What's on your thumbwheel?

What's on your thumbwheel?

So, I have the pano control on my right thumbwheel--was wondering what other folks have done for thumbwheel customization?


Beavertail S | 15 September, 2013

I have music on the left and sunroof on the right, at least until winter.

earlyretirement | 15 September, 2013

I mostly use it for the sunroof but once in a while I'll customize it on hot days to fan speed. The fan speed on the AC is a bit annoying sometimes and this seems to be the easiest way to adjust it. | 15 September, 2013

I find fan speed to be the most useful for me.

RZitrin1 | 15 September, 2013

Not sure I understand the question correctly, but I keep everything there: sunroof, media switch, fan, etc. I use them all.

wcalvin | 15 September, 2013

I leave it on display brightness, given how distracting a bright 17" screen is when entering an underground parking garage.

JPPTM | 15 September, 2013

Music/audio left, HVAC fan speed right.

cfOH | 15 September, 2013

I wish I could assign the right thumbwheel to change suspension height.

nickjhowe | 15 September, 2013

Display brightness

ssarker | 15 September, 2013

Pano control and energy display on the right hand side; Trip meter on the left

SCCRENDO | 15 September, 2013

Set. It up for everything. Use it mostly for media and sunroof

SCCRENDO | 15 September, 2013

Left thumbwheel audio

mikefa | 16 September, 2013

Music on the left, Swap Fan Speed and Screen Brightness on the right thumb wheel.

TheAustin | 16 September, 2013

I left it unassigned (on the right), as I use it pretty much equally for all of the options available there, which I LOVE...My only complaint is that my thumb wheel "skips" an item just about every time I roll it...Has anyone else found this to be true?

bbmertz | 16 September, 2013

Similar to a few other owners, I have music volume on the left and fan speed on the right thumb wheel.

Sanjuro88 | 16 September, 2013

Music <---> Fan speed

Sometimes I turn off the side display, as I find it distracting at times.

NKYTA | 16 September, 2013

Trips <---> Media, most often.
I use Slacker a lot but occasionally finding myself flicking thru to find a good song - helps having it on the right, quick glance down from the road, plus the road is still in your peripheral vision.

I still haven't practiced enough with the Fan toggle, often I find my self going auto when I just wanted 2 or 3 up.

jbunn | 16 September, 2013

Audio volume on the left, fan on the right.

Haeze | 16 September, 2013

The thumbwheel can be customized to perform one of the menu functions when you simply press it (rather than bringing up the menu). To customize it, you simply hold it down for a few seconds, then in the new menu, you choose the default button action. From then on, when you just click the wheel once, it will default to that function. You can still use the classic menu if you just hold the button in and scroll up and down the menu.

Personally, I have mine set to do Pano functions, because when I get a call, a single click of the wheel closes the roof, so I can answer the call ASAP. Otherwise I would have to fiddle around with multiple clicks/wheel rolls to close it before I could answer the phone.

mlnewman | 16 September, 2013

Audio volume on the left. "All" on the right, though usually used for fan speed adjustments.

nickjhowe | 16 September, 2013

Unless I'm missing something, the left thumb wheel cannot be customized. The left instrument cluster can be, but not the thumb wheel. Both the right cluster and the right wheel can be customized.

The OP asked about thumb wheel.