Window rolls down by itself overnight

Window rolls down by itself overnight

I’ve been having this problem since I took delivery several months ago and the techs have been working on it OTA but it still happens.

Anyone else have this issue?

hcdavis3 | 14 March, 2019

What software are you guys on. I’m on the latest 2019.5.15 This has happened to me once but I believe it was due to an easy entry profile that I saved not knowing the rear passenger side window was open halfway. Nothing since I saved the desired profile. Of course when I leave today it’ll happen.

hcdavis3 | 14 March, 2019

Just checked my car. No window problems.

mmaitre | 14 March, 2019

Last software for me 2019.5.15.

rdm227 | 14 March, 2019

My wife's TM3 has been having that issue randomly of the back rear passenger window (one that you will least notice if it is down) coming open either a few inches or all the way on its own. She'll leave the car as normal, it will self lock and then she comes back to the car later to find that window down. Only happens randomly. I don't have that issue on my TM3 ever and have tried to recalibrate her windows a few times, but still have it happen now and then. I haven't found anything online about what actually causes this and how to ensure it is fixed. Has anyone had this issue and actually figured out what the problem was?

eieiohjma | 14 March, 2019

When you re-calibrate the windows, do you push the 'down buttons' from the driver's controls or do you push the actual button of the window that is misbehaving?

Bloob | 14 March, 2019


Bloob | 14 March, 2019

@ eieiohjma good question

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 24 March, 2019

I put my dad in the driver seat yesterday and took him for a spin. After the drive he was getting out and suddenly my window went down. I was already out of the car with the door shut. He had no idea he had given the passenger window button a full press when he was getting out. Not saying this is everyone else’s culprit for phantom window roll-downs but it could explain more than a few.

apodbdrs | 25 March, 2019

Below is a link to a video tip on the window regulator that may be worth a try:

tess | 25 March, 2019

I have had this happen several times (say 8) over the last 4 months, various windows, and not just at night. Once was in a parking lot where there could not have been any WiFi interference. However, I once noticed that, as I was getting out of the car, my left palm pressed on the window switch area and two windows rolled down a bit. So, for me, I suspect human factors. Perhaps the switch location on the door handle is not the best place.

tess | 25 March, 2019

A great feature on the mobile app would be to check the window status and be able to open / close it.

M3BlueGeorgia | 25 March, 2019


Yes, as a passenger.
My wife was driving. She parked the car, and as she opened the driver's side door to exit, she accidentally touched the passenger window button and caused the passenger window to roll down.
She wouldn't have realized it, but since I was in the passenger seat, I surely did.

acasano | 25 March, 2019

I had the window roll down on my M3D a couple of inches last night, front passenger side. So far it is a rare occurrence. Fortunately no rain. Will do the recalibration.

edward.patel | 25 March, 2019

Today this also happened to our car. Have had it only a couple of weeks. Right back window have occasionally opened a couple of inches and today the drivers window opened all the way down. Something I am very sure was not a human error. Will call service center first thing tomorrow.

isoml | 25 March, 2019

Ours did this as well. They told us to go to the security screen and turn the car off then back on. This did not do the trick so I read somewhere that you can roll the window all the way down hold down for a while then all the way back up to reset the window motor. That seemed to have done the trick.

ODWms | 26 March, 2019

QUOTE: M3BlueGeorgia | March 25, 2019


“Yes, as a passenger.
My wife was driving. She parked the car, and as she opened the driver's side door to exit, she accidentally touched the passenger window button and caused the passenger window to roll down.
She wouldn't have realized it, but since I was in the passenger seat, I surely did.”

This is what I suspect is the issue. And the windows are so silent most people would have no idea they’ve done it.

mknewman | 26 March, 2019

I wonder if this has anything to do with the climate control overheat protection? I have mine set to no A/C and have had this window issue happen several times. I may turn it off completely and see if it changes the behavior.

lbowroom | 26 March, 2019

Still think most of these cases are people leaning on the buttons when they get out.

AWDTesla | 26 March, 2019

@ODWms, yes I have. As I was dropping the kids off at karate lessons, I looked back to make sure my windows folded in (tells me my car is locked as I cant hear the horn sometimes) and I saw the rear passenger roll down 'Gotcha' moment. lol

My tesla ranger came by and did some recalibration on the windows. Haven;t had the issue since.

Magic 8 Ball | 26 March, 2019

"recalibration of windows" is code for using the flashy lighty thingy to recalibrate owners, just sayn' ; )

AWDTesla | 26 March, 2019

Sure, whatever you say. I watched him do a procedure on the affected doors. Haven't had a window randomly roll down on me since and it was happening on a weekly basis for me.

Magic 8 Ball | 26 March, 2019

Flashy lighty thingy works pretty darn good.

AWDTesla | 26 March, 2019

There was no flashy light thing. He held down buttons, that's about it.

But you keep trying boy.

Magic 8 Ball | 26 March, 2019

The point behind the flashy lighty thingy is you don't know they used it. Window calibration is a cover story for brain recalibration.

AWDTesla | 26 March, 2019

No, it isn't.

ODWms | 26 March, 2019

@AWDTesla, just making sure I understand: you actually saw the window moving downward — not already in the down position — after you left the car?

AWDTesla | 26 March, 2019

Correct, I saw the window moving downward.

ODWms | 27 March, 2019

Thank for the clarification. I had it happen a couple of times also, but never actually saw the window lower. Just would come back and find it open. Once I started paying attention to my actions leaving the car, to make sure, I never saw it again.

LoveMyM3 | 27 March, 2019

I just noted it for the first time that I am sure off. Came home last weekend and was a very cold day so definitely did not drive with windows rolled down and parked in the garage. In the morning the passenger front window was fully down!! I am concerned. Any suggestions guys?

lbowroom | 27 March, 2019

No one is suggesting you drove with the windows down. The question is did you lean on the switch as you exited the vehicle. Suspect because it's always seems to be the button closest to you on the way out. You realize the windows still work on a Tesla when they wouldn't on a car with a key.

Ngm98 | 27 March, 2019

Was running 5.15 version. First time this week on a rainy day, after car was parked somehow passenger window rolled down on its own within the last hour after we left, passenger side door and seat all wet. Took it to SC today and they replaced the window regulator? Software also update to 8.3 Will post again if issue repeats itself.

celloLWF | 18 April, 2019

I've had this happening about 1-3 times a month since I got the P3D- in August. Happened again tonight. I've been told it's software related. But...they haven't fixed it in 8 months??? Frustrating and alittle scary.

apulidous | 18 April, 2019

I have a suggestion for anyone who believes he/she is affected by this.

Grab a piece of paper and write the words "Don't touch" on it. Then tape on top of your window controls. Run this experiment for a week and see if the problem persists.

If your windows keep rolling down, it's a problem. If the issue goes away, it's you.