Window tinting

Window tinting

Has anyone had their windows tinted yet? | 26 January, 2013

I did the top of my Windshield yesterday. Came out fine. In CA, you're only allowed to tint the top 4". Used a 20% tint. Almost don't need the sun visors anymore. | 26 January, 2013

I have tinted on all my previous cars. I have the pano roof and after 1500 miles I don't think I need to tint (seems to be a light tint sides and back anyway).

TonyJ | 28 January, 2013

I tinted my windows this weekend. Living in south central Texas it gets 100+ regularly in the summer. Placed Winco IR tint. Wanted huper optic but the tinting specialist did not recommend it due to a high propensity of ghost images seen from the curved nature of the model S windows. Looks great so far. 30 on the front (Texas law) 20 surround. Comes with lifetime non-transferable warranty against color change, bubbling,.... Car is sitting now because I should not open the windows for 5 days afterwards and the model s windows slide up and down about 1 inch when the car door opens and closes.

DavidG | 3 July, 2013

4" is conservative. The CA reg used to be (still?) that the driver's view of side view mirrors cannot be impeded. TM mirrors are large to eliminate blind spots; consequently, for me at 5'10" that means driver side pocket of 6" high x 16" long and a passenger side pocket of 6" x 11.5" (call it 12"). Rather than a sharp corner, I prefer a 1/2" radius of curvature (quarter size). For symmetry, consider both at 6"x16". Better yet, use a tape measure to find the pockets your tallest driver needs (as I did for me).

4" front sun visor means about 8" on the slant, but I will only do 6" on the front slant.

If it is about IR heat rejection, then Photo Sync 65 is essentially the same as its darker flavors, per‎ (page 3)

Colasec | 3 July, 2013


Did you get PhotoSync? What do you think so far?

fuellss | 3 July, 2013

We tinted our car within 2 days of ownership..18 % on back window to match pano roof..40% on rear back..50% on front...we are getting 70% iris in the ceramic tint on the pano for the heat resistance provides...tint protects the interior and looks sharp ...

fuellss | 3 July, 2013

With 70% on the pano we will still be able to see out during day/night