Delivery Option (Oklahoma)

Delivery Option (Oklahoma)

I just ordered my model 3 (YAY!) and when I did it, it noticed there wasn't a service center near me so it said it would have to be delivered to my house (I live in Oklahoma BTW).

I don't see any option to choose a service center instead. Does anybody have any suggestions?

AJPHL | 2 July, 2018

Why would you not want it delivered to your house? I wish that was an option for me!

Thekauffman5 | 2 July, 2018

I’m in Wichita, KS. They said same to me. Delivery to house. No service center here.

Nathan.owen | 2 July, 2018

I'm pretty sure you have a to pay extra for home delivery. Also I'd rather go to the service center to Check it out and make sure it's good instead of someone just dropping it off

hokiegir1 | 3 July, 2018


Glwkb8 | 3 July, 2018

I live in Oklahoma City and when I ordered it let me choose what service center I'd like to pick it up at. I chose St.Louis since that's where I'm originally from and I would like to show my family the car. That's weird you didn't get the option. This process is so inconsistent with people. Guess we just should wait until an ISA contacts us. Sure they will know for sure what to do.

jhatcher4059 | 4 July, 2018

@Nathan, I got the same generic response after first configuring, but once I got my VIN assigned and the documents e-mailed to me by my ISA, I was given the option to choose a delivery center in Texas, which was preferred in case there are any issues at delivery or questions I haven't had answered yet. I'm also in OK.

Mindalynn | 6 July, 2018

I just received mine in Tulsa. I chose home delivery and it was easy and fine. They don't charge you for it. They encourage you to pick up at a service center to have a Tesla employee do a quick run through, but obviously this is cheaper for them as well. They will also tell you it will take an extra week to have it delivered to you, but that wasn't the case for me. Enjoy your new car!

sthatip | 6 July, 2018

Kudos to you guys for ordering car where there isn't a service center. I live 2 miles away from service center and still thought plenty before taking plunge. But on the plus side, your car will be extra special at your location!

Rocky_H | 6 July, 2018

If you are somewhat far from a service center, then yeah, you can get it delivered to your house, and it doesn't cost extra. I got my Model S delivered to my house over four years ago, when the nearest service center was over 400 miles away from me, and there weren't any Superchargers to drive it to my house from there anyway. So it just came on a car hauler truck that was dropping off two in my state. It was fine.

Red Sage ca us | 7 July, 2018

Rocky_H imparts wisdom based upon actual experience.

Thekauffman5 | 7 July, 2018

Thanks for the info mindalynn. Looking forward to delivery. Waiting for AWD!!

Nniemann2 | 8 July, 2018

I’m in northern OK & will pick my Model 3 up at the Kansas City service center a July 21. Can’t wait! Wanted all the hands on info before I took delivery vs home delivery.

blinky | 9 September, 2018

You can also pick it up from the DS at Dallas Cedar Springs. 3-hr drive. Get a one-way rental. Home delivery has an extra 10-day wait.

Kevinjosephmoore | 17 April, 2019

I live in OKC and I was told I couldn’t pick up my car from the DS at Dallas Cedar Springs. I have been given many different reasons for why, but none of them seem to make sense. Does anyone here have insight into what may be going on?

mlm95_1999 | 17 April, 2019

I am also waiting on delivery to my house in the OKC area. I was told since Tesla doesnt have license to sale in Oklahoma they cannot put a temporary tag on the car. So basically it seems I will have a new car just sitting in my garage untill Tesla send me the registration paperwork. | 17 April, 2019

Got my 3 in late Sept in OK. Tesla Dallas loaded it in an enclosed carrier truck along with several other Tesla’s and a driver delivered it to my house. The temporary Texas paperwork necessary for driving was sent to me with instructions to tape it to the rear window. That allowed me to legally drive in OK for 30 days until Tesla sent the paperwork required for the OK Tag agency to register the car in-state. The taxes were pretty steep in OK though I did my homework first and was prepared. Funny side story. After owning the car a week, I was pulled over by a city policeman. Was not speeding (in that instance). The cop asked me why I had no temporary plate and I explained the car was shipped in from TX and showed him the packet in the rear window. After he read the instructions and checked my insurance card, he mentioned he was happy it was not stolen and told me to have a nice day.

mlm95_1999 | 18 April, 2019 did that paper work come before you got delivery or didn't he delivery driver provide it?

stacok | 18 April, 2019

Here in Tulsa we had the option of home or pick up in Kansas City. We chose KC pickup. Was ready with Missouri temp tag and paperwork arrived with in two weeks for ok reg.