Took delivery today

Took delivery today

Picked up in Portland this afternoon. The car looked great, no panel issues, no scratches, everything clean, came with the 24.7 firmware, and about 200 miles of charge. One of the nice things about the group delivery party (there were two other cars picked up at the same time) is that we could mix and match the phone charging cables for what everyone needed. But anyway - delivery experience was good. The delivery associate, Logan, was very thorough. He went over the basics as a group and then he and another gentleman provided one on one support. We got our aero's swapped out for caps, both phones set up, both driver profiles set up and were on our way. When I asked about getting special plates, he said the ISA should have taken care of it, but no worries, they'll take care of it and Tesla would even cover the difference in license fee.

My wife and I took turns taking a spin around the block. I noticed that right in front of the driver seat there is a small spot of raised grain on the wood behind the wheel that was very accentuated with the sunlight. Nothing major but I asked about it. He said he would make a note of it and they'd reach out to me within a week to see if I wanted it replaced or not. If it really bothers me I'll have them do that. My wife thinks I'm being neurotic. With that, we were on our way.

Love the car. Drives like a dream. I'm just about used to the one-pedal driving with the regenerative breaking, though I do not recommend learning this during evening rush hour. The sound system is great. We took my in-laws to dinner and I successfully gave everyone the "Tesla grin" taking the highway on-ramp. I've also tested out Summon and played around with the Easter eggs. Such a fun car! I did experience the washer fluid bug, but that went away with a reset and hasn't come back. Also experienced the phone-key not working but I believe I resolved that issue with disabling power optimization for the Tesla app, so was a phone issue.

Hashtag | 11 July, 2018


jamey.winchester | 11 July, 2018

Oh and that weird issue someone reported about rain water running down the back window and into the trunk? The video that was shared was definitely missing a piece of rubber gasket that mine has. I don't see how that would happen with the car I received.

Magic 8 Ball | 11 July, 2018

Woo Hoo! Congrats!

detayls | 12 July, 2018

What is "power optimization"?

sroh | 12 July, 2018

Congrats Jamey; enjoy!

efuseakay | 12 July, 2018

So glad to hear about the water/rear window thing. Congrats!

Magic 8 Ball | 12 July, 2018

@ jamey can you look at the rear seal video again? I do see a rubber lip at the bottom of the glass in that video and am wondering if perhaps the angle of the video makes it look like it is not there. Thanks.

cmpwspow | 12 July, 2018

Congrats! @detayls, I think he meant the battery utilization for certain Apps on Android phone.

jamey.winchester | 12 July, 2018

@detayls, power optimization being enabled allows the phone to put the app to sleep when it's not in use. With the Tesla app, that would mean that it won't be ready to connect with the car. On my phone, Google Pixel 2, you go to settings, Battery, click the three dots in the upper right hand corner, select Battery Optimization, in the dropdown select All Apps, then scroll to the Tesla app. Mine defaulted to "Optimize". I selected "Don't optimize" and it has worked flawlessly since. Granted, it's a small sample size of 16 hrs. However, since the very first time I tried to walk up to the car after the first use it failed, and then after I changed it, half a dozen times it has worked, I'm confident that was the reason.

I'm sure the path on other Android phones is similar.