Does Homelink work with Condos / apartments?

Does Homelink work with Condos / apartments?

I recently moved to a new condo and I do not believe I have access to the actual controls where I can press the "learn" button on the gate / motor / controls

Is there still a way I can use homelink so i dont have to use my remote? thanks

ReD eXiLe ms us | 12 June, 2018

If the automatic gate mechanism is from LiftMaster it should work fine. I thought the 'learn' function was done by the car, not the gate. The car learns from the signal the remote uses, not a signal that is output by the garage door/gate opener itself.

lilbean | 12 June, 2018

Good question. I would call the HOA so they could give access to the learn button.

rasinas | 12 June, 2018

It would be the car learning the signal of the remote. You don't need access to the learn function at your gate. Some gate remotes like ours use a short burst for its signal. When programming I would have to rapid fire the remote for the car to learn the signal.

EVRider | 12 June, 2018

Home garage openers have a learn button, but community gate openers that use a remote control probably don’t. Did you actually try to use Homelink to open the gate?

erhuso | 12 June, 2018

My current car, which has homelink, “learned” my apartments remote without a problem. I don’t think apartments use a rolling code, so no need for a learn button. Maybe because of the amount of remotes they have?

canuck55 | 12 June, 2018

i live in a condo and was able setup the HomeLink on my model 3 with the remote for the gate. You will need to park the car close to the gate and open the "frunk" and follow the instructions from the owner's manual. It worked the first time for me, and Homelink open the garage gate all the time. The Homelink even activates as i get around 75 feet from the gate.

fouad | 19 March, 2019

I've been trying to set up homelink on my Model 3 with my condo gate. So far no luck. I we'll open the frunk and try again...

Halbach | 19 March, 2019

I didn't need to park near the gate to program it. Program the gate code in your garage and then when you get to the gate set the GPS and you're good.

Halbach | 19 March, 2019

Also fresh battery in the handheld before programming the car.

geedub1023 | 20 March, 2019

I live in a townhouse/condo and was able to program my community entry gate with my Model 3 while parked in my drive way. At first I was unsuccessful until I put fresh/new batteries in my gate remote and then tried it again making sure I held the remote a couple of feet from the front bumper. Bingo!

bpaul | 20 March, 2019

I needed to press the learn button on my gate. Regarding your HOA, I'm assuming you can get to the button if you can get in the door that's opening. This feels like one of those situations where you're better off asking for forgiveness than permission.

fouad | 20 March, 2019

Sweet, it worked! I didn't even need to put in fresh batteries into my fob. I'll try to use homelink to open my gate when i get home. How do I go about setting the GPS? Is it going to prompt me to do that once i successfully open the gate?

fouad | 20 March, 2019

Well, I was unable to get my gate to open. I'm going to look for the learn button.

fpugliese3 | 21 March, 2019

Yes! I live in a condo and was able to use homelink. I did not have to use the learn button. If you read the can skip the learn part of the set up. I am able to auto open the door based upon location when returning home. It not when leaving.

apodbdrs | 21 March, 2019

Yes you can, but you will need to get the HOA to lend you their remote with a fixed code and then use that to link to your M3 home link. This is the simplest way to do it, because the HOA would not want you to get into the Gate motor transmitter/receiver unit where thet learn button is.

mslwr | 23 May, 2020

My 2017 Model S Homelink 4 would not pair with my Condo Liftmaster commercial gate operator without using the controller "Learn Button".

1. Get the gate model # - usually printed on the the gate operator
2. Google the Homelink instructions for your model

An HOA board member had a key to open the box to access the learn button.

Other residents were able to program their cars without the learn button. This includes a 2018 Tesla 3 owner and a 2019 Hyundai owner.

Have not researched the differences in Homelink devices but would like to know.

billroger | 25 May, 2020

I live in a condo and Homelink use to work fine, but now it won't automatically open/close garage door automatically. I have to manually push the button. Did a 'hard' reset/reboot - still not working. Any suggestions?

apodbdrs | 26 May, 2020

Yes! However, programming your car's home link requires the HOA/Condo to program your home link for the gate since you don't have access to the gate receiver code. Some HOAs may have a remote with the a hard code by switch settings. Garage doors are simple as all you have to follow are the instructions on the back garage door motor.

lbowroom | 26 May, 2020

apod, what you say is true, however bills garage is already programmed, just doesn't auto-open close.

bill, did you confirm auto open/close is still turned on? Sometimes software updates switch setting back to default. Also, have you tried changing the distance to operate?