Trip Information Reset

Trip Information Reset

Have searched the manual for two or three days both in car and on line. I have found instructions to reset. Can anyone help?

emf4dgs | 8 July, 2018

If you're asking how to reset a trip meter, press the three dots in the upper right corner of each trip meter display. This will give you the option to rename or reset the trip meter.

kerrjohna | 8 July, 2018

That is the information I needed

EVRider | 9 July, 2018

It’s on page 4 of the manual. The PDF is easy to search, not sure how you missed it.

nicktrash | 9 July, 2018

before you do it though, its' best to make ONE of the current lifetime totals a LIFETIME reading, if you want, so you can track lifetime usage and power usage. just a thought.