Black Signature Wall Charger Update

Black Signature Wall Charger Update

Just an FYI.

Received an email today from Tesla stating production delays have caused shipping delays of the signature black wall chargers (referral program award) from June 2018 to July 2018.

Just a heads up for those folks wondering when they will get them.


Boonedocks | 13 June, 2018

From the other black signature Wall Charger thread I posted this about 2 weeks ago:

“It's about time for Tesla to update the June to August...maybe September :/. After 3 delays since last year I finally had Tesla swap my award out for a shiny silver 8' model for our 2nd Tesla”

If you aren’t dead set in it being black call Tesla and ask for a non-black one and get it in a week or two vs a month or three

EVRider | 13 June, 2018

@Boonedocks: Will Tesla charge anything to swap the black wall charger with a silver one that has a 24’ cable like the black one?

jbdvm1988 | 13 June, 2018

I requested a standard charger with 24 foot cord instead of the signature edition and they sent it fairly quickly. No hassles

Craig1965 | 13 June, 2018

I can't wait to get the Arachnid wheels and summer tires just in time for the snow. Sarcasm, in case you don't get it. Seriously they said the wheels would be here a month ago and the charger 5 months ago, this is getting ridiculous. They really should hire someone to manage the referral program that knows what they are doing and does things on the timeline they dictate.

Kesla_S | 13 June, 2018

@EV, I received the regular Wall charge when they switch the date from March to June with the 24” cable.

Ohmster | 13 June, 2018

Everyone waiting for a Signature WC, just ask it to be switched to either the 8' or 24' standard one. I put carbon fibre wrap on both to match our two cars (black and red). So, it's signature, just not Elon's!

'17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 18.21.9x2. Grin on!

rcyoder | 30 July, 2018

Just received my Sig Black Wall Connector on Friday! Woot!!!

TSLC | 31 July, 2018

Sounds like it's finally happening...

Boonedocks | 31 July, 2018

Had both sig wall charger referrals swapped for 8’ regulars. Customer service was very accommodating

edo102 | 31 July, 2018

Got mine on Friday too!

Tropopause | 31 July, 2018

Guy- how were they shipped? We’re the packages left on doorstep or get a notice if you’re not home? Congrats!

SCCRENDO | 31 July, 2018

Mine arrived today. No email or any notification from Tesla. I just got an email on Friday from Fedex stating that a 28lb package from distribution center Fremont based in New Jersey would be delivered today. No signature was required. It was left on my doorstep

Stark | 1 August, 2018

I was able to swap for a standard 24' charger. Emailed customer support and asked if I could swing by local service centre and pick one up. They had them in stock, so I stopped by on my home from work last night and they even loaded in the trunk for me. Fantastic customer service!!!

blacktape242 | 1 August, 2018

still waiting for mine, said shipping in late june 2018. oh well, so maybe late Aug 2018. On another note, still waiting for my not a flamethrower.

Boonedocks | 1 August, 2018

@blacktape….maybe you got caught up in the redtape.

Rocky_H | 1 August, 2018

Hmm, I emailed the Referral program almost a week ago on July 26th to ask about my two referrals, which delivered on June 27th and July 13th. I still haven't gotten any reply yet.

KP in NPT | 1 August, 2018

For those who got theirs, was the tracking loaded in the awards section of the loot box in the app? Just wondering if I should be watching there.

SCCRENDO | 1 August, 2018

@KP in NPT. No

blacktape242 | 2 August, 2018

the wall charger just came to my door today! What a surprise! Awesome~!

blacktape242 | 2 August, 2018

@KP in NPT just showed up out of the blue, no email or tracking in the app or anything.

xlz | 2 August, 2018

@jbdvm1988, @ Kesla_S, @ Ohmster, @ Boonedocks, @ rcyoder,

Is there a receipt along with the charger in box? Does the price show on the receipt? Thanks.

Boonedocks | 2 August, 2018

No receipt in mine. Just a paper taped on to the end of the box with my VIN # on it.

xlz | 2 August, 2018

Thanks for the info @ Boonedocks.

cchouston | 2 August, 2018

Just got my signature wall charger. I did receive a tracking number from FedEx a couple of days before delivery. Other than that, no clue that it was coming.

blacktape242 | 2 August, 2018

nothing on the packing slip here other then what it is.

xlz | 3 August, 2018

@cchouston, Is there a receipt along with the charger in box? Does the price show on the receipt? Thanks.

nityarane123 | 3 August, 2018

$550 seems not bad. Regular $500+tax. Only a few dollars more.


KP in NPT | 3 August, 2018

Thanks for the (lack of) tracking info, guys. I'll wait for the surprise. ;-)

Teacherspetfla | 6 August, 2018

Still looking for ups or fedex for mine

finished | 6 August, 2018

I've been waiting since March for mine. Don't really care when it comes, but it sounds like some are being delivered.

bobola | 7 August, 2018

got mine today!

Craig1965 | 7 August, 2018

I've also been waiting forever. I was offered a regular silver one instead. Is it the exact same charger other than a black signature faceplate instead of the silver one? Should I take them up on the offer or just wait in limbo? Waiting since December. Any estimates?

Ohmster | 7 August, 2018

@Craig1965. Thats what I did. Exchanged it for the 24' standard one. Functionally identical. I've had it a few months now already. Just the cover plate is different.

'17 S75 & X75D: Uncorked AP2.5 18.26x2. Grin on!

GEMs | 5 April, 2019

Anyone interested in one I have received mine and do not need it. New in unopened box. In Texas email me at garymccown @

EVRider | 6 April, 2019

@GEMs: I suggest you list the wall connector in the TMC Tesla Parts for Sale forum (, which is how I sold mine. Since TMC has private messaging, you wouldn’t need to publish your e-mail address either.

EVRider | 11 August, 2019

The spammers love this thread. Flag away!

pkuechle | 13 August, 2019

I received the Black Signature Wall Charger a couple weeks ago and unfortunately it is not what I was looking for, I had expected a charging cord like I got with my Model S. I already have a 220 volt outlet installed in the garage and thought I was getting another charge cord, just like the one that came with my car. What is the advantage of the wall charger unit vs just plugging the charge cord into a 220 Volt outlet? It seems I need an electrician to install this?

I'd love to exchange it for a regular charge cord, when you mention you've contacted customer service what number/extension are you calling, I can't get anyone on the phone to help me and no one is replying to my e-mails I send through the web site.

Love my Model S! Thanks

EVRider | 14 August, 2019

@pkuechle: If you don’t need the wall charger, you can sell it and use the proceeds to buy whatever you need. Best place to sell items like this is on this TMC forum:

The referral award is clearly identified as a Wall Connector, so I don’t know why you were expecting something else.

whitec | 27 August, 2019

Still waiting on mine from March. 90 days backorder has long passed.

Rocky_H | 30 August, 2019

My other sig wall connector just arrived yesterday--14 months!

Q Q | 23 September, 2019

I just got an email from the Referral Program asking to confirm my shipping address! It reads, "We have great news — your long awaited referral prize is ready to launch. " I've only been waiting since March 1, 2019, so maybe things are picking up. I know that's a lot less time than others on this thread.

Also, can anyone explain how all the spam gets posted on this forum? I thought you had to prove you're an owner before you can post.... Super annoying to think there's new information and only find crap spam like the post by @wikilife78.

EVRider | 23 September, 2019

You have to be an owner to create a thread, but anyone can post a reply.

Q Q | 23 September, 2019

Thank,you, @evrider.

revrev4ruach | 26 September, 2019

I'm flagging as fast as I can.

maikel.lemmen | 26 September, 2019

I was allready thinking I would never see the wall connector coming, waiting over a year now, but the messages I'm reading here are promissing!

rxlawdude | 22 October, 2019


samilrmis | 23 October, 2019

Received an email today from Tesla stating production delays have caused shipping delays of the signature black wall chargers (referral program award)

samilrmis | 23 October, 2019

I got with my Model S. I already have a 220 volt outlet installed in the garage and thought I was getting another charge cord,

samilrmis | 23 October, 2019
Q Q | 23 October, 2019

Out of the blue, mine arrived yesterday! They didn't send a note with a tracking number. It just arrived at my door. So, have hope! Your day will come.... :)