When were you contacted for delivery?

When were you contacted for delivery?

I ordered my car earlier this year (P85) and heard nothing after initial confirmation. Have asked for status a couple of times without any real news in the replies. A couple of weeks ago the status on my dashboard changed to something like "Car been built, in transit from factory". I was puzzled as I had expected them to contact me before building - to maybe confirm configuration and order? But I haven't even been contacted to be informed that the car was built.

Don't want to be that complaining customer, but this is a little strange. Maybe I had too high expectations to how Tesla would follow up on their new, risk-taking and eager customer base. We're VERY excited, why not do everything you can to capitalise on that - especially when just sending e-mail updates is so simple.

Now I'm wondering what the rest of you experienced at this point. How long did it take from the car was made until you heard anything from Tesla? Or how long before it was ready to deliver? If I want to order extra stuff, like tires etc, don't they need time to order this in so it's ready when the car arrives, or arrange with me where I want to pick it up? I would like to see the final cost to arrange for my financing before the holiday, but don't know what that will be yet.

Back when I ordered the car I was given an estimate of December delivery (live in Stavanger, Norway), but no update or confirmation on that. Got another car to sell and of course I'm impatient... Same with the financing they offered, had to ask for a reply since I got no reply from them. Still not received any details or documents/terms etc on the finances they claim is approved.

I know they are building up the organisation, just thought they would have focus also on this.

jajabor | 12 November, 2013

I agree. I'm not happy with their lack of communication or no communication. They are also very vague when I ask them something. They don't provide straight forward answer for some reason. But I think it's mostly the delivery department that's not well trained or well organized. Hopefully, TM will look into it.

MacDaddyDude | 12 November, 2013

We're very happy with our Delivery Specialist. He keeps us in the loop, is available for phone calls and returns e-mails promptly (including weekends).

No ICE | 12 November, 2013

The web site is disappointing but my DS (Cam ) St. Louis has been great with updates, and he got the power folding mirrors added..

g_cofie | 12 November, 2013

I think the issue is that with online orders, they would have thousands of orders to go through and contact people individually in a month. Maybe they should hire a call centre team/more people to make calls but I'm not Tesla Motors.
Just like MacDaddyDude and 2club have said, perhaps calling a dealership or delivery specialist in your nearest area would help be the medium to your frustration with the email confirmations.

mcfadyena | 12 November, 2013

I ordered on Nov 5, confirmed on that date and 10 mins later, the VIN appeared on my dashboard. I received a delivery date today for December 21.

The DS in Toronto has been great, returning my emails quickly (even when I send multiple emails!). Has been a great experience so far, for sure.

huiterwyk | 12 November, 2013

I ordered mine on October 8th and have a delivery set up for November. 23rd weeks ago. Got a call from my DS today and delivering it early on the 18th. My DSL in Tampa, Ben Bird, has been awesome. He calls me back right away and constantly updates me with no bs. Hope it continues that well

bryanjaf | 12 November, 2013

I think there has been plenty of discussion of the dashboard and its idiosyncrasies. As someone eagerly waiting on my delivery, I check it daily, or maybe three times a day but who is counting. Having read a myriad of posts it seems that the foreign deliveries experience much more sporadic communication and appear to generally suffer from lower service levels (not that I like to generalize or that it is warranted). That said, you spec'd you own car and confirmed that spec, so I'm not following why you think the factory should have contacted you to reconfirm. I think this element of your criticism is poorly sourced.

I was contacted about deliver about 30 days after I confirmed my order and about 30 days before my scheduled delivery date. During that period my dashboard has toggled back and forth from sourcing parts to in manufacturing and then back to sourcing. If you ordered a BWM, Audi or other car they don't even provide you that level or tranparency so I try to slough it off.

Hopefully you will love the car and look back on the experience with an odd pleasure that is often associated with pain.

Spirous | 12 November, 2013

Bryanjaf: I expect I'll love the car, or else I would not have taken the risk of being an early implementer. I know I confirmed my order, but that was before I had the chance to even see the car or the options first hand in Norway. When you offer the impression that you allow me as a customer to be closer to the production line, when there are uncertainties about delivery ability and time, when you are introducing something very new, when you are trying to be different and closer to the consumer - then you create expectations (you should stick out positively). Tesla isn't BMW or Audi and they hopefully never will be, and being a start-up like this and depending so much on that first approval from the marked, it would seem to me that this could have been done better (in my single case). But all can't be pleased, hopefully I'm the exception to the rule. :) And I'm not taking my criticism out on the street, I'm just sharing this only here, to hear your experience and so that Tesla might pick it up and maybe do better in the future. | 12 November, 2013

My DS was great throughout the entire process, then heard from the delivery guy a couple of days ahead of time to finalize logistics.


Spirous | 12 November, 2013

Bryanjaf: And I'm not using "you" because I'm talking about you here. :)

donaldmeacham1 | 12 November, 2013

in my case the whole process has been remarkably prompt and efficient. I was contacted by e-mail the same day that I ordered and their responses to my multitude of questions has been almost immediate ( always within a couple of hours). i confirmed my order 10-12-13 and delivery is scheduled for 11-15-13. Also, the financing with Alliant couldn't have been easier. So thus far the experience has been just as good as the excellent dealings i have had for the last 20 years with my local Lexus dealer.

Spirous | 14 November, 2013

Ended up sending a request for update and now heard from my delivery specialist. Still delivery "before the holiday" so that's good news. Got most of the information I needed to progress with financing and insurance, fired some questions back and all I can do now is to try to kill time.... tick... tock... :)

Gizmotoy | 14 November, 2013

A lot of you guys are getting really fast deliveries. I'm jealous! Ordered my P85 10/1 for factory delivery 11/26. As far as I know it's not even in production yet.

Spirous | 14 November, 2013

I ordered mine back in July, so it took a little over 5 months then. Including transport around the world.