Kayenta Supercharger

Kayenta Supercharger

Does anyone have an estimate on when the Kayenta, AZ will be operational? Has anyone driven from Blanding to Page without charging?

NoMoPetrol | 27 May, 2018 has the best up-to-date info on all supercharger locations that are permitted, under construction and opened.

NoMoPetrol | 27 May, 2018

Kayenta AZ was first announced to be operational in 2016. Nothing posted in the last 8 months on its status. Don't plan on it.

KenD | 28 May, 2018

Thanks NoMoPetrol!

TM21 | 7 June, 2019

June 2019. Still no Kayenta. WTH.
I've done Flagstaff to Blanding with an 85 D - had to keep it under 60 mph, but it was august, so a december trip could be dicey.