When did you stop looking at the "gas gauge" ?

When did you stop looking at the "gas gauge" ?

My over riding concern when buying my Zero (electric motorcycle) last year was range. I was obsessed with the state of charge (SoC) gas gauge for the first few weeks then slowly stopped paying attention to it. The bike got plugged in when I got home and, unless I was doing something way out of the ordinary, it had more than enough range to do anything in my daily routine. After about a month I got to the point that I really could not tell you what the SoC was apart from an estimate from contemplating the use so far that day. I found it odd that my over riding concern when I bought the thing became less of a concern then the same function on my ICE bike.

Fast forward almost a year and I am four days into MS ownership. I started with all kinds of interest in the projected range and power consumption but that is starting to wane a bit. I believe I am headed for dejavu all over again and will soon get to the point were I simply will not care with the SoC is. The car (P85) has way more range than I will use in 99% of my daily driving thus SoC really is not important.

Are there any MS owners out there have gotten beyond the remaining rated range and simply stopped caring?

portia | 10 February, 2013

never, I always look.but most of the time I don't have to charge it other than at home.

nickjhowe | 10 February, 2013

I stopped putting the energy display on the 17" screen after about a week. I keep it on the dash display to try and remind me not to have such a lead foot. As for the range/SOC indicator - I'd actually like to be able to turn it off - I find I look at it far too often and have absolutely no need to.

lolachampcar | 11 February, 2013

it is a shame there is not a way to communicate this to those considering MS... If a sales person does it, the natural response is "yea right".

July10Models | 11 February, 2013

Regularly driving the car to work and home then to the gym and to dinner I don't realy pay attention to the energy app but did switch it to ideal mode so that at a glance I can tell the SoC of the battery. When I am done with the car for the day the plug goes in just like a cell phone.

jat | 11 February, 2013

With an 85kWh battery, it just never is an issue except if I am on a long trip. In that case, I will periodically check to make sure the comsumption matches my expectations.

When I was driving the LEAF, I worried about range for about two weeks until I figured out how the car was going to behave and it wasn't an issue. After that, I just drove the speed I needed to drive to obtain the range I needed.

olanmills | 11 February, 2013

I don't worry about range, but after hearing people's concern about how distracting the screen and lack of tactile controls would be, I think the biggest danger is the energy app and the real-time energy gauge!

I thought that going from ICE to EV, being that the driving costs so much less, that I wouldn't care about my efficiency, driving aggressively, etc. But using the car daily, I have found that because the energy gauge is right there, and the energy app is there too, I am paying close attention to my efficiency and ethe affects of different kinds of driving on the energy usage. In fact, I must admit, I may be paying a little too much attention to that gauge!

I've become kind of obsessed with lowering my average Wh/mi. The good thing though I guess, is that I am becoming very successful in driving more efficiently, and also, I am more conscious about making the choice to "spend" energy for the fun of accelerating fast or something like that, and at the same time, not wasting it when it won't make a difference in my travel time or enjoyment. Basically, at least for now, I like paying attention to the energy gauge, though I have to admit, it can be a little distracting.

Brian H | 11 February, 2013

You're programming yourself.

lolachampcar | 12 February, 2013


Good Point!
My Zero does not have any type of energy gauge and I just drive the heck out of it. Like you, I find myself fixated on usage and trying to get below the rated line on average. Funny, I'm starting not to look at the actual remaining range but can not stop looking at the energy app. I used to think it a flaw that the Zero lacked an energy app and now I'm staring to think it a plus.

EcLectric | 15 February, 2013

I look at the remaining miles, but already I'm starting to not care. I just habitually plug in when I'm home. It's great to not have to look at the gas gauge and figure out when I will have to divert from a trip to stand in the cold (SF in winter, brrrrr) at the gas pump.

lolachampcar | 16 February, 2013

I think it will just get better. I am no longer looking at mine after a week and a half :)