What would they have to do to the Model X for you to not follow through with purchase?????

What would they have to do to the Model X for you to not follow through with purchase?????

For me, base price above $115,000 and range less than 240 miles.

aljjr2 | 6 February, 2015

I would expect the pricing to be similar to the Model S P/S85D. Maybe a slight premium assuming seat upgrades would already be included in the Model X and anticipate it will be upgraded the LTE. So I have been using the Model S as a basis.

To answer the question, it would have to be appealing design. I would leave some latitude on what is "appealing" -- recognizable as a TESLA, and not a Mini-Van or "Butt ugly". I would not pay $100K+ for a "dust buster".

Something like the BMW X5/X6. | 6 February, 2015

Cancel it.

ian | 6 February, 2015

It would have to be REALLY ugly and have a range that is much less than the S.

grant10k | 6 February, 2015

I was sold on the prototype so they would have to renege to get me to cancel.

If that's a valid hypothetical, then it would be easy to come up with a reason for me to not want a $80,000+ car.

Only 50mi range
No computer
Proprietary charger with DRM-like lockout
Can't charge over microUSB

If the rules of the hypothetical are that anything they've promised is set in stone then I don't think there is anything, out side of something obscure like "Rusty needles hidden in the seat cushions"

Brian Vicars | 6 February, 2015

Delayed until late 2016 | 6 February, 2015

Change OS to Microsoft

mdemetri | 6 February, 2015

Range and price need to be similar to a equally equipped Model S. A little higher price (<10%) and lower range (by ~5%) than the D models would be ok, but much beyond that I would likely get a second Model S to add to my 2 year old P85.

proven | 6 February, 2015

If the range is significantly lower than the Model S it would give me pause. We have a Model S already, and the X will be replacing our minivan. If the range is low it will cause us issues on a couple of our regular trips.

timf2001 | 7 February, 2015

The biggest things that would make me reconsider the Model X would be:

1. I can't take delivery within 12 months.
2. The price is at least $10,000 more than a comparably equipped/ranged Model S.

I'd probably fall back to a Model S 85D, but only if it doesn't feel inferior next to a Model X. | 8 February, 2015

I think that, if one buys a Model S85D and pulls up next to a Big Model X with Falcon Wings flapping, one will definitely feel inferior, maybe even threatened.

If they build the MX with a hybrid power plant, I'm out.

vandacca | 8 February, 2015

If the Model-X doesn't come with a trailer hitch, I'm out. I know that the hitch is pretty much guaranteed.

If the Model-X has a significantly reduced range when compared to the S85D, I'm switching to S85D.

If the Model-X takes its design queues from the Pontiac Aztek, I'm out. Just kidding, I'd still get it.

ian | 8 February, 2015

Somehow I don't think Franz would let it look ANYTHING like an Aztec. Or a Vanagon.

I'm not worried if it doesn't have a hitch from Tesla. I'm sure Torkliftcentral (the creators of the Model S hitch) will be able to come up with something sturdy enough for me to carry bicycles and tow a small trailer. I don't need it to tow anything large or heavy.

Brian H | 8 February, 2015

Tesla has said the X will have exceptional towing torque. | 8 February, 2015

My main concerns would be price and range as compared to a similar MS 85D. If it has appreciably less range and costs $10k more that will be enough to push us over to something else. The MS 85D would be one of those options. It would also help to have it by the end of 2015 to get the credit in my pocket a couple months later. For my reservation number this seems less and less likely as time goes by, unfortunately.

EternalChampion | 8 February, 2015

If it looks like a Pontiac Aztek...which the prototype kind of does.

It has to be beautiful.

ian | 8 February, 2015

@Brian H. The S has exceptional towing torque. It's kind of the nature of the AC motor isn't it? What the S is lacking is the substructure to handle the weight of whatever it is you're towing. ;-)

Brian H | 8 February, 2015

You can take the credit by adjusting withholding as soon as you take delivery.

TeslaFanz | 10 February, 2015

Since we have the P85D arriving this week...the only thing that would get us to cancel the Model X is if they got rid of the falcon doors...I'm in love with that feature.

grant10k | 10 February, 2015

If your P85D was not arriving this week, you'd be okay with it if they got rid of the falcon doors?

Brian H | 11 February, 2015

No, that would cause him to cancel. Too many conditional phrases for you?

grant10k | 11 February, 2015

Yes. As a brain surgeon, I found that some of his conditional phrases to be irrelevant.

vandacca | 11 February, 2015

@Brian_H, I'm surprised that you missed the subtle reference to an irrelevant conditional phrase. I hate it when that happens. ;)

GLO | 12 February, 2015

It would have to be significant since we waited 2 years for our Model S and have loved these last 2+ years with that. I suppose they would have to absolutely cancel on me first.

eddiemoy | 12 February, 2015

Need to look better than concept, less than 10% penalty on range vs MS, also performance version needs to be the fastest SUV!

Kolmer | 13 February, 2015

Spoke with a guy at Teslas European HQ in the Netherlands and told him that I need the car 2015 otherwise I run into problems with my actual car lease: earliest date can be December but more likely it will be 2016.
Cancelled my MXS reservation(#417). Maybe the next car in 2-3 year will be the MX- or any of the other EVs that might then be on the road (Audi anounced one for 2018 and hopefully they keep their timelines and promises better than Tesla).
BTW: just got an email that the refundof my 30K reservation fee takes 4 weeks +...strange, very strange.

Khagge1 | 13 February, 2015

Kolmer, I am wavering myself. Not due to delay. Rather, concerns that Tesla may not be able to weather the onslaught of attacks by vested interests (big oil, big car makers, etc). Worried, and when I'm worried, not sure I am comfortable with 100 K+ on a car. I know Mercedes isn't going away in three years. Not so sure anymore about Tesla.

Kolmer | 13 February, 2015

I fully understand and agree
I cross my fingers that Tesla makes it but - based on what I saw since I made my reservation - I honestly believe that, beside all promises from the CEO Elon Musk, the chance that they survive is 50% -at best.

Just minutes ago I received my reservation fee back. It took only 10 days and not a month as originally anounced - probably the first time that Tesla delivered earlier than promised ;-)

vandacca | 13 February, 2015

Tesla just about went bankrupt a number of years ago, and it's good fortune that they survived. Today they are a much stronger company and the chance of them going away decreases each year, as long as they don't have a string of huge missteps, which I don't see happening anytime soon.

These delays, while frustrating, are understandable. Tesla is currently investing and building an infrastructure (service stations, shops, super-charging stations, giga-factory, etc.) that once complete, will solidify their financials and make them a rock solid company.

Your fears of Tesla's future would be understandable 4 years ago. Today, those fears are unfounded.

GLO | 13 February, 2015

I'm not sure how many of you have Model S but these types of fears were even more prevalent for those of us who had seen nothing but a Roadster and few of them. I'm not worried in the slightest!!! | 13 February, 2015

The chances for survival are much better than when Elon stood in a warehouse full of defective roadsters wondering what to do.

andrew.d.davis | 13 February, 2015

Before I reserved my X I test drove the S. It was a wonderful car but the seat belt road high on my neck. Since I drive a Jeep now, waiting for the higher X made sense. Yesterday we tested the SD. New seats and the seat belt issue disappeared. After I drive an X, I will decide between the X and the SD assuming I can haul a light trailer behind both.

Remnant | 23 February, 2015

It seems the MX test mule has the side mirrors taped to the doors, which would suggest that the side rearview cameras are already in place and the mirrors will be easy to remove when it will be legal to do so.

In this case, for awhile, MX would have dual side rearview devices (mirrors & cameras), giving the driver plenty of opportunity to get used to looking at the dashboard for side rearviews, rather than out the sidewindows. Should that not be the case, I might put off getting the MX until the side cameras are the legal standard.

The other thing that might make me put off the MX purchase is the Dual-Motor AWD implementation, because IMO at this stage of technology, Tesla needs to jettison the differential gear and adopt the Quad-Motor/Torque-Vectoring (QM/TV) implementation. The Control Module would include the inverter and the TV computer.

The lighter power train and improved torque management would very likely extend the range by at least 50 miles. Hence, I might decide to wait for the QM/TV version of the MX, unless Tesla offers it from the outset as an upgrade option, as soon as available.

vandacca | 23 February, 2015

@Remnant, Tesla has never implied that they were building a quad-motor solution and they have said that the AWD Model-X will be based on the P85D platform. Therefore, I don't expect a quad-motor re-design anytime soon (if ever). Maybe after the Model-3 comes out they may tinker with the idea, but I don't see it happening anytime before 2020.

jjs | 23 February, 2015

+4-3 vandacca

Remnant | 24 February, 2015

@ vandacca (February 23, 2015)

<< I don't expect a quad-motor re-design anytime soon (if ever). >>

We know Elon has stated that MX contains several innovative features, but he's tight lipped as to what they are, except to say that the gull wing door issues have been resolved.

We also know that, at this time, the MX does not have enough battery capacity for what it's supposed to do, towing in particular, unless the battery capacity increases to 100-110 kWh, which I hear is unlikely.

MX is bound to have a less than very competitive future, unless Tesla does something to increase range and/or efficiency, such as reduce drag, weight, and friction and/or dramatically increase the efficiency of the power train.

We can only speculate what the innovations might be in any of these areas and whether they can enter production by the end of the year. My bias is only that those innovations must have a dramatic impact on the market penetration of the MX, in order to preserve Tesla's success to date

dgjc06 | 24 February, 2015

If the Model-X doesn't come with a trailer wouls be a great desappointement. All the competition have towing capacities. The Model X is my next vehicule if equivalent to model S price.

vperl | 24 February, 2015

Dgj or what ever

Hitch yes, confirmed by Elon. If you actually read about the car you would know. Tells me you can not either read English or you comprehension is in the low range.

Happy daze

sbeggs | 25 February, 2015


It looks as though @dgjc06's first language is French.

If you tried to express your thoughts on a French forum, could you do as well?

vperl | 25 February, 2015

Not my fault he is a frenchy, did not see white flag, probably loaned the flag to an Italian.

PXChanel | 25 February, 2015

If Model X has sliding doors, my girls and I are out.