where to charge Model S in San Diego

where to charge Model S in San Diego

I will be driving form the LA area to San Diego a few times in Feb and need a place to charge.
Any suggestions are appreciated.


stevenmaifert | 5 January, 2013

There are around 100 public access Level 2 charging stations in the greater San Diego area. I would recommend going to: and zooming in on the area of San Diego you will be visiting. There are a few freebies, but most will require either a Blink or ChargePoint card.

Steve in San Diego

BertrandL | 5 January, 2013

Go to UTC mall and charge at the Tesla station in the parking garage across from Pottery Barn. It's pretty convenient relatively close to the 805 and 5 on La Jolla Village Drive. And the Tesla store people will be happy to have you...

northpark | 25 February, 2014

For those interested in taking a family roadtrip to San Diego, there is a newly listed property on VRBO that has a Solar City-installed Tesla charger outlet. Use the SuperCharger network to drive down the coast and have a "home" charging solution during your stay in San Diego. Located in North Park, close to the city center, Balboa Park, the zoo, great restaurants, and more.

Check out the VRBO listing:

Dwdnjck@ca | 25 February, 2014

Service center has 8 HPWC for public use. It is a little isolated.

SCCRENDO | 25 February, 2014

Just recently returned from San Diego. Stayed at the Hyatt Manchester. Charged at the the Convention Center for 7 hrs. They have 2 clipper creek chargers. 1 was being used by a Volt. Had to pay parking which can vary. I paid $15. Charging is free. Had to be out by 2 am. The Hyatt has installed somewhere around 15 chargers in their valet section. Not functional as yet but did offer trickle charging (wall plug) in the valet section. Would need to pay for expensive parking (valet I think is $40). According to Plugshare there is a similar situation at the Hilton and around Petco Park. I have previously charged at the Tesla showroom in La Jolla but you have to call ahead and don't allow long periods of time. At the Costa Verde shopping center across the road there are 3 blink chargers (1 I recall is a handicap parking), downstairs in the parking garage. These are east of the 5 and are not convenient to the beach areas but there are multiple restuarants around.

biwamura | 25 February, 2014

The SD SC has just installed 7 superchargersl at their new location

JZ13 | 25 February, 2014

I just stayed at the Solamar downtown last weekend. The valet will plug you into a 110 V outlet to trickle charge. That works fine even for a short weekend to stay to get enough juice to get back home. Only stayed two nights and had a full charge to get back to Orange County on Sunday I also called the Andaz hotel and they also have a 110 outlet at the valet.

JZ13 | 25 February, 2014

Oh and by the way, electric cars at the Solemar get a 50% discount off of the $40 overnight parking fee.

Brian H | 25 February, 2014

Superchargers? Really? HPWCs are not superchargers.

US_Tesla | 25 February, 2014

Where are you staying on your trips to San Diego? There are over 500 Level 2 public charging locations in San Diego, and some of them are bound to be close to where you're going. Do you have dual onboard chargers? If so, then the San Diego service center would be a great place to charge at 80 amps. There is a deli and a brewery within walking distance, but it is mainly an industrial location...Anyways, let us know where you'll be staying or visiting and I'm sure that we can figure out something for you...

DTsea | 25 February, 2014

mclary. come on. obviously the OP is looking for suggestions. What is the point to YOUR inane post?

SCCRENDO | 25 February, 2014

@DTsea +1. Have you got some suggestions McClary?

Brian H | 25 February, 2014

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shop | 25 February, 2014

If you are up for a horseback ride, my barn has a free 15 kW charger available for anyone., north county coastal San Diego.

ERon | 11 March, 2014

I just contacted San Diego SC and they have 7 HPWC, but no superchargers.
Superchargers are coming, but even the location is unknown.