What top speed have you driven?

What top speed have you driven?

How fast has anyone had their MS up to? I got it up to 127 yesterday! Awsome

nickjhowe | 11 March, 2013

I always drive within the proscribed speed limit.

c.bussert67 | 11 March, 2013

Wow, You win! I've had mine up to 114, trying to get a quarter mile time on it using my GPS, but it didn't work very well. Numbers were all screwy. Wind noise gets pretty noticeable at that speed...
You notice that it doesn't really hit a brick wall when you let up at that speed? The car is so slick, it just glides. Had my mustang up to 130 and it threw me forward when I lifted. So much wind resistance!

c.bussert67 | 11 March, 2013

LOL nickj... I like the way your foul mind works! ;-)

nickjhowe | 11 March, 2013


mwojcie | 11 March, 2013

I did notice the wind noise from the sun roof was more than expected, but it was still so smooth and in control. Definately the coolest and most fun to drive car I've ever been in!

FLsportscarenth... | 12 March, 2013

Is it electronically limited?

Brian H | 12 March, 2013

Do you mean you never drive under the limit? How does that work?

nickjhowe | 12 March, 2013

By harnessing the power of tau neutrinos.

DouglasR | 12 March, 2013

For those of you who didn't see the classic Brianism: driving within the PROscribed limits means you are always an outlaw.

Pardon me if you already got that.

PaceyWhitter | 12 March, 2013


Or really driving within the prohibited speed limits?

Perhaps Nick is just saying he believes that the speed limits are illegal, but he drives within them anyway.

mcx-sea | 12 March, 2013

Any motor noise at high speeds?

Brian H | 12 March, 2013

I think you need tachyons.

mikegre | 14 March, 2013

Yep...wind noise from sun roof is very noticeable whenever I go over 85.

mw | 14 March, 2013

98 and I wasn't trying to speed, just getting on the highway, it didn't feel that fast. Good thing the cop wasn't sitting in the usual spot that day.... Most days I hit 95 on my commute without realizing it. Good thing I didn't get the perf. I would love to lap it on a track or try it out on a drag strip.

exPGAhacker | 14 March, 2013

I was going around 105 on a 4 lane straightaway with no one else around (or so I thought). As the road made a sweeping right turn, I saw the only other car on the road parked over on the right shoulder and it had some funny colored lights on top. So I immediately took my foot off the accelerator as I panicked and forgot that the brake lights come on the MS immediately if one does that. So now it looks like I'm guilty as h*ll with the brake lights being hit and the tail reared up so I just make my way over to the side of the road and crawl to a stop. The officer pulls behind me, gets out of his patrol car and stands behind my MS. I'm stuck to the seat as I am well aware of how much this ticket will cost me. I cannot move, fearing I will be arrested, jailed and my baby will be impounded. After what seems like an eternity, the officer strolls up to my already rolled down driver's window and asks, "Where's the exhaust pipe?" About 7 or 8 smart a** remarks came to mind but I politely asked if I could get out of the car and show it to him.

Ten minutes later he was satisfied with my explanation that I'd only had the car for a few weeks (true) and it really was the first time I had tested the speed (false). He let me go with a warning, telling me with a smile that next time he'd write me up. I resisted saying, "As if you could catch me, sucker!" and instead thanked him for the opportunity to show him my car.

I won't do it again (I promise). :)

derek | 14 March, 2013

exPGAhacker: When you're going 105, the "tell" is not going to be your brake lights lighting up.

At that point, it's simply a race: do you get to a legal speed faster than he gets his radar/lidar aimed at you.

Btermanini | 14 March, 2013

I got it to 115 with the Pirelli snow tires, and took a picture of the screen. Suboptimal conditions, cold night. Still had lots of reserve. Wind/tire noise minimal compared to other cars I took to the race track (Nissan GTR, Porsche 911, BMW 135 Dinan). Can't wait to take it to the race track, let's hope it's not electronically limited.

c.bussert67 | 14 March, 2013

Nice story! Yeah, I've had the realization as well when I try to slow... the damn g meter is gonna give me away! The only sneaky thing about the S is a stoplight shootout. Nobody even knows just just hammered the throttle. Normally any cop within a mile radius hears me ripping on the throttle and a few miles later I have mysterious headlights behind me...
My wife keeps saying, "you better not get a ticket in that car!"
Been lucky so far:-)

CarlE_P439 | 15 March, 2013

Be safe people. There's no reason to be so reckless: 1.) you may hurt yourself or die and 2.) potential bad press for Tesla. This is a powerful car; drive responsibly!

Brian H | 16 March, 2013

It's like being in a Dodg'em park, with a car that goes faster, turns quicker, and just generally responds sooner than all the others. Toying with them is hard to resist.

GeekEV | 16 March, 2013

pro·scribe [proh-skrahyb]
verb (used with object), pro·scribed, pro·scrib·ing.
1. to denounce or condemn (a thing) as dangerous or harmful; prohibit.
2. to put outside the protection of the law; outlaw.
3. to banish or exile.

mwojcie | 16 March, 2013

It's not being reckless, it's just driving a vehicle built for speed with common sense. You don't drive in traffic at these speeds, you drive on open road with miles of straight highway in front of you. It's a call to test limits, to see where you can go and what you can achieve with your partner, your car. It's an extension of you. It takes you where you want to go, where you need to go - wherever that is, however fast you get there. The Tesla MS is the closest thing to setting you free you can get in a vehicle - it is so smooth and quick and responsive, it reacts to you, it bonds with you. 133mph tonight at 2:30am with no cars in sight - it was cool! It was Tesla!

jeroens | 16 March, 2013

Next time you drive 133, please continue to do so for a mile or (more) so and let us know the amount of power that uses. Would love to get some real number on energy consumption.

c.bussert67 | 16 March, 2013

Holy Tesla T's, batman! You want data too? People I talk to have this sort of bummed reaction when I tell them the S tops out at 135. Personally, around 130 is where the nagging doubts start to talk in my head. At that speed, you are looking sooo far ahead. Your concentration is at the limit. The gentle bends in the freeway that you dont even know were there, are serious suspension loaders at that speed. When you slow down 70, feels like you are crawling!
I always wish I could take some data like that, but its hard to do without resetting the meters at that speed. I'll stick to just keeping the car straight...
I envy you, mwojcie:-) I've only pushed my S to 114, but I did set cruise control at 100 and it worked!

George with SacEV | 27 May, 2013

I understand that once a year or so the Nevada Highway Patrol sets up a high speed open road opportunity somewhere there.

Anybody look into taking their Model S there for such a run?

Anybody further look into hacking the top speed limiter off?

Mark K | 27 May, 2013

I've done 145mph in the Nevada desert in my other car. It was eerie.

But I'm totally done with that. Not wanting to push this in my MS's.

It may seem fun, but just remember that at that speed, if you lose control, death is inevitable.

All it takes is one armadillo crossing without consulting you.

And it would really suck to besmirch the amazing guys who brought us this new joy.

Robert22 | 27 May, 2013

Fortunately, Tesla now provides ground-scanning radar with its 007 Peacekeeper upgrade, and has been an outspoken proponent of armadillo safety resulting in substantially reduced armadillo highway mortality. Sizable contributions have also been made to the Roadkill Relief Fund.

Tesla and armadillos, partners for a safer Nevada.

Velo1 | 27 May, 2013

I'll take the 5th, but 127 tops me.

George with SacEV | 27 May, 2013

The Nevada Highway Patrol selects an "armadillo free" 7 mile road section for this sanctioned play period.

stimeygee | 28 May, 2013

Driving 130 on a public road in the us is not safe. Take it to a track. IMHO.

I tried to top out a corvette I was in once on a road I thought was empty. Turned out it wasn't. Easily could have killed someone.

lolachampcar | 28 May, 2013

I prefer the Texas approach to armadillos.... Toss'm on their backs and put a bud in their hands.

lolachampcar | 28 May, 2013

also, once hit a ground hog at 191 on the downhill to turn 5 at Road America. I did not feel a thing!

Brian H | 28 May, 2013

Yeah, gotta be careful or Nature will evolve uncrushable armadillos. >9|

RZitrin1 | 28 May, 2013

The problem with too fast on a public road is that others don't hear it. Still, the temptation is huge.

akikiki | 28 May, 2013

@Velo1, was that going to the store for the milk or bread?

RobertMontreal | 28 May, 2013

I took my S to the track last week. I wasn't driving it because of track rules, but a friend of mine was. We got up to 200 km/h but could only keep it there for short bits due to turns in the track. Also, after about 2.5 laps on the track, the power limiter kicked in and so acceleration was anemic after that point.

It handled beautifully on the track. It's a P85 non-plus.

Eletrek | 28 May, 2013

I did 124 in my regular MS 85kw but have any of you noticed a faint line on the odometer marking that speed? It has now been there for several weeks and remained even after a couple of software updates and the first service done on the car a couple of weeks ago.

Brian H | 28 May, 2013

Proof you broke the law?


carlgo | 28 May, 2013

All this is being transmitted back to Tesla HQ, just in case you complain about battery life or something.

jadabugroasters | 29 June, 2014

topped out at 134 in my Signature once, but no more - that curiosity is satisfied and the cat is intact.

tes-s | 29 June, 2014

I'm keeping mine to 55mph during the break-in period. Then I'll let 'er rip up to 60. | 29 June, 2014

110 on a 1/4 mile drag track--- Bandimere

arldent3300 | 29 June, 2014

@ tes-s

you still have to go through a "break-in" period? I thought only ICE needs that. Or am I missing something here? You are joking right???

SCCRENDO | 29 June, 2014

98 mph on a freeway on ramp.

tes-s | 29 June, 2014

@arldent - yes, just joking. You must not be an owner yet - I don't think a 90-year-old grandma could keep the car under 55...

Whity Whiteman | 29 June, 2014

134 Mph - Germany

Whity Whiteman | 29 June, 2014

216 Km/h ...

Rocky_H | 30 June, 2014

When I first got it, I did 111 mph briefly, and I was amazed at how quiet and smooth it was. My wife said I was trying to keep it binary. I think getting that fourth digit would be difficult, though.

david.baird | 30 June, 2014

187 kmph in Holland, so I backed-off for fear of being nicked!

The car felt very happy at that speed and to be fair, I wasn't going that much faster than everyone else around me...

plusplusjames | 30 June, 2014

102 is a nice number.