Floor mats and any other accessories?

Floor mats and any other accessories?

Has anyone bought floor mats for their M3 yet? I have just generic ones for now, but looking for specific ones for M3. There are a few on ebay priced all over the range. Looking for suggestions.

Also, any particular must have accessories for interior? Is center console wrap indeed needed?

MalibuRed | 10 July, 2018

I've ordered the 3D Maxpider from Amazon. Yes I think the center console needs wrapping. The finger prints will drive you crazy ha try RPM TESLA OR EVWRAPS OR Abstract Ocean

sthatip | 10 July, 2018

aero wheel cap kit, sunroof shade if you live in south, tire repair kit are on my list

ANTHONYROSEJR | 10 July, 2018

I got mine from the Tesla website fit perfectly

cascadiadesign | 10 July, 2018

I also ordered the 3D Maxpider mats and the RPM Tesla console wrap. Neither have arrive so I can't comment on quality, but based on feedback I expect to be happy.

sjm4660 | 10 July, 2018

Why do you need floor mats? It comes with floor mats!

rgmodel3 | 10 July, 2018

@sjm4660 I live in Seattle, all weather floor mats are a must here.

sjm4660 | 10 July, 2018

Ah, right! I saw some all weather mats on Amazon for the M3. I might consider them if it ever rains here in CA.

sroh | 10 July, 2018

Must have:
Center console wrap: I like the Kenriko ones on Amazon. Cheaper and easier to install than RPM.
Windshield reflector: I like the Heatshield ones on Amazon

Nice to have:
Sun shade for roof: I bought one but have not needed it yet in the bay area.
Interior LED light upgrade: RPM Tesla 5 pack is perfect (2 for trunk, one for glove box, one each for the rear passenger doors)
Puddle lights for driver and passenger door: RPM Tesla or Abstract Ocean
All weather mats: Kagu Maxpider or wait for Tesla/WeatheTech ones to be made available.
Trunk and frunk liner: Tesla or WeatherTech (identical other than labeling).
Wireless charging pad

sroh | 10 July, 2018

And yes to the wheel caps from Tesla if you have aero wheels and want to take the covers off.

nwfan | 11 July, 2018

@sroh, nice list. I added Dashcam (Blackvue) and aftermarket wheels (Tirerack).
Screen protector from Abstract Ocean.

I followed your recommendation and ordered Heatshield windshield reflector, thanks.
In TX I find Sunscreen a must.

Josephc618 | 11 July, 2018

For those who are interested in the 3D Maxpider all weather floor mats. EBay have 15% sitesife promo code you can use. Use promo code PRIMOSALE, valid today only from 5am - 11pm PSD

alisse | 11 July, 2018

@Josephc618 do you have link? I can't find model 3 mats on there.

Josephc618 | 11 July, 2018

Type in tesla model 3 Maxpider in eBay search box

alisse | 11 July, 2018

@Josephc618 Thanks! Does Tesla have OEM ones as well? I'm wondering what they cost but only saw a cargo mat in the shop sectino of

Josephc618 | 11 July, 2018

Here’s the link, make sure you pick tesla model 3 and not model S

Josephc618 | 11 July, 2018

Tesla currently does not it have OEM ones, just the trunk. I think they’re in production hell now and don’t have time to make these floor mats, but they eventually will.

sroh | 11 July, 2018

Thanks. I also have an AO screen protector. Forgot about that one. Nice adds on the dashcam and wheels!

Tesla doesn't have OEM all weather floor mats yet. They will be offered at some point. Most likely they will be made by WeatherTech and re-branded/re-labeled for Tesla.

Thanks for that. Great deal!

alisse | 11 July, 2018

Crap. Had a meeting and now they're all sold out. :(

alisse | 11 July, 2018

I see amazon has them too. Would have been nice to save the 15%

alisse | 11 July, 2018

I wish there was an edit button in these forums. Above is for the S. Sorry!

ReD eXiLe ms us | 11 July, 2018

People who somehow only just discovered that they have fingerprints insist that wrapping the center console is absolutely necessary for the sake of sanity and cleanliness.

MalibuRed | 11 July, 2018

Also bought backup Aero covers at Tesla service center. Yes $30 but they scratch easy when some people in the household (no names mentioned on here..spouse) that needs to learn to not hit the curb ha Just a suggestions. cheap investment before they get out of stock

jamey.winchester | 11 July, 2018

@alisse, might as well wait until next week on Amazon in case they get a nice prime day special.

maintreqd | 11 July, 2018

Tesla states it will have mats similar to the build quality of their Trunk and Frunk mats "available soon," whatever that means. These will be made by Weathertech a la their FloorLiner product line. Great mats, but not available yet.

A lot of folks really dig the Kagu MaxPider 3Ds, but they're tough to come by. Most stores report being out of stock, but I recently was able to get a set shipped via Ebay for under $200. They look to be of a great quality and have a bit more visual appeal than the Weathertechs in my opinion, but I don't know yet how they compare functionally.

MalibuRed | 11 July, 2018

Agree with Maintreqd. I plan on waiting. I have the Kagu's on order thru Amazon. No release dates and they look super cool, but if Tesla comes out with theirs I might cancel and get theirs. The Model 3 label on the mats would look nicer than the 3d's huge icon on their mats :) I know picky.

gmkellogg | 11 July, 2018

I bought the center console wrap. I have small children who touch everything so it's not really necessary, just needed for my sanity.

maintreqd | 11 July, 2018

@MalibuRed I had the same thought as you, actually, picky as it may be...but I am taking delivery end of this month (hopefully, gulp) and found a deal on the Kagu's so I just pulled the trigger. I'm hoping that tag is removable if I'm careful because yeah, it really is an eyesore...

MalibuRed | 11 July, 2018

What website was the deal on? I did read that some have removed that logo and other used a Sharpie :)

sroh | 11 July, 2018

I just received shipping confirmation from Parts Catalog for our Kagu mats. I'll report back by end of week.

Wrt the logo, it's a big '3D', right? How about sharpie-ing out the D? That would be appropriate for the LR. And for those getting the AWD, keeping the 3D would also be appropriate.

maintreqd | 11 July, 2018

@MalibuRed it was on eBay:

It's currently showing as no more available, but you may find another auction that does have some if you look.

@sroh +1 I love this idea. Mine are supposed to arrive next week Monday, so I will report back then or on Tuesday.

eeb9 | 11 July, 2018

I have the Tesla-brand all-weather liners for the trunk and the frunk, plus RPMTesla organizer bins for both.

I am wrapping the center console because I truly hate the shiny black fingerprint-covered mess that is the factory finish. i got a nice set from Vinyl Styles in satin black with a Model 3 logo in red.

I'm considering the sunshade, but so far I've managed without it, even in Hotlanta - i may change my mind as we move further into the summer swelter though.

I also got new puddle and ambient lighting from RPM Tesla. They add nothing whatsoever to the functionality of the car but they make me smile every time I get in ...

matt80206 | 11 July, 2018

I found some custom white sheep skin floor mats... 700 bucks for white... perfect for white interior??

jamey.winchester | 11 July, 2018

@matt giving the big middle finger to the vegan leather in the car?

rgmodel3 | 11 July, 2018

I ended up getting these at ebay with today's 15% off coupon while I wait for Tesla to have them on their site.

I have Sport wheels, so dont need the wheel mods. The more I think about the center console wrap, the more I feel its not needed. I was more worried about scratches than finger prints. But looks like its pretty scratch resistant and a small micro fiber cloth should take care of finger prints from time to time.

I will get the wireless charging pad and planning to tint the windows this weekend.

Thanks @sroh and others for the suggestions.

I am really tempted to try the windshield noise reduction kit from RPM for $29. Has anyone tried it here? Online reviews are all over the place. Some say it works and some say its doesnt have any effect at all.

jopalk | 11 July, 2018

Has anyone bought seat covers? I'm not fond of black interior and want to cover the seats. A light color would be great. Anyone have any recommendations?

MalibuRed | 11 July, 2018

It seems the road noise has been improved since they fixed the windshield gap issue. I'd wait to see if that's an issue with your 3. Also, another benefit of the Kagu's they offer a layer of sound absorption. I wish they offered the frunk/trunk too :)
For those getting white interior there will be a white center consul wrap very soon thru evwraps

matt80206 | 11 July, 2018

well its more for the idea of a white plush flooring with no shoes while the car drives itself... so like Aug/Sep time frame... besides I think they are matting the wool to the backing because it says rubber backing. But I am only 50% good, can't expect us all to be animal lovers...

matt80206 | 11 July, 2018

well it's more for the idea of a white plush flooring with no shoes while the car drives itself... so like Aug/Sep time frame (insert laugh because autonomous won't be till next year but here is to hoping)... besides I think they are matting the wool to the backing because it says rubber backing. On the flip side I am only 50% good, can't expect us all to be animal lovers...

MalibuRed | 11 July, 2018

I'm an animal lover, but prefer leather in the car. I love the animals contribution to my worked out tummy and leather interior, but I still love all living creatures.ha

CHENWANG820924 | 15 February, 2020

Any promo code to buy acc model 3 pls?

coselectric | 15 February, 2020

Zombie thread... Alive again.

khivateam7 | 20 March, 2020

Yes I bought the floor mats from the Amazon that was the awesome 7D floor mats you can also check