Model X 90D 20" Tires - Suggestions

Model X 90D 20" Tires - Suggestions

I have my Tesla Model X 90D for about 7 months now.

It has 12,580 miles on it and I got my first annual service done.

What was surprising in it? My tires.

My tires depth are:

LF: 5mm
RF: 5mm
LR: 6mm
RR: 6mm

What do you guys think? I live in Texas.

What tires do you put on your Tesla? Should I change wheels and tires all together?

I am posting it today only because I ran through a pothole and had a 2 flat tires.

Please help me ASAP.


lilbean | 6 June, 2018

Yes. I would get a new full set of tires.

vishaljsoni | 6 June, 2018

@lilbean Which tires do you recommend?

patswin | 6 June, 2018

This is from a tmc thread.

These first 3 tires are Grand Touring category, which are tuned for smooth, comfortable ride and low noise.

1. Pirelli Citurato P7 All Season Plus - Highly rated, meets almost all of your requirements. Can lose a bit of traction on launches, is not low rolling resistance. Rated for 70K miles, but you will get less.
2. Michelin Primacy MXM4 - One of the OEM tires from Tesla. Excellent all-around tire, low rolling resistance. Not as good with snow traction. Rated for 50K miles, you will get less.
3. Good Year Eagle Touring / T0-Tesla - The newest OEM tire from Tesla. Low rolling resistance and has the noise-reduction foam inside. Probably not as good with snow traction as the Pirelli. Rated for 50K miles, tire is too new to know whether that will hold up.

Note that while these all-season tires can cope with light snow, none of them will be anywhere near a dedicated winter tire. If you are actually going to be driving in snow, you should consider a 2nd set of winter tires.

The other 2 tires are Ultra-High Performance All-Season category, which are tuned for handling and traction at the expense of a bit higher noise and not as smooth of a ride.

4. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06 - Meets or exceeds the Pirelli in performance, good snow traction for an all-season tire. Not low rolling resistance. Rated for 55K miles, you will probably get less.
5. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ - Best performing tire here, best traction and handling. Rated 50K miles and may actually do it. Not low rolling resistance.

Energy use is important to me, so my choice for an all-season would be either the Primacy or the Eagle. If energy use was no issue, I'd probably go with the Pilot Sport.

I have almost 34k on my contis and is ready for replacing. I plan on sticking with them since I think get mid 30s is about best you can expect without giving up on efficiency

Vawlkus | 7 June, 2018

I recommend the Pirellis myself, I’ve had good luck with that brand on my Tesla as well as my previous car.

lilbean | 7 June, 2018

Thanks for the recommendations. I was also wondering which tires were best.

Triggerplz | 7 June, 2018

I think I'll try these when they are released I currently have Good Year so far so good with them, I still have 6 across the board on the tires after 2 years, these Good Year should be even better, I am concerned how that blue on the tires will look

jjgunn | 7 June, 2018

Yeah I'm interested in those new Goodyear.

I think the blue will look excellent against black rims & black paint

f_vo | 8 June, 2018

Since Tesla wheels are heavy i bought Vossen wheels, 9 inch all around. VSF1, front ET30, regular, back ET35 forged with Pirelli, around 265/20/45. Noise 70db with wheel protection. So in the back smaller due to the 9 inch wheel.
Saving in total around 20 kg of unsprung weight (give or take). The difference is huge.
Driving is much stricter, thanks to the lower unsprung weight. Suspension reacts faster and less intense. Acceleration from zero a bit faster, car reacts quicker.

rossRallen | 9 June, 2018

Some of you old-timers (lilbean and Triggerplz) on the Forum may recall that I had to replace the 20" OEM Contis at 5500 miles due to excessive wear and a puncture on the RR. I got the Michelin Latitude Sport 3. I'm now at 12,000 miles on the Michelins and down to 3/32". Only 12,000 miles. Really? Mostly conservative driving, 45 psi, few Insane starts off the line. No driving on ice or snow, just on the miserable roads in NorCal.

One thing I attribute the wear to is severe wheel misalignment by Tesla, finally remedied at the 2/18 service. We'll see....

Anyway, quiet ride and long tread life would be desirable. The ratings on Tire Rack don't generally have Tesla customers' experience, and what i read about the Primacy and Pilot Sport isn't encouraging.

I'll need a new set in a couple months, open to recommendations. 12K to wear-out is really inexcusable for the kind of driving I do.

lilbean | 9 June, 2018

I hear ya, @rossRallen. I remember and have similar issues with the tires. Thanks for the tire recommendation. I drive conservatively as well. The best thing for my premature treadwear has been driving the Model 3.

Triggerplz | 9 June, 2018

Hey Ross, Old timers?? that's Lilbean not me :-)
With my Goodyears I got 6 across the board at 12,000 so far so good for me, I'm leaning toward those soon to be released Goodyears for electric vehicles since my current Goodyears has been good. I do use my Ludicrous often

Triggerplz | 9 June, 2018

By the way mine are 22's

Triggerplz | 10 June, 2018

@sam that's the link to the same tires I posted above with a link

Sam | 10 June, 2018

Oh sorry I missed it

Triggerplz | 10 June, 2018

@Sam it's all good, they will probably be my next tires hopefully they are out by the time I need replacements

Solarman004 | 10 June, 2018

@rossRallen - thanks for the update on the Michelins. That is really excessive wear. Were you getting uneven wear between front and rear tires, or between inside-center-outer tread?
I'm getting close to needing replacements for my ContiSilents, and don't like any of the alternatives. I would have replaced already, but delayed by getting snow tires starting last Dec.

rossRallen | 11 June, 2018

@Solarman004: There is more wear on the rear, but both rear tires were seriously out of alignment for several 1000 miles thanks to Tesla service. There is differential wear between outer and center treads. I drove most of those 12000 miles on the Michelins at Standard height, but have lately set up to lower the suspension at 60 mph and above.

To everyone else: HELP!
I cannot find 265/45/R20 or 255/45/R20 (F) and 275/45R20 (R) in Pirelli or Michelin performance tires (except for the Michelin Latitude Sport 3, which Michelin rates as 4/10 for tread wear - say w-w-w-hat?!).

What am I missing? The Pilot Sport, Primacy, and Citurato are available in a /40 aspect ratio, but that will affect the speed reading with a 10% smaller rolling radius.

How can it be so difficult to find tires for the fleet of Model Xs with 20" wheels? And, if I have to go to /40, then what can be done about recalibrating the speedo/odo?

Triggerplz | 11 June, 2018

@Ross did you try Tire Rack

rossRallen | 11 June, 2018

@Trig - Yes, and only the Michelin Latitude Sport 3, a Yokohama, and Pirelli Scorpion Zero (and Winter) came up. The Latitudes were the most-expensive, probably the highest performance, but oh the wear-out rate.

I want more choices, especially the newer, higher-performance Michelins and Pirellis with longer wear.

Triggerplz | 11 June, 2018

@Ross in my area at Mavis discount tire they show that size in Pirelli and Michelin, is there one in your area if not I'm sure they can be shipped to you

rossRallen | 11 June, 2018

@Trig - thanks, let me look. My tire shop can order anything, just takes time for an odd size if even available.

There's a lot of buzz on the TMC forum, but it's always around the cursed Contis and my Michelin Latitudes.

This situation is ridiculous! There are more than 100K Model Xs on the road, and only three tires fit 20" rims?

NumberOne | 12 June, 2018

I replaced my Contis today with the same exact tires.. I got 35k miles out of them and had a little less than 5/32 left. I called Michelin and they told me that the will have Premier LTX available for us by late this year, or early next year. My experience with those have always been good on other cars, so I want to try them, but the only problem is that I needed new tires now. I purchased the Continentals from and had them installed at Costco. Hopefully I can try the Michelins next year.

rossRallen | 12 June, 2018

@NumberOne: Thanks for your recommendation.
I found the Michelin Premier LTX on my local dealer's website. Does this tire have a noise suppression band? I wonder if that is part of "Comfort"?

The Premier LTX WILL fit 255/45R20 (F) & 275/45R20 (R ). The Pilot Sport AS/3+ does NOT fit rear 20" wheels, but is included for reference (and its specs are impressive):
Here are the ratings from Michelin
Tire_________________Wear___Braking___Comfort___Fuel efficiency____Handling___UTQG Rating
Premier LTX____________8_______9_________10___________9_____________5________620/A/A
Latitude Sport 3________4_______10_________6____________7____________5________220/A/A
Pilot Sport AS/3+______10________8_________9____________9____________8________500/AA/A

It looks like the LTX outperforms the Latitude.

Comments welcome? Also, anyone with experience with the LTX please comment (especially on comfort and noise).

campusden | 30 June, 2018

I have installed Hankook tires. I live in South Florida so M&S rated tires is unnecessary. I bought them from tire rack. The first 2000 miles has gone smoothly. The only noticeable difference is about an additional 20 wh/m energy use as compared to the Continental OEM tires for the same trip.

arsingerjr | 2 October, 2018

Just replaced my tires at 19400 miles and found after reading all these posts that the
Nexen N'Fera RU5 All Season Tire - 265/45R20 108V
$113.00 from Walmart and the same for the rear Nexen N'Fera RU5 Radial Tire - 275/45R20 110V $109 from Amazon Prime. I notice no difference in tire road noise the handling seems great, and i don't need M&S tires as i am in Florida but what a difference in price for the same size and exact ratings as the OEM tires. Cost me $15 per tire to have them mounted and spin balanced.

1Force | 25 February, 2019

Just wondering how your Nexen N Fera tires are holding up? I am ready to replace my OEM tires and looking at other options.

Cuttin | 28 June, 2019

Yeah. I'm also wondering about the nexen ru5 tires.

I just ordered 2 back ones for 2017 MX 75D. 275/45/20. $250 for both shipped free and with a road hazard warranty. I used tirebuyer site.
They also have installers. Local shops. With prices listed and supposedly bound to. I'm paying $39 to install both.

Will see how this works.

Better than the contis at 600 at least!

Same exact ratings as contis.

I just replaced fronts with contis but I was having front end problems and work was free and I wanted to go oem so I don't have questions/problems later. but am unhappy bc it's such a headache with nails. Difficult and expensive to fix if you find a place that does. My SC does but $65!

jsongster | 25 July, 2019

Because the staggered tires cut the tire warranty in half since they cannot be rotated. I decided to buy the Winter Tire package from Tesla. Comes with Pirelli Scorpions. 19 inch rims and they are all alike and can rotate. Should be better on potholes... better on noise. Hopefully as efficient.