for decent handling on the track than the huge ones you see on show cars. Some people even bring an extra set of smaller wheels to the track for better handling, while using larger wheels for fashionable style on the street. Also, large rims usually come with wide, low profile tires that easily can cause a harsh and uncomfortable ride.

The huge rims you see on show cars are a fashion statement only, and detrimental to good handling and ride comfort.

Timo | 26 October, 2010

There is optimal size for tires. Too small is just as bad as too big. I don't know what is the optimal size for Type S, but I think it is between 17' and 19'. No need for bigger wheels.