Middle Seat Belt Not Bolted

Middle Seat Belt Not Bolted

So it finally picked up my Model 3 Pearl White on July 3. Delivery experience left a lot to be desired but we were able to figure out most things. Vin 330xx

Fit and finish was pretty good. Some slight bubbling on the dash, passenger side. Walk through guy advised me to tell service center if it got worse. Still want it fixed as it seems like it will only get worse with time.

The main problem for us arose today. My daughter went to use the middle seat today and she couldn't figure it out. I took a look thinking Tesla even reinvented the seat belt. But no. Tesla forgot to brace the belt to the bottom of the seat. A small piece labeled A007 just pulled out from behind the seats. Called support. Answered very quickly which I was happy about. Apparently they have a model 3 they have there that they can look at. He confirmed the piece I was referring to needs to be bolted to the bottom of the seat.

Stated they were going to try and get a ranger out to us and we should hear back within 24/48 hours. I know Tesla had an issue securing seats on the X. Hopefully this is a one-off but I would advise people to check in advance since this is a safety issue.

dgstan | 14 July, 2018

I have a new rule: Don't look at a thread until there's at least 50 posts. By then, I know certain folks will have worked themselves into a tizzy and I'm in for some good entertainment.

I follow "Best of Nextdoor" on Twitter. Someone should do a "Best of Tesla".

Msb1102 | 19 July, 2018


Do you have any update on your end? My mobile service advisor hasn't gotten back to me and isn't responding to calls or emails.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 July, 2018

@Msb1102 The seatbelt thing ended up being a non-issue for the other guy. The other guy did not understand how the belt and baby seat thing works (his baby seat was not designed properly). Your issue came up in that thread (which was later deleted out of embarrassment I assume) and he/she thought that maybe you had the same mis-understanding.

imneo | 16 January, 2019

I received my new Model 3 with the same issue: . The service center said they will send a mobile team to fix it

oliver.mehler | 15 September, 2019

Same issue here - the 'female' part of the midddle seat completely missing. We got our brandnew Model 3 in March (Germany). Nobody at Tesla has respond to our problem until today. We have kids and this is a serious safety issue!